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XiaolinPrincess Blog

I Start My First Job Tomorrow

That's right, I finally got a job! It's a full-time summer job. Some of you know about the on-campus job that I have for the 2012-2013 school year (look up Peer Educator. I don't feel like explaining what it is), but very few of you know that I got a summer job. My summer job is titled "Real Estate Property Specialist". The job was listed as administrative assistant, but I was told that very few things I'll be doing falls under that position. I'll also be cross-trained to learn a little of everything that happens in the Real Estate & Property Management department. I've been told by many of the workers that I'll learn a lot.

Speaking of my on-campus job, my training for Peer Educator will occur on the second or third week of August (I'll get an e-mail at the end of May or the beginning of June with the dates of the training). I'll be going through a total of 16 hours of training and after the training, I will be certified by the Bacchus Network as a Peer Educator. Also, if there's enough money in the budget, the school is sending some (maybe all) Peer Educators to the national conference in November. This year, the conference will be held in Orlando, FL. I'll let you guys know later if I'm going to Orlando or not. I haven't been on a plane since I was 12, and I was coming back from Las Vegas.

Oh! I almost forgot! Before I go, check out what my friend and I did instead of studying for finals.

I swear, I did not lose my mind. Also, the "One Minute Later..." thing was not an exaggeration. XiaolinPrincess out!

Xiao's Quick Update

Hey guys, what's up? I know I was supposed to have a blog up a while ago, but I have been quite busy. For starters, I had a midterm paper that was 4-6 pages long and single spaced. That was not fun. Then I was on Spring Break, which was okay. I went back home for Easter weekend. Then recently, I had to do a 5-page paper for my Network Technologies course. I finally finished that a few nights ago, thank goodness. The school year is almost over for me. I'll be back home for the summer in less than 3 weeks.

Now for the real reason why I'm doing this quick blog. I have to put my blog series Chronicles of a Belly Dancer on hold for a while. When I started this series, it was to see my progress through March. In my last episode of Chronicles of a Belly Dancer, I announced that the performance will be done sometime during the summer. Well, not anymore. When I went home for Easter weekend, my mom told me that we're waiting to have my grandmother's birthday party until January (my grandmother's birthday is in January). That means my blog series will be put on hold until September at the earliest. Someone please remind me about that. I will still be practicing what I have of my routine so far (which is more than in the last episode of CoaBD) once in a while so I won't forget my routine. I still haven't started working on my liturgical dance routine yet. I might go semi-improv, if that's a real term.

Anyways, thank you to everyone who has been following my blog series so far. I have something I need to work on now so I have to go now. XiaolinPrincess out!

Chronicles of a Belly Dancer: Episode 2

Yep, I don't have any lectures today so I decided to continue on with my blog series. For those of you who are new to this blog series, I suggest that you read the previous blog before continuing.

Purpose of this blog: To update you on the progress that I made between the last blog and now. I must remind you that each blog in this series will be made based on progress made, and not during a certain amount of time. That means that the next episode of the blog series could happen next week, and the other one doesn't come out until a few weeks later.

Setback? Uh-Oh: For those who read the comments of my last blog, I ended up experiencing muscle spasms in my left hip near the joint and I was not able to work on my choreography :(. It's okay, medication helped to get rid of the pain. The pain stopped just in time for me to return on-campus (I have the room to myself, yay!). Also, something called college courses prevent me from making a lot of progress in my choreography. Note: My hip is fine now. It's been fine for a long time.

Date Change: My grandmother's birthday party isn't going to be in March anymore. It will definitely be some time before I start my junior year.My mom has to meet with someone at the venue (which my mom might change the venue AGAIN), find a catering service (if she doesn't, she'll have to do all the cooking), find a hotel for family members who will be coming from out of state, and other stuff. My mom has to plan everything, even though the party wasn't her idea. I have the belief that after a few months, it shouldn't be called a birthday party.

Current Progress (you may have to go back to the video in my previous blog if you want to listen to the song while tracking my progress): I have the choreography set for the first 1 minute and 18 seconds of the song, from 1 minute and 30 seconds in to 1 minute and 46 seconds in, from 2 minutes and 12 seconds into 2 minutes and 30 seconds in, from 2 minutes and 38 seconds in to2 minutes and 42 seconds in, 2 minutes and 55 seconds in to 3 minutes and 11 seconds in, from 4 minutes and 2 seconds in to 4 minutes and 7 seconds in, and the last 12 seconds of the song. I would have more done, but thank my muscle spasm and college for the lack of progress. At least I have more time now to come up with the choreography.

Another Dance?: Near the end of break, my mom asked me to do another dance for right after my grandmother is escorted in. This time, it will be a liturgical dance (and I only heard the song once so I can't tell you the name of the song). For those who don't know, liturgical dancing involves dancing to praise music and wearing certain costumes. Some routines are improvised and some routines are choreographed. I'm thinking about doing some choreography and some improvisation in the song. The same lines are repeated a lot so I'll do the same moves while facing different directions. This song is about as long as my belly dance song (I wish the liturgical dance song was shorter), so I hopefully don't tire myself out before I belly dance.

So you're doing one song after another?: Goodness, no! Every household is going to be required to do something (like sing, dance, recite a poem, or talk about a memory). My liturgical dance is the very first thing that will be done, then I will have some time before changing out of my liturgical dance outfit to my belly dance outfit, then my belly dance performance is basically like the halftime show (I'm doing the belly dance halfway through the performances). Trust me, it will take a while to change out of my liturgical dress and sash into my costume set (the costume set I picked consists of a top, skirt, and hip scarf) plus putting on my finger cymbals, coin necklace, and coin anklet. I shouldn't need to take off my shoes while changing since the shoes I'll be wearing for my belly dance routine will also have been worn for my liturgical dance and I'll be going from a dress to a skirt (if I wore pants for any routine, I would have to take my shoes off).

Non dance-related happenings: On my dad's birthday, I got an e-mail stating that I made the dean's list for the Fall 2011 semester. I also had a good Valentine's Day :). In about a month, I will be a part of a career day panel at my church. For the first time, my church's career day will feature college students as part of the "Introduction to Life" panel. Right now, I'm focusing more on preparing for this event because career day will happen before my grandmother's birthday party. I was hoping that I'd get 15 minutes to talk (giving myself the last 5 minutes for questions to be answered), but mom just told me that I'll only be given 5 minutes to talk. Boo, I don't like that, seeing how the career day event is from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Well, that's all for right now. XiaolinPrincess out!

Chronicles of a Belly Dancer: Start of a Blog Series

For anyone who has read my blogs lately (thank you berto64 and TheNewEraIcon), you know what is going on here. For those who have not come to my blogs lately, I am starting a blog series for you all to track my progress from now to my belly dance performance in March. This blog series is called Chronicles of a Belly Dancer (you may see its shortened form: CoaBD). If I have a lack of comments during this blog series like my lack of comments in my past 2 blogs, I will stop the blog series.

Purpose of this blog series: For you people to track my progress between now and my belly dance performance in 2 months. Please note that this is not going to be my first belly dance performance. I also want you to know that I worked on some choreography a while before I started this blog series. I was supposed to start this series at the beginning of winter break (I only have a week of break left), but there is so much going on right now (and still is) that I haven't started continuing on choreography until last week. This blog will be updated based on progress made; not by periods of time. That means that I could post a blog about this next week, and not again until 3 weeks after that blog is posted.

Song I'm Performing To:

Current Progress: So far, I have the choreography set for the first 47 seconds of the song, from 1 minute and 30 seconds in to 1 minute and 46 seconds in, and the last 12 seconds of the song. I have some moves figured out too, but I need to find a place in the song to put each movement.

That's it so far. XiaolinPrincess out!

A Belly Dancer's Holiday: Happy 2012

Happy New Year to everyone on Gamespot and (I know that there are some people who still go on How was everyone's Christmas? It was good. So far, I only got an iPad 2, a fully-functional vintage microphone, and a revolving photo cube. I'll get more gifts when I return to college in 2 weeks. My friends and I exchange Christmas gifts AFTER winter break. Shameless advertising FTW. This is a channel that some college friends and I created a few days before finals week started. You don't see me in any of the videos because I'm the one doing all the filming using my digital camera. All of the videos filmed so far have been filmed inside the common area of my suite. I told one of the stuntmen that next semester, it would be best if we did all the stunts in the TV room of the college's community center.

Anyways, I think this blog's title is a good way to kick off a blog series I'm starting on here. The blog series is going to be called "Chronicles of a Belly Dancer" which will also be shortened to CoaBD. This blog series will not be happening on a regular basis. Each blog from CoaBD will be created based on milestones that I make. This series was supposed to start a week after I started winter break, but some things were going on that prevented me from doing that (the home computer needed to be repaired). In my CoaBD blog series, I will be going through my preparations of my belly dance performance that will happen in March from the choreography to my first belly dance performance since June 5, 2010. In about a week, maybe less, I will be starting the blog series. I was going to start it on this blog, but I don't want this blog to be too long.

Academically, I did really well this semester. I found everything to be easier in my current major than in my former major. Next semester, I will be taking 4 information systems courses and a management course. I would be taking at least one general education course now, but I need to catch up with my major. I only have 3 humanities courses left to take, but one humanities course is taken during senior year. Luckily next semester, I will be taking some second-year courses in my major. I honestly hope that next year will be better than this year. XiaolinPrincess out!

Weird and Funny Moments of Fall 2011

Yep, I'm still here. Sorry I didn't have time to say that I was home for fall break, but I am now back for winter break. Anyways, it's time for Weird and Funny Moments of Fall 2011!

"M! U! G! T! Y! Am I saying this?" Here's a basic requirement for cheering for the team: know how to spell your school's mascot! During band camp, my friend said the aforementioned quote. My college's mascot is the mustang and we were supposed to be spelling M! U! S! T! A! N! G! S! I think she got distracted by the snare drummer she thinks is cute.

"I see you there, with the brown shirt and khaki pants." My roommates from last year were stalking me one day. One roommate called me saying that while the other was looking out her window with binoculars. The semester is over and I'm still scared.

What We Do Instead of Studying for Finals First of all, check out all the videos on this channel: First of all, all those paper cups and paper towels belong to me. This was all recorded in the common area of my suite. I'm the camera operator, one guy is the announcer/stunt coordinator (he sets up the stunts), and there are 2 stuntmen. One stuntman is going to be our video editor if any of our videos need to be edited (he's a video major). Watch out for this channel because when Spring 2012 starts, we're going to do more stunts! We're most likely changing locations though. Speaking of channels, I put up a new video right before I had to go back to college after Fall Break. it is. Think of this as a video response to the Pokemon Banned Episodes Discussion video.

I thought there would be more moments, but one weird moment is kind of inappropriate to mention on this site. There were also more downs than ups this semester. I feel like I need to transfer, but I do not know of any other schools that have a computer forensics program. I'd transfer to a school with an electrical engineering program, but I'd most likely have to stay at least one extra year. Will things get better? I hope so.

Happy Halloween!

My nose is cold, but Happy Halloween! And guess what happens in 2 days?My roommate and I will turn 19! That means double the cake eating! Now I may or may not be on here on my birthday because I have Public Speaking and Systems Development with UML on that day. If you want to send me an e-card and need my e-mail address, PM me and I'll give you my e-mail address. On the day after my birthday, I'll be registering for my Spring Semester courses.

So what have I been up to? Well, I'm still in marching band and to be honest, I'm glad I stayed in it. The halftime show for the Homecoming Game is up on YouTube, but I'm not showing the video to you because the name of my college is in the title. I do not need you all to be stalking me. I also had to call off the mission of getting two people together. It turns out the girl doesn't like the guy in that way, the guy got really hurt, and everyone involved in the mission has been called a liar. Meanwhile, one of my friends took the blame for it. Also, yes, it snowed over here on Saturday. Okay, honestly, I can't wait for the summer. Why? Frankly, it is none of your business.

So there are a few things that are almost over: Marching band season and first-year seminar. For those who don't know, I teach first-year seminar at my college. Today is the scavenger hunt, next week is the Fun Final Exam (yes, those exist), and in 2 weeks, on the last day, the students will be talking about what they like and don't like about the school as well as other stuff like evaluations and free candy. Also, the marching band season is nearly over. The final home game is this Saturday. We'll still have practice for the next few weeks, then we'll be done. Hopefully we're still performing on a Morning Show in December for a news station. I might get something for my band director, but I don't know what he wants. I have also decided that for Halloween next year, I want to walk around campus all day dressed as Carmen Sandiego and I want my friend to dress up as Waldo. I'll even go to lectures wearing the outfit, but I'll most likely take my hat off.

Anyways, long story short, my roommate and I have the same birthday, if you want to send an e-card, do it soon, marching band is almost over, I'm not doing marching band next year, I can't wait for the summer, and ice cream cake for everyone. XiaolinPrincess out!

What?! It's already October?!

Time sure goes by quickly in college. Anyways, what's up with you guys? I'm having better days in color guard... most of the time. We have our entire first halftime show on YouTube, plus some videos with part of the show and us marching in. I can't seem to find videos of the first pre-game show. Because it was the college's very first football game, the pre-game show was huge (and to be honest, maybe a bit over the top. Seriously, we had pyrotechnics and skydivers with other stuff. Pyrotechnics, people!). The entire football game (including the pre-game show and the halftime show) was broadcasted on many TV channels. I don't know if they were Maryland-only cable stations. I'd post videos, but most of them have my college's name in the title. I don't want any of you stalking me. Anyways, we recently have gotten a new sousaphone about a few days after a sousaphone player quit. Apparently, the other sousaphone player was cursing out the other sousaphone player and she quit. Anyways, I think my best friend who is a clarinet player likes the new sousaphone player (no matter how many times she denies it). I am currently trying to hook them up, but I'll need help from other people. They would look cute together, and I never say that about couples.

I have good news and bad news about my roommate. Good news: I'm getting along with her! Bad news: She's transferring after this semester! My mom is hoping that they don't put anyone in my room next semester. I'm hoping that if they do (which they probably will), I will be able to get along with her. I live in a six-person suite with 5 people now living in it. One of my suitemates moved into the on-campus apartments last week. Speaking of roommates, I still communicate with my roommates from last year. I was in my past roommate's room a couple of days ago and I live across the hall from one of my suitemates. One past suitemate tried to kidnap me and lock me in her closet.

For people who haven't looked at my blogs lately, I'm a computer information systems major now. I'm doing well in that major so far and I don't do courses related to my track (computer forensics) until later on in college. I also teach a first-year seminar. I don't get paid for it, and some of my friends said that I should get paid. I wouldn't get paid much if that was the case. First-year seminar happens once a week for 50 minutes and first-year seminar ends about a month before the semester is over.

There was a talent show last night. I didn't go. A friend told me that I should have auditioned. What did she want me to do? A belly dance routine. Here's the problem: I wouldn't have been able to get my costume, accessories, and finger cymbals ordered in time, I also wouldn't have had enough time to figure out choreography for the song. Also, a guitarist would have been picked over me, most likely. Last year, a lot of guitar players auditioned for the talent show. One of my past suitemates went to the talent show and some guy danced to the Rolie Polie Olie theme song as an act in the talent show. How the heck did he get in?! So yep, some guy dancing to a kids' show theme song would definitely have been picked over a belly dancer.

I'm still in pajamas and I need to find clothes to wear to anime club today. XiaolinPrincess out!

I Hate This So Much Right Now

It really does. It all started last week when I found out that someone said that they wanted to play the bass guitar. Now, even though I was practically promised the spot, there is a bass guitarist in the band. You know what's worse? He's never played before! WTF! I've been playing for nearly 6 years! I realized something: I'll never get my talents recognized here in Maryland. If it wasn't for college, I'd move away. Where? Well, everyone who has known me on here for over a year know. Ever since last Friday, I haven't been happy, which is odd for me. All of my smiles are forced. I'm now stuck with color guard, and the people get on my nerves. I almost quit marching band, but the band director convinced me to stay. I don't know how I'll be able to stay in marching band for the rest of the semester. I definitely won't be doing this next year. Even the free milkshakes that were given away in my dorm building didn't help.

Yesterday, my friend told me to get over it and that I took too long to decide. That b**** does not know the full story! I was basically promised the spot! We were just waiting for a bass guitar to be found! She doesn't know me! She'll never understand! I feel like I'm practically the most misunderstood person on this planet (and I wouldn't be surprised if it's true)! Since I seem to not be able to express myself through music, belly dancing is all that I have left and if I can't do that anymore, I have nothing!

I'm tired of this. Every time something good is about to happen, something bad happens and the good thing never comes. I thought my sophomore year of high school was the lowest point in my life, but it is becoming clear that my sophomore year of college is quickly becoming my lowest point. It feels like I'm hanging off the edge of a cliff, people are around, and no one is trying to help me. I want to go back to a time when all I had to worry about was how to tie my shoes. I want to go back to a time when my favorite time of day wasn't bedtime. I want to blame this depression on the weather, seeing how it's a bad time to live in a state on the East Coast, but I know the weather has nothing to do with the fact that people in Maryland are jerks.

Sorry for this depressing blog, but I had to get this off my chest and there is no one nearby to talk to.

Semester Starts Tomorrow

It was supposed to start today, but the courses for today were canceled due to Hurricane Irene. However, all that happened on Saturday night was rain and a bit of wind. Where my college is, it's always windy when it rains.

To all friends on GS and members of the unions that I'm a part of: after I go to bed tonight, I will not be on here during the weekday. During the weekend, things will be slightly different compared to last year. This semester, I am doing marching band. I'm in color guard right now, but I might get switched to bass guitar. Yes, the bass guitar can be a part of marching band as well as the synthesizer. Those instruments are a part of pit percussion. I'd explain more, but this is not a blog where I educate you all about marching band. Now because I am in marching band, I will be performing in the half time show during certain Saturdays this semester. There's also going to be a rehearsal before the football games. This means that I will have to miss anime club on certain days. How sad.... maybe. Also, I promised my dad that I would study more and from September through November, Sunday will be designated as a movie day. I need to figure out which Detective Conan movie I should play on the last day of "Detective Conan Movie Month." Long story short, I won't be on here as often now.

This blog would have been done a lot sooner, but that's what happens when I am in a friend's on-campus apartment for hours and then leave for dinner. Good luck with school everyone (well, everyone who still does some type of schooling)! XiaolinPrincess out!