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I found a free HD stream provided by the state media here (they have broadcasting rights for the country and are streaming the channel on the net too). But I doubt you'd understand the commentator and you'd need to connect through a proxy. I advise you check who the official broadcaster is in your country and if they are also streaming on the net.


BBC will be streaming to UK IP's. Use a proxy or VPN.

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is that confirmed? If not when do you think it will come out? 2014? 2015?

Not confirmed but I'm guessing an announcement is due out in December and release next year.

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Only the Giant Bombcast, which is nice. I used to listen to the hotspot back in the day and it was fairly enjoyable. Also used to listen to Major Nelson's podcast.

Don't know any others so I'll b checking back here to see other suggestions.

Also: Anyone know of a good Android podcast app (with rss feed + download and streaming options).

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Mostly Fallout 4.

Everything else I'll try if I have the time but doesn't impress.

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This was a new take on the series. They wanted to try something new in an attempt to revive it. I'm guessing they'll now stick to the new formula. Maybe a spinoff series could return to the roots but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Right now, I'd stick to PC. The PS4 would be a fine choice in a year or two when there are lots more games out. PC always has games to play.

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I suppose I really have to play this game. Not keen on movie after game idea though. Past experiences speak for themselves.

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Still learning my ass. They know god damn well what they are doing.

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Because everything has to be remade for some reason. All remakes ever made can suffer bad reviews but they just won't stop making them. Wen I want Old Boy, Ill watch the original. I see absolutely no reason to go watch a remake.