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Costco samples :3 Dinner is in the oven, it's chicken stuffed with something resembling a spinach and artichoke dip. Still 20 minutes :(

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Having 'morals' because someone tells you to isn't having morals, really. It's just conforming to a set of ideas for fear of what may happen if you don't. Who is more moral between two people, one who doesn't kick you in the shins because he thinks it's wrong to hurt another person, or the one who doesn't because he thinks it's wrong to hurt another person because jesus said so and if you don't listen to jesus you're going to hell?

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Cashiering. I learned very quickly that people are horrible and they want to both assume you have all the power to do things within the establishment and that you are a lowly pathetic minimum wage employee at the same time.

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If it was a big or complicated order I might tip for takeout (like if I drank starbucks and ordered 10 very different drinks). But otherwise you're not actually doing anything besides your absolute bare-minimum job when I come and pick up my own food.

I do tip for delivery and waitstaff though, always.

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Miley with short hair and that bad bleach job looks like a potato with or without makeup. And I don't know what you're smoking, but the image of Ariana 'without makeup' clearly shows her with plenty of makeup. She has at least eyeliner and mascara on, and very likely foundation as well.

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A box of condoms is like $8. Both males and females can purchase condoms at the same price.

Males, however, do not have to pay up to $50 per month for the pill, patch, or ring or $800 on an IUD without insurance. Birth control also has a host of other uses outside contraception, like helping with heavy periods, cramps, PMS symptoms, acne, PCOS, hormone regulation,and a bajillion other uses. They are simply called contraceptives to make everything easy to understand, they do have many other uses.

Until the male birth control becomes a real on-the-shelf thing and not just in the testing phase, the only real male contraception available is condoms and spermicides, which are vastly less expensive than female versions and require no doctor visits, pap smears, or prescriptions to receive.

If you're unable to afford condoms at the store price, places like planned parenthood or university campuses offer them free.

But really, if you're planning on having sex with girls, be glad that these plans are covering contraception, because otherwise you might end up a father far sooner than you wish to be if none of these poor college students can afford to eat, let alone pay thousands a year for birth control, and are relying on condoms alone.

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I don't have one because I don't leave the house... But check craigslist and whatever you have in your area for online classifieds. People buy this kind of crap and realize they have no real use for it.

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I don't usually wear heavy makeup but I think they muted mine a little bit when they took my picture too. They didn't ask me to wash anything off, though. If this is truly how he usually looks and wants to look and is not just pulling some "hurr hurr wearing a colander on my head because religious rights" gag for no reason other than to say he did it, he should be allowed to wear whatever he wants.

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Thinking logically in a situation like the titanic, yes, I'd put women and children first, especially in 1912 or whatever year it was that the titanic went down. Simply because children are the future, yada yada yada, and I can't imagine the men of 1912 having a ton of luck raising children should they survive. That was women's work back then, so it makes sense to send those who know how to care for the children with them.

I'd like to say today that everyone should get an equal chance (eg 9/11), but if the interest were to keep the earth populated (post-apocalyptic or something), keeping the women and children alive should be the priority. Men are of course also necessary, but I don't need to explain the birds and the bees to OT, do I? It's a lot easier for one man to impregnate 10 women than one woman to be impregnated by 10 men. One can be done in a weekend and the other takes about 10 years..

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Tell him. She may be pissed at you and he's definitely going to be pissed, but if it's your kid you need to either agree with her to give it up for adoption or raise it. She obviously doesn't want this kid unless she can play house with her boyfriend. If this is true, this is YOUR kid. What kind of a life will it have with them? Probably not that great of one.