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Best WEEK OF MY LIFE! I'm gonna be working in a gamestore!

So this has been the best week of my life! I got 2 jobs! One being in a local gamestore! I couldn't be more excited to get this oppotunity! I'm making money and buying games like crazy! My divorce finally went through so I'm a free man again! And I'm really living the dream! I did pick up a few games this week. I got Prinny 1 and 2 for psp! Prinny 1 had it's extras. I got Knights in the Nightmare and it still had the un used code for Yggdra Union! Got all the GBA Castlevania's! And finally I got Suikoden IV for my PS2! I've also started Mass Effect 2 so I can play 3 and I'm having a lot of fun with it! Anyways thats all for now!

Lets Journey to Silent Hill. Resident Evil and I got a job!

So I must say I'm sad to see the delay of the HD collection of Silent Hill. Not like I have the money to buy it right now anyways. But all the Silent Hill games have had a big impact with me. That have stuck with me forever. There a few of my all time FAVORITE games of all time and yes even 4. I will never forget them. Also I can not wait for Racoon City at first I wasn't excited but It's Resident Evil and I love Resident Evil not as much as Silent HIll tho. But I will be putting a lot of time into it when it comes out. My games haven't been playing well online. My browser has been working fine my download time is good. But the servers or something arn't connecting right. Only Nba last night and Soul Calibur last week. Doubt anything is wrong tho. And last but not least I got a job as a sign holder only work 4 to 5 hours a day a day or 2 a week. But it's a start to getting new games and working my way up! :)

I must apologize I was way to critical and wrong about Kingdom of Amalur!

So I gave Kingdom of Amalur a 5.5 I said it was the biggest bust of 2012 I hated the game. I finished Soul Calibur. Played the Darkness and thought hey I gotta give this another go. So I got it from Blockbuster again. And I love it! It's a 9.0 now in my book it's fun either it be a side quest or main quest! So I apologize for giving it such a low score and writing a hate blog about it! On a side note picked up a copy of Pokemon Ruby for gba. And got turned down by a girl I kinda filirted with in the game store. The manager I'm friends with that it was funny I was talking so much but didn't get a number lol. Anyways off to play Kingdom of Amalur

I completed Soul Calibur V FIRST PLATINUM TROPHY EVER!!!!!!

I got every single last trophie in Soul Calibur V I loved the game it was fantastic! Great new characters great play style amazing graphics! I could go on! Online completely ruined it for me dissconnects all over even with my good connections! People Disconnect on purpose and I don't get points and they don't get punished really? SO there's lots of things they need to fix! I will never buy the game if it's not fixed I blockbuster passed it lol! Other than that I enjoyed it! I'm the 6500 best player of the game made me feel special :) I'm gonna play the Darkness 2 now hopefully!

Soul Calibur V Star Ocean and more Nuggets Basketball!

So I have 2 trophies left till I platinum Soul Calibur V out! I should have it done by Weds! And I picked up Star Ocean The Last Hope the other day! I'm pretty happy about that pick up! And I've been watching my Denver Nuggets lose 2 heatbreakers climbing back from 23 down on Friday against Memphis to take the lead in last min to lose by 1 in the last second! And Last night against the Thunder had the game won in the last 23 seconds. And Ty Lawson blew it by taking and missing the last shot. I'm stating to wonder about the coach. I really like George Karl but his rotations don't make sense. Like not having a big in the 4th at all. We have 2 7 footers on the bench? Really? And Lawson who's had the worst year of any Nugget so far taking the last shot really? So those things don't make sense there didn't play the 3rd at all so can't say they needed a rest. Plus there's only 3 games left before the all star break! So we'll see how they do now. Minnesota tonight Clippers on Weds and San Antonio on Thurs then a week off. Hopefully getting back on track

Dokapon! Eternal Sonata and Nuggets Basketball!

So I found Dokapon Monster Hunter for the gba it's lable is kinda ripped up. But I couldn't pass it up! It was only a dollar! I'm really enjoying Eternal Sonata it's a fantastic rpg I'm mesmorized by! I love it! Still playing some Soul Calibur as well. Hoping to go check out my local store again tomorrow it's been about a week hope they have something cool! And the Denver Nuggets started out so great now to lose 3 of our starters and win 2 of the like the last 9 there not doing very well. Hope Galo and Mozzy can get back soon. And Nene hopefully can stay healthy been on and off this year. There down 30 to Dallas as I'm writing this.

Valentines day doesn't S U C K And GAMES!

So I have done all I need to do for my Divorce to go thru. At the end of feburary it'll be official 90 day waiting period from when I filed. Im happy thats all over. Now I am talking to a girl I used to work with. I used Valentines day as my opportunity to make my move. And tell her I like her. It's now or never I thought. Turns out she likes me too! And were gonna go out sometime! DAMN I need a job NOW!!! But I"m very happy about that! So it's a happy V day for me! And I found out the GBA games are 75 percent off at Gamestop and not only Summon night but I found Yggdra Union and Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2! So I have a couple more rpg's to add to my collection! Anyways thats all for now Happy Valentines day everyone!

New games I've gotten! RPG edition! And more Soul Calibur V

So I've picked up more games recently! I've gotten Golden Sun the lost age! Valkyrie Profie for my DS! I don't have time to play either right now. Wanna start the first Golden Sun and beat it first and VP just don't have time yet. I started Eternal Sonata and so far I love it! Only about a hour in! And I'm still more than addicted to Soul Calibur! As of Friday online I was like 9 and almost 30 now as of today Im 47 and 49 I made a huge jump and been playing amazing! Some of the people online tho are super rude! And I say I'm a spammer! Come on have some class and don't be a sore loser I always say good game weather I win or I lose. Anyways today I'm gonna pick up Summon Night 2 for the GBA didn't know about these games till just a couple days ago. Luckily 1 gamestop in my area still had one! And its mine muhahahaha. It looks cool and I'll more than enjoy it! Well thats all for now!

Biggest bust of 2012 so far!

So Kingdom of Amalur sucked so bad I spent a hour with it and had to shut it off. I hated it. Not near anything decent the game looks so cool then you pop it in and it's like whats this S@#t! On a side note I am playing Soul Calibur 5 again I can't praise it enough for how fun it is! And I have narrowed it down to Golden Sun DD Luminous Arc or Disgaea and will probably order one tomorrow!

I can't decide!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!

So I can't decide which game I should buy there's a handful of ones I want to play right now. But not sure which to pick! I kinda want to get Luminous Arc 2 DS Chaos Wars PS2 Disgaea 3 PS3 and now Finally Golden Sun Dark Dawn I want to have tons of gameplay but the best game too! So I'm kinda leaning towards Disgaea for now. And I found them all for under 13 dollars so thats why it's so hard!. I just can't seem to pick! On a side note I finished Shadows of the Damned I enjoyed it all the way thru it's about an 8 for me. Not sure what I'm gonna play now depends on if Blockbuster has Kingdom of Amalur or not! Anyway I'm ready for your suggestions