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To the Moon? I think yes.

Indie games are a new thing, and most are mashups of different ideas that usually end up failing. No offense to the creators.

Occasionally though, certain indie games emerge that recieve much praise, To the Moon is one of those games and rightfully so. I've just recently finished my first play through of the game and can safely say that I was floored by it. Every aspect of the game is a wonderfully fresh throwback to the old days of RPG's. The styling was reminiscent of the golden days, and every aspect of the game was well places and felt necessary. One of the first things I noticed was a lack of a battle system, and after playing the game, I feel like the addition of a battle system would have brought the game down quite a bit. The real star of the game is it's story.

Set in either an alternate timeline or the near future, a corporation exists that grants the dying one last wish. They do so by going back in time through the patient's memories and inserting their wish into those memories. Doing so is not as simple as it seems however and each level is a puzzle solving adventure through the story. You travel back through time, so each "level" is actually a memory from the patient's mind, and each one falls into place slowly to tell the story of why this person is who he is. Occassionally confusing, but quick to clarify what's happening, each memory holds seemingly vital information.

It's difficult to say what the best part of the game is, But it is safe to say that it is entirely worth playing by anyone who wants to go on a journey. The game not only captures your mind but tugs on your heart strings and makes you feel a genuine interaction with the characters. There are small amounts of humor mixed in and throwbacks to the real world that are immediately noticeable for those with a sharp eye and a good memory. Shocking twists are capable of droppin your jaw and the conclusion will leave you with a smile on your face.

Thank you for reading, To those who get this game, enjoy the story. I know I did.

FF13-2: My take..

I played FF13 for quite some time but haven't yet gotten the hang of it. I spent a lot of time levelling only to get my rear handed to me multiple times by a boss and pretty much giving up. And then came FF13-2. Which was a very different game. First noticable change was a difficulty choice system, which brings me to my main issue with FF13, it's a bit too difficult for me I think.

The Monster system in FF13-2 is pretty entertaining, even if it does feel like pokemon in a way. Monsters have different traits and stats, and follow the same class system and Noel and Serah, with one exception, they can't change the way the 2 player characters can. This means hunting down and capturing the "best" of each class to mix and match and create the best teams. Some monsters are automatic captures, others are harder to catch. You can also infuse monsters with others to transfer abilities around. That makes the monster system quite challenging and in depth, and that's a good thing.

Even on the easiest difficulty there are some challenging enemies to face off against, and the fast paced combat system makes it interesting to fight a lot, and levelling is a lot easier and smoother. That said, one of the draws of FF13 was it's challenge, and that's fairly nonexistant here, which for some is a good thing but it can detract from the overall experience. All in all FF13-2 is good, fun, but not perfect, then again not many games are perfect these days.

The game is well worth picking up, the story is good and the adventure is fun. So if you have been contemplating picking it up it's well worth your time. Have a good one.

More new games!.. I might have a problem..

Since my last blog I have added many new games to my collection.. here we go.

Witcher 2 Enhanced (xbox 360) I tried Witcher 2 on my pc and it flopped.. my pc isn't good enough to play it, which made me sad.. I haven't really played enough to give thoughts.. but from what i've heard it's my kind of game.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine: Violence, gore, brutal action.. Excellent. The game has a lot to offer but it isn't perfect.. still an extremely fun game.

Darkness 2: I tried a demo of the first one and got stuck, meant to buy it but didn't, wanted this since I heard about it and i'm not terribly dissapointed.. it's lacking a lot but it's fun enough not to fail.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Excellence in a box, I love this game.. love it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution- Haven't played much but it is quite fun. I'm a fan of shooter RPGs and this one is ranked as one of the most fun.

Gears of War 3: It's Gears 3.. Not much more to say. The bits i've played are excellent.

Mass Effect 3: I finished this game in probably 30 hours total, I used an imported character and started at level 30m, found that kind of.. annoying to be honest. I enjoyed the game immensely and I am currently building towards my second play through, currently playing an Adept through ME2.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning- It's a large world RPG, a ton of fun and the combat is great. I definately have no problems with this game though I haven't played much..

Final Fantasy 13-2: To be honest, I didn't beat FF13, I got stuck on a boss fight and haven't taken the time to go back and level more to beat it. I am near the end of 13-2 and I am definately enjoying it.

Batman Arkham Asylum: I waited a long time to get this game and now I don't know why, definately an excellent batman game.

Well there it is, for now. Other then that i've recently been playing Skyrim and waiting for Diablo 3. Until next time, you all take it easy!

Several New Games.

Over the past couple months my gaming collection has been modified. Here is a small list of the games I got and my thoughts on them

Dragon Age: Origins (PC): Great game on the PS3, even better on the PC. But it is somewhat broken for windows 7 users. That makes me sad.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum: I loved NWN and this game doesn't seem to be much different aside from being better. I haven't played too far but, no complaints yet.

Star Wars Epic collection: 3 games for $20 is a good deal. 3 good games for $20 is amazing. Star Wars Battlefront 1&2, and Republic Commando. Very cool.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Loved AC2 and Brotherhood is better. Though i've decided to shelve it till I finished AC2, guess I should really get motivated to do that.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Holy.. crap. This game is amazing. Epic 3 on 3 fights, a lot of awesome characters. An epic boss battle that is hard to get mad about when I lose. Love this game.

Red Dead Redemption: Heard great things. Stopped waiting. Extremely happy to finally have this game. Haven't played too much but the bits i've seen are pretty amazing.

Dragon Age 2: A game I was vastly excited about, and for good reason. The game is nothing short of amazing. While I can agree with some of the negative feedback i've heard, i'm sure bioware is scrambling to release some DLC that will make it even better. I will never stop loving Bioware, no matter how "unpushed" their story is.

Thats a long list, and a lot of hours yet to be played. But I can say I am very happy to have such a list. Currently the #1 most anticipated game by me is Diablo 3. But that doesn't have a release date yet. Otherwise i'll go with Mass Effect 3. GO GO COMMANDER SHEPERD!! Anyway, those of you who read this take it easy and i'll catch ya later.

A whole new Wasteland.

Fallout: New Vegas.

I opened it for Christmas and was shocked to see it. What ensued next was an adventure through a familiar but immensely new setting, the Mojave Wasteland. Right at the start I was looking for those annoying Radroaches and instead found fast moving lizards and Giant mantises attempting to eat my flesh. That was refreshing. Also I immediately noticed the immersion from Fallout 3 was still abundant. When I play Fallout 3 I am caught in the story, so much so that the familiar music of battle usually gets me a bit on edge, the patter patter of gunfire from people who don't like me too much (in game) distracts me and makes me feel like making gory bits all over the desert.

Starting out I had the Caravan pack, which nets you some neat gear. At the start you realize how important your decisions are. You get a mini-tutorial on shooting that actually makes you want to crouch and shoot, which didn't happen to me in Fallout 3, in which I tended more to get in close and blast baddies to pieces with the combat shotgun. VATS is still around and just as useful as the last. Which is a good thing.

You start out with a bullet to the dome and a friendly doctor to stitch you all up. So friendly in fact he doesn't mind if you take anything from his house, just don't sleep in his beds. Once you exit his house, which is mostly just a "create your character" area, you are immediately free to do whatever you want. You could at this point go explore the wasteland and fight off raiders, gangs, bandits, and wildlife, finding random "treasures" amongst seemingly worthless piles of scrap.

Of course the questing is where Fallout games are fun so, lets do that. First and foremost your character decides they want to find the jerk who shot them in the dome. So of course you go on an information gathering parade around Goodsprings, which is the first town you find yourself in. It's not a bad place, just.. somewhat boring. That is, until the Powder Gangers show up and start causing trouble. You are given the opportunity right then to become a baddie and join the Gang, at the expense of Goodsprings settlers. I don't wanna give away too much, but giving you moral choices that early in the game is fresh and feels necessary.

All in all I say this game is great, regardless of the low scores it's been getting all over. Admittedly it is somewhat glitchy/slow at some points but most of the time that doesn't arise until several hours of playing and thats to be expected from Bethesda games which are so huge and immersive that they require a fairly large cache draw. The trick is, once it starts getting laggy and such, save your game, shut off the console, then start it up again. You won't see any lag because you just reset the cache of the console and cleared the issues.

There is a lot to this game I haven't seen yet, and a lot I have. I would reccomend this to any fan of the series and would warn them to watch what people in the game say because often times it is very important, or just funny/creepy. I think now is a good time to call this blog done so, take it easy all.

New Contender for "Best Game of my Collection"?

Call of Duty hasn't been strongly followed by me until recently. Yea I gave older ones a try, but I wasn't really into them. When Modern Warfare came out I tried to get the money to go buy it but never got around to it. I decided I would NOT miss out on Modern Warfare 2. That game has truly hooked me and has become one of my favorite shooters, at least till now.

Black Ops is out, and I wanted it. I asked for it for a Christmas Present and managed to get it early. What ensued was probably the best 8 hours straight of any video game, ever. The campaign is engrossing and while somewhat frustrating at times, mainly because I had little idea of what to do, it rivals the Halo campaign in my book. The Multiplayer is epic fun, and when they say more balanced they mean it. I started at Level 1 as all players do, and I was able to be a challenge to a level 50. Some of the new gear is pretty cool and the local multiplayer is fully open, which is great.

I am glad to see they did away with some stuff. They removed that annoying shotgun that was deadly accurate from 50 feet. And they removed a bulk of killstreaks and replaced them with new ones. One thing I miss is the P90, this was my favorite SMG from MW2 and in most other games that allow the use of it. That said, thank the creators that the FAMAS is full auto again.

Zombie mode is pretty epic, and creepy. Though I haven't seen very much of it yet, what I have seen is pretty cool. Dead Ops is my favorite minigame and will keep my attention for a long time. I also plan to go back and re-enjoy the campaign. There is a lot to this game and it will most likely keep my attention for a long time.

Bottom line is, they have me. Treyarch and Activision did a great job on the game and I hope to see Treyarch take part on more games in the future. Now I am gonna end this blog and wait till the next day I can shoot my buddies in the face on Black Ops. Take it easy! And Happy Holidays!

Another Game, Another Victory.

I was a bit surprised by this one, I didn't know I was as far into it as I was but I finished Mass Effect 2 today. The game is nothing short of spectacular. The story was well put together though I seemed a bit out of the loop because for some reason, I still haven't finished ME1. The bottom line is, if you liked the first one this is a must have.

Mass Effect 2 picks up, from what I gather, a few weeks after the crew beats Sovereign and they are patrolling the terminus systems for more Geth activity. I won't ruin the story too much but let's just say, it doesn't go well from the start. The action kicks off right off the bat, which is nice. And combat is much smoother with easier aiming and a feeling of skill involved with each shot. The weapon system is fresh, instead of carrying 40 guns and choosing which you want to use each mission, you get a small selection and upgrade as you go along.

So far the best part about the game is the story. I've always enjoyed stories about Mass Abductions being carried out by an unexpected alien race that somehow reminds me of the Predator from the movie.. uhh.. Predator. While I enjoyed playing through this game extensively, I plan to try it again and again as each class.

The class I beat it with was the soldier, which has always been my first choice in games like this. I've always preferred the , "What is a power? I have a shotgun.. does that count?" approach to combat. In truth, the power system of this game is unique and easy to pick up.

As far as the side quests go, they were fun but some of them didn't seem to have much point in completing them and the only ones worth worrying over were the loyalty quests, which weren't too rough.

All in all I say, "GET, THIS, GAME!" but again, this is my opinion. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to my next Play through. I don't know when that will be though, I think next i'll jump back into the capital wasteland and finish the main quest (finally). Anyway, see ya!!

Yet Another for the List.

Bioshock 2 has sat in my Xbox almost exclusively since I got it. Well as of 7:30 am on 2/11/10 I can add it to my list of beaten games. It wasn't as long as I hoped, but the ride sure was wicked awesome. I plan to play through again pretty soon, but for now I am satisfied with what I did/saw. I admit I sort of rushed through it, rather than exploring every nook and cranny of Rapture part two, I decided to stick with story over loot.

All of the reviews and opinions I have heard so far all point to the "if you haven't played the first you won't have much of a clue what is going on." ideal. Which I can actually agree with to an extent, however Bioshock 2 is not very similar to the first, and justifies being a bit unique in how the story changed a lot. I don't want to give up too much information since I am pretty sure my buddy Ebi wouldn't appreciate me destroying the story for him. But if he is like me he will have quite a lot of fun and quite a few WTF moments.

Combat was smooth and easily transitioned from the first, which had you switching hands to use plasmids or weapons. While this was not a big deal, it's a lot nicer having both available at all times. Freezing enemies while reloading seems a bit broken, but enemies are dangerous enough that you can't really consider it a way of making things easier on you. The drill dash is absolutely my favorite ability. When playing Bioshock and having bouncer big daddies charge me at high speed i always remembered saying, "man, why don't I get a charge attack with my wrench of doom." That also made me happy was that they kept the Wrench in the game, but not usable by the player.

The character design and art was amazing. The musical score was enthralling and creepy. And you felt a genuine urge not to go around a corner if you heard some creepy laughter. The new splicer design seemed a bit recycled, but was interesting enough to keep me from noticing too much. Being rushed by Brute Splicers was entertaining until I realized I could stand toe to toe with them with little trouble. The most annoying enemy in the game was the Houdini Splicer. Now you see it now you don't. I get tired of wasting expensive shotgun rounds on air.

One thing I do truly miss is the Creepy Statue splicers. On Cohen's collection level in bioshock one, walking into an empty room, searching, then turning around to see all these statues that weren't there when you came in. That was by far the creepiest thing about the game. They also didn't seem to have that many "sneaking up on you" moments. Enemies announced themselves like it was a party, "all welcome Lord Pipe Wielding splicer who wants to bash Subject Delta's face." or something along those lines. I also had an issue with the fact that you could pit all of your enemies against each other and just let one side kill the other. The Big Daddies are still against the splicers, and the Brute Splicer appear to hate their own non brutish kind.

Fighting a Big Sister was an eye opener, the thing was challenging and fun to take on, and I had a genuine sense of accomplishment after defeating my first. I did Notice an interestingly massive amount of loot scattered around and enemies not only dropped loot themselves but also lockboxes kept appearing all over the battlefield. Even with the high amount of loot though, you always felt the need to earn more because what you got wasn't enough, until of course you tried picking up more ammo and got the message, "you cannot carry anymore of that.", then you simply moved on.

In the end, I can say Bioshock 2 is one of my top games now, and I look forward to replaying it sometime. I think i'll switch back to Mass Effect 2 for now and let my memories of Rapture build a bit before restarting anew. Also, I think this is the longest blog i've posted yet. Thats awesome. Talk to you later!!

The Best Game of my Entire Collection.

I have been a gamer for years. Since the days of Atari and Nintendo, I have played all kinds of games from racing, to fighting, to shooters and more. I know its a bit premature since I am only 24 at the moment but I feel like posting a blog to talk about the best game in my collection.

Choosing was extremely difficult, I don't buy crappy games, I don't keep crappy games, it just doesn't happen. I've collected Final Fantasy, Halo, and many other unique series. So when I decided to look through my collection and decide on which game stuck out the most, I had to base it on a lot of factors. Gameplay, story, action, plot, and more. Only one game stood out to me enough to get this honor.

And the winner is.........

***Fallout 3***

I never played Fallout, ever, until 3 came out and I decided to give it a shot. When I put it in I felt genuinely enthralled into the game. It was made by Bethesda so I knew it couldn't be all bad since I loved Morrowind and Oblivion is one of my favorite PS3 games (mostly cus my friend got it for me). The Role Playing Shooter genre is semi small and seems to house some of the best games ever. Borderlands, Fallout, Mass effect, get my point? There just aren't that many. But the topic here is Fallout 3, so lets get on with it.

The combat is awesome, allowing you to choose to play as a Halo-Esque FPS or a Turn Based style shooter. The gore is explicit and beautiful and the action is interesting enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and waiting for more. The story is insane and innovative even in a decade where it seems Post Apocalypse games and movies are running amok. The music is, a bit odd, but keeps an interesting theme to game and makes those adventures in the deep dark dungeons a bit less eerie a bit more hilarious. Nothing beats being rushed by 8 or 9 feral ghouls while some dude sings about not wanting to set the world on fire.. *sigh* good times.

When I chose this I weighed it against many of my other games. And believe me I have a lot of games. I chose this over Final Fantasy, Halo, Gears of War, it even beats out Killzone 2 which I have raved about to my friends (in an attempt to get them to buy it).

Anyway, thats my decision on the best game I own. Until next time readers.. all 2 of you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Finished but not yet completed.

Dragon Age: Origins has been at the top of my favorites list since I got it. And now that I have finished the game with a few loose ends not tied up I have a personal view on it. It is by far the most well put together albeit old fashioned RPG of all time. While I have the PS3 version and apparently the only true way to play is on the PC, I am still extremely happy with it and Plan to restart it soon.

The Story is fresh and unexpected, though it's been done before, ya know the whole "A horde of demonic beings is attempting to destroy the world.. we must gather allies and stop them." ploy has been done to death. But the fact is DA: O takes it in a different direction by giving you a challenge each step of the way into gaining those allies. It's not as simple as walking into an elven town and saying, "We need yer help keelin these here demon thingies.. get yer bows and meet us here." by a long shot. Instead you have to prove your leadership and worth to each race before you gain their aid.

As far as the characters go my only gripe is why are their hands so darn big and stiff.. it looks like they stuck their hands in boiling water and then froze them while they were still swollen. Also why does it appear that characters seem to talk about the dumbest stuff at the wierdest times.

My favorite in game persona was Shale, hilarious and loyal though he seemed to be ready to turn on you at any moment. Some of the battles would have been way too hard without him too.


So far my favorite fight was the first dragon kill. Not the mini dragon the High Dragon before the Urn of Sacred Ashes. That was one of the most challenging and entertaining fights of the game.

**Spoiler End**

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game and recommend it to everyone who likes a good solid "choose your adventure" style RPG. Talk to you all later!!

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