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Depends what game it is

If I'm playing Civ V, LoL, DotA 2 or a game like Geometry Wars or Peggle then yes. It ruins the atmosphere/immersion in games that aren't like the ones I listed.

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Runescape has the best pvp

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Everything other than ale is a womens drink

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This is garbage. There are some positives however the actual look of the site and the navigation is just so bad. Why couldn't they have just left the old forum layout and profile page for the most part alone and just changed the homepage and added a few insanely must have important things like a facebook/twitter link. Forums aren't supposed to look modern and if anything, it will actually turn people away.

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I'd pay for that treatment
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30kg if I've had my ready brek
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[QUOTE="XxR3m1xInHDn3D"]That's great and all but I seriously hate the analog placement on the DS so I will most likely stick to the 360/One controllerGen007

Same the touch pad stuff is nothing but a gimmick that will only serve to make games worse like 6 axis and forced motion controls on teh wii / wii u. The triggers are quite ghastly and yeah the stick placement is def a deal killer. Its like reaching out into the middle of the universe with your left thumb it just doesn't feel right and makes it harder to control. At least the sticks aren't convex anymore man those were awful. The real only advantage DS has left imo is the d pad and ill have to get hands on with the xOne controller to see if thats still true.

The XBox One controller has an improved d-pad but it wouldn't surprise me if the DS4 still had a better one as the d-pad on the DS is placed as if it's more important than the analog so it's more comfortable.
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That's great and all but I seriously hate the analog placement on the DS so I will most likely stick to the 360/One controller
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The only time you usually see this error is due to.

1. Overclocking

2. Overheating

3. Bad Drivers.

4. Faulty Card.

This is GPU related only no other parts in your unit would give you this error.

Try downloading the latest beta drivers.

RAM is also usually a reason for this error
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It's pretty likely that it is ram problem but there are fixes that I've tried for this that may help you. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2665946 You can do it manually by going into regedit but I forgot the path. Another one:

1) Start --> Control Panel -> Power Options: Change to "High Performance" instead of the default "Balanced". After this click "change plan settings" then click "change advanced power settings" and in this menu click PCI Express , "Link State Power Managment" and make sure this is set to "Off".

2) Open "Nvidia Control Panel" (C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client) and at the option "Manage 3D settings" at "Power Managment Mode" make sure you change to "Prefer Maximum Performance" instead of the default "adaptive" option.

There are 1000's of people with this problem on google and I have this problem with AMD but it seems like it's easier to fix with Nvidia. I suggest running memtest86 and test each one of your ram sticks before anything else but the stuff I suggested is easy to reverse


Oh and I see you have Vista. There is a update Microsoft released for that but it's possible that it wont fix it