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Need a little help, Thanks in Advance!

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Yeah, I'm kind of confused.

How do you add a picture to put in your posts, anyone can tell me the process to this, Much appreciated!

Do you copy and paste the image, or do you copy the link on Insert/ Edit image, Kind of confused. lol

My E3 Take From the Main 3 Attraction from the Industries.

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I know I'm Late, Had things to do, Here's my E3 Take.

Keep in mind this is my opinions, if you want to bash on it, go right ahead, I'm not stopping you.

Keep it clean have a nice day.

Alright, This years E3, Was pretty good, but at the same time pretty stupid. There were alot of Good games that came back, after i don't know 10 or 5 years. That's a Good thing.

Lets Start off with Microsoft, Everyone who i ever talked to was disappointed in there Conference, The thing is that it was so boring people started to leave, and what did they do, they bribed people with new Xbox 360 slims, it's almost like they knew it was going to happen.



-Gear of War 3
-They Showed Black ops, and Metal Gear: Rising, but those are third party games.
-Halo: Reach (Bungie's Last game, then there going with Activision).
-and Fable 3.
-There was this one RPG game, i don't remember it, though.
-Plus, The Awful Kinect.
-Xbox 360 Slim

-Nintendo 3DS
-Donkey kong
-Kid Icuras
-007: Goldeneye
-The new Mikey mouse game
-Kirby: Epic yarn
-Metroid is back
-Golden Sun


-Killzone 3 Also in 3D, This is personally one of my Favorite FPSers off all time, Nothing can match it.
-Twisted Metal (After 10 Years a new one has Finally come, One of my favorite Combat Car Racing Shooters)
-inFamous 2 (Cole is back with a New Look, New Techniques, and new Voice actor, WTF?)
-Little Big planet 2 (Another great game for your kids).
PS: Move ( This in my opinion has way more Potential then Kinect, And it has been said that Kiect E3 Gameplay was Fake, idk who said that).

PS: Move Games:
Time Crisis
Heavy Rain,
Dead Space Extraction (Comes with Dead Space 2 as a PS:Move Bundle).

The Big Announcement in the E3 conference Was Valve approach.

Gabe Newell came up stage and apologized to everyone that he was being a dick and bashed on Sony's PS3, and he was a Xbox fanboy, I was Majorly Shocked. He has said that The Reason he going with the PS3 now, is that Sony's Executives very helpful to him, and he has stated that it is a more Open world Console. Plus Portal 2 is being the better version on the PS3.
Plus Steam Cloud, That's Huge. It allows you to get Frequent updates and allows you to play with PC Players?
Plus the last thing i have is the Playstation Plus Subscription.
(Keep in mind that it's just a starting plan, so later on it will be better, imo).

This is the ranking i would put the E3


Because Nintendo shocked the world by making 3D posible without glasses, other then that Sony pretty much Surprised Everyone. But they Were holding back So Much, I guess there waiting till TGS.
Microsoft pretty much, went downhill, they spent so much time promoting Kinect, Sony did the same thing but not that long as them, they still promoted games after that.

This is my take of E3, comment below, correct me with any info on this.
This is a Debate, not a argument.

Thanks, This is my Last post for the day, I might not make one for awhile.

Later everyone.

Heavy Rain, The Ultimate PS3 Experiance.

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Let me get this Started, Heavy Rain will blow your minds out. Quantic Dream Has yet to make the Best looking game on the PS3, the older game called indigo prophecy well had a good story was mostly confusing sometimes, but in the end it had a Great twists. Similar to Heavy rain.

The gameplay is not that long, about 8-12 hours, considering if you want to find everything from the crime scenes, or do some detective work for Scot Shelby. Pretty much the point in the game, is to make decisions, which will impact the game, and also the story line. But you know what's funny...? You Can Pause the Game and go back to the main Menu! Wow, What were you guys thinking...xD!
Heavy rain has it's ups but also there Downs, Basically the pro is that the Game is Excellent in every way. First things first. I Found ALOT of game buggs, Don’t you think they should of tested the game further then they should of. You look at the credits, and there are LOADS of tester for the game, i Mean Loads of them, and they couldn't find the Buggs that we Gamers found?


- For instants the Audio it gets screwed up sometimes, but you can fixed it, but some scenes the audio gets screwed up, Partially they were using DTS audio which is a Higher quality sound better then Dolby digital. But great job for trying to use that power for the audio, it's not a big deal though.
- Oh, and the Floating Egg glitch...Haha. Pretty Funny, in my opinion. When Shelby was trying to make a omelet once he crack the eggs and put it into the fan they were just floating! Pretty funny.
- and yes the Controls, The Controls can get Quite annoying, But some scenes were pissing me off because of the Lousy controls, which can ruin the game, like when you were trying to get Ethan to the subway you had to Stop and then Turn, WTF is with that. It's not Resident Evil 1, Come on.

-Also when Detective Jayden comes into the club to investigate that guy, once he shows the guard the badge, You Can't Move! And it made you Restart the PS3 to make this scene to go further. That’s what happen to some people.

- This game has some Plot holes, but it's not a Big Deal.

- Pros

- Long Story
- Great Voice Acting
- The Graphics, nuff said.
- Character models, are at there Best. Has the Xbox ever done that?

Well, Even those buggs can't stop the game from having a Great Storyline, which it did.
They did a Great job, trying to Hook the gamers beginning till the End, i agree it goes off slow, but once his son is Gone, it just make you feel like your in the game.
You Get to interact with alot of things, people, a Crime, Action Thriller, Which can get People hook in.
Some People might not buy this game, because it feels like a "Interactive Movie" oh, and all you do is press buttons, Well your Partially Correct, But it's a Game That does well what it's suppose to do, The motion sensor is Great in this game, better then any other game.

This is all i can give you if you want to play the game, no Spoiler here.

"Heavy Rain is a story about four people from both high and low sides of American society. They are joined together by the same tragic fate".

Wanna find out what Happens, Why don’t you buy the game? Something for You Adult Gamers, People who are into the FPS, Third person **** Give this game a Try and let alone those games for a while.

All the Reviews i'm seeing are a Bunch of Bull****, There reviews that Should of been out the day after the game, then a week before. Alot of Biased **** These Days.

The Game is Great, and does what it suppose to do, Attract the Audience, Which is the Way to go.

And This is Worth the $60, Just Like Uncharted 2, and Mass Effect 2,

The Playstation 3 is off to a Great year, Companies are Actually Admirering What it can do, for that I’m happy.
Hopefully a Sequel to Heavy Rain.

Xbox 360 has only one game i want that's probably Splinter Cell: Conviction. But i know for a Fact that there's going to be a 1 year port later on.
Ubisoft never Screws there Gamers EVER. Alan wake is a Silent hill rip off? Anyone noticed?

Over All i give it a 100/100.

Comment, Below for me to improve.
Oh, and also some Nice Feedback would be nice.

Dragonball: Raging Blast: Quick Rant

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So, i Download the Add-ons on PSN.

-Warriors on Earth Pack

-Alien Warriors Pack

-Ginyu Force Pack

-Revived Warriors Pack

And Yamcha, Really Overpowered. You Can't even attack him, he's like a solid rock.

Something Tells me Raging Blast is gonna be done for soon, I Mean Spike you've done it again.

Why not some New Saga's or New Character Slots, Really come on. :(

I Hope Spike Does a Few things To Boost up the Fans that Love Raging Blast, But also Bring back Old Items, Story's and Moves from the Old game.

That would be nice.

Anyone have any Suggestions on What Spike should do, to make the game perfect, write it in a comment. :D

PS3 Vs. 360 Comparison.

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I Only have one Question to say.

Whats With all The **** Comparisons With the PS3 and 360.

They Don't Have Much Difference Really, Actually They look Almost the Same. Just Sometime the PS3 Version is Darker or Lighter.

Like Assassins Creed 2, They Fudgeing Look like the SAME THING!

Just The Difference is The PS3 Version is Lighter, As for the 360 it is Darker...What the Heck is Up with that....

I See no Point in These Comparisons, There Both GREAT Consoles, And Should Stay like that.

Gamespot is Turning it into another Console War. >_>

Developers over the Years That Are Multiplatform companys Always Seem to Screw up the PS3 Version But i'm not complaining, it's just the PS3 Gamers Don't get the Great Experiance Xbox gamers Should. That makes me feel Ashamed, Because you Got Some Few Developers Like Pendemic Studios (Which was there Last game, Very Sad indeed). Who Actually Pushed Farther then any Developer went. The New Anti aliasing, which i bet makes other developers look like ****.

Maybe Paricially the problem is the Programming, Some developers are like Heck, i'm not going to fix the **** that was on the 360, so they leave it how it is, But Over the Years some Great Games Have been looking alike Example would be Batman: Arkham Asylum, It just plays the same and looks the same.

Fallout 3, oh god it was Horrible on the PS3...They just love slacking off, but i play the games anyways and continue to love them. ^_^

But that Was the Past, After A Few Months Developers Soon Realise What a Machine like the PS3 can do, So they Try there Best to make it Enjoyable for the Gamers out there.

Thats a Good Trent..ey?

Youtube Account..? Once again Suspended. xD

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Anyone have a Youtube Account, It's nice to Social Network on there, But the Fanboys omfg...Gotta stop.

Anyways My youtube account it Shamas141, my Back up is Shamas113

So Yeah, Later on i got my Youtube Account Suspended. I kinda Lol'd in my Pants thought.

Took, WMG, or Whoever to get my Account Suspended.

So Does anyone know how long the Suspension is?

I Wanna be Extra Careful, Since Toei is Around, Suspending people for there DB: Raging Blast Videos on Leacked Characters, when People Aready **** know it...Wow...Loser.

Go to Hell Seriously.

And Also Youtube are being a Bunc hof **** There Company is out of Control. They Seriously need to get a life. =/