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Why are you with her still and why is this dude still your friend? Really, what the HELL. Drop her and drop him and run far away from that hot mess.

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@XilePrincess: I'm pretty uninformed on the subject but you said people viewed gays as abnormal people. People who are mentally sick. On the other hand we have the gay movement claiming that sexual identity can't be changed and it's something you're born with and will die with. more than fifty years have passed since the start of this movement and still there's no creditable evidence that such thing is true. Sure you hear people researching the matter but if they have truly discovered something isn't this the right time to reveal it to people? Isn't it more about preference rather than identity? Isn't someone who says he has no desires for the opposite sex preferring the same sex to a great extent rather than being born with it? Isn't human mind more complicated than always being in a state of either yes or no? It appears to me that such claim merely exists as a shield against gay haters. But it's important to know that you can't defend yourself using a lie.

Religion is the reason homosexuality is frowned upon. Literally that and NOTHING else. Multiple religions have ideas against homosexuality, sodomy, etc. that stem from passages that have been translated over and over and then interpreted the way people see fit. This is the only reason people view gays as abnormal or 'wrong'. Religion has skewed the world's views beyond repair.

Homosexuality exists in nature. There are animals who have been observed as only having same-sex relations, while others within their species have heterosexual relations only. These facts are not a secret, people just refuse to believe they can also apply to humans because (I guess) they believe that humans can be somehow coerced into homosexuality and animals cannot, or simply dismiss them as broken mutations. If science revealed without a doubt that there was a genetic difference between gay and straight people, it would likely be ignored, or taken as 'gays are not the same as straights and therefore they are inferior' and the bigots would run with that.

While I am in the agreement that human sexuality extends far beyond the constraints of gay or straight and think it would be much more obvious should we not have a social stigma attached to being one or the other or neither or both, I must ask, were you born straight or did you choose it? Did you ever really think about your sexual preferences, and if you 'decided' one way or the other, why? Why constrain your sexuality based on gender? Why 'choose'?

I can say I never consciously chose or actively decided a preference between men or women. Why should I argue with someone who says that their natural strong favoring of the same sex is any less valid than my natural strong favoring of the opposite? Why would me saying I have no desires for the same sex be accepted without question, but someone saying the opposite would be grilled for it?

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My dad was a total D bag and I didn't turn into a lesbian... or does it only go the other way?

Why are people coming out of the closet? Because it's still 'wrong' to be gay to a lot of people. Lots of gay kids get kicked out of their homes, beaten, and abandoned entirely by everyone they love. It's very sad. That's why people still hide it and have to 'come out', because it's not a thing so widely accepted that it can be shared without fear of a negative response. It's not viewed by everyone as just a preference (eg strawberry jam is better than grape jam). It can be a horrific revelation that, to the people around you, is the equivalent of discovering you're the antichrist.

Basically, the people who are closeted are so because of folks like yourself who feel the need to question, pick apart and try to argue about it.

Being gay isn't glamorized. It's just making its' way into the media like everything else did as it became 'acceptable' in the world to show. It didn't mean it wasn't happening, it just wasn't yet shown in media. From the first couple shown in the same bed on TV, to women being shown in power roles, to interracial couples in TV and movies, it's all found its way into media long after it started happening in the real world.

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Divergent. It was meh, honestly. I liked The Hunger Games WAY better. I like the story so I'm going to read the books.

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That's unfortunate. Does she remember it and kept it a secret or was too wasted to even remember and it was news to her too? Either way, that will take a lot of working through to move on from. Whether he forgives her should depend entirely on the circumstances and her reaction to it as well.

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I don't understand why people still bring babies to theaters. You can watch movies at home with no effort. Netflix IS a thing now. And if you absolutely MUST see some new release, why wouldn't you leave your kid with someone?

There is no reason to bring your baby to any movie, so I don't think giving someone with a crying baby the side eye or asking them to leave until the kid has stopped howling is rude at all.

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Your sis seems like a psycho case, no offense :(

None taken, she absolutely is.

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My sister, who is also 3 years younger, does or has done the following:
-Threatened me with a knife, stabbed me with a serving fork
-Kicked me in the chest
-Has regular screaming fits that last 3 hours over something as simple as someone crossing her, or maybe accidentally using something that was hers (Saturday was a screaming fit over hair spray)
-Dictates what all other members of the household can eat based off of what she has decided is 'acceptable' (she's now into fitness so we all get shamed for eating anything she doesn't approve of)
-Breaks things in a rage
-Physical assault including punching, kicking, digging nails in so hard she breaks the skin, shoving, using household items as weapons, etc.
-Emotionally abuses people when she's mad. She calls me obese and piggy (I am nowhere near obesity) when she sees me eat anything if she's angry. etc.

This is all in a typical week, and doesn't include half of what she does. Your sister sounds like the typical bratty teenager. Trade you? Suck it up.

Do not call her fat. There's nothing to be gained from ruining some kid's self esteem. Her being told she's fat won't change how she treats you. Ignore her entirely as if she didn't exist if you must, but don't get down on the childish level of calling people fat because she makes you mad.

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I was going to take a banana to work for my break but that's certainly out now...

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I don't find facial hair attractive for the most part. A 5 o'clock shadow or a little scruff, okay. But the full monty? No thanks. A beard of a certain length and fullness can take a guy who is really hot and make him kind of... dad-ish. There's a certain fine line.

People with long beards almost always have something stuck in them. Crumbs of some sort usually. I speak from experience. I keep buying my boyfriend trimmers that I don't think he really uses. He's completely disregarding the advertising targeting his demographic about how women throw themselves at their men as soon as they emerge from the bathroom clean-shaven.

Also there's no faster way to dry a girl up than having a soul patch. It is not 1999.