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Nobody does it like Microsoft!!!

Despite all the poo flung around by COWS and Sheep after E3. Microsoft had the greatest digital download sale in the history of gaming this month, plus the Xbox offered free games out the wazoo!

Next, we have Pacific Rim as an exclusive. We had State of Decay and the summer arcade is going to own. Nobody does it like Microsoft!!!




Xbots- "Why are you still whiny?"

What's the f'n problem, Xbots?

You see, my problem with Microsoft isn't limited to only what Microsoft does- It's the excuses I hear Xbots make in defense of Microsoft's bad moves.

I've paid for Xbox Live since 2002, enjoying the vast library of Xbox games from the Original and 360. In fact, I'm still enjoying my orginal Xbox thanks to Xlink servers, and it's inherent ability to play games which is WHAT THE UPROAR WAS ABOUT TO BEGIN WITH. 

It had nothing to do with Microsoft's stupid family plan that promised sharing with up to 10 family members/friends (which was false considering it was a demo program), or DRM...heck, It wasn't really about Kinect being that Microsoft said it can be disabled. It was about an ALWAYS ONLINE console. And now that Microsoft lifted their garbage policy, they're taking away the features that have nothing to do with ALWAYS ONLINE as a punishment.

But what you Xbots are not getting is the fact that when digital distribution does arrive...gamers are not going to go for an always online console. As a company, Microsoft brought the backlash on themselves and were arrogant by trying to enforce crippling firmware on their consumers. Be it digital or physical game media, all we as consumers ask is to own a console that plays games under any circumstance. It's not a ****ing crime! It's not backward thinking for a CONSUMER to actually DESIRE OWNING A PRODUCT. The XboxOne is not a's an electrical device, and at the end of the day, if you can't pay your electric bill, then Microsoft's NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONSOLE NOT WORKING. 

It's the way gaming has always been and I hope it's the way consoles will always be.  

Microsoft cares!!!

Don Mattrick...I take each and every word I've said about you back in full. Major Nelson...what a fantastic human being you are!!! Xbox is saved!!! I LOVE MICROSOFT!!!

I got an Xbone to pick with you, Phil!

That's right!!!

Because you see, Mr. Spencer doesn't believe the X1 backlash is courtesy of his Xbox gamer fanbase. Mr. Spencer, much like Don Mattrick would rather force their ideas on their "fanbase" (though to be honest, I doubt either have fans at this point), and are convinced that the X1 could be a success story by eliminating the ONE thing that makes it a console. The inherent ability of a console's ability to play games no matter what.

It's not that hard. 

What exactly do Don Mattrick, Matt Booty, Phil Spencer and Major Nelson think the Xbox One's supposed to be? 

Wasn't the backlash at their May conference indicative of what gamers DID NOT WANT THE XBOXONE to be? Your ****ing fanbase!


Meanwhile, former Xbox gamers are seeking the alternatives. The Ps4, possibly the upcoming SteamBox by Valve....or...or...what Don Mattrick suggested during the infamous interview with Gametrailers...sticking with the 360. 

Phil "Sphincter"...what an @sshole.

Nintendo should worry about more than Zelda

Why is Nintendo worried about Zelda "dying" when they've been rehashing the same **** since the N64?

I'm sure Nintendo feels that Mario is God because of Mario 64's success, which was over a decade ago. But seriously, when your company's sitting on franchises like Kirby, Zelda, Donkey Kong (which is just now being utilized), Metroid, Geist (abused IP), Chibi Robo, Starfox and more but not using those's not rocket science as to why they're flopping. 

Every company rehashes, but the Mario rehash that's been shoved down the throats of sheep (in which Sheep are maw wide open) for the past 20 plus years SHOULD BE STOPPED. Other franchises should be given better treatment. 

Nintendo gave even less of a reason to own a Wii-U after sheep used the "wait until E3" excuse, only for Nintendo's E3 to be about Sonic the Hedgehog (which hasn't been good in a decade), a DK title that looks no different from DK jungle beat on the Gamecube/Wii, a 3D mario, A luigi game (Mario reskinned) and more lackluster offerings that tell gamers only one thing- NINTENDO= MARIO. 

Is that all Nintendo wants to be known for? I'll credit Nintendo with being the least greedy of the big 3, but at least innovate. I'm certain Nintendo's fanbase would be willing to buy new IPS or revivals if Nintendo spent more time on IPS rather than give Mario the royal treatment. And Zelda's fine; because nothing's being done with that franchise. The N64 did the most with Zelda. I'm more than confused as to why Devs feel LOZ's in jeopardy. 

Microsoft- Offline funtionality is important

If I look in my closet right now, I can see my SNES, my Genesis, my Dreamcast, my Saturn, my Gamecubes, and a few other consoles, plus their games. All of which I get a hankering to fire up every now and then. 

Back in those days, you didn't need to activate a game; and if you did, it wasn't a function that interfered with the functionality of the console itself. The number one priority of a gaming console should be it's ability to play games; period. What Microsoft's doing is- enforcing DRM throughout the course of the XboxOne's lifespan that consumers will have to deal with until or IF they release a patch to play all your games offline once servers are gone or the console's lifespan ends. 

The problem with this is, despite a patch release, this would CRIPPLE the console's functionality IF it needs to connect once to an authenticating server for any game bought after servers are down. Or will it?

It's obvious to me that Microsoft's able to turn off crippling DRM yet choose not to because in my honest opinion, there's some shady deal going on with checking in every 24 hours. Especially when authenticating games can be done by discs. 

Presently, the issue has been spoken of on Youtube and the internet of how we're approaching Digital Distribution with consoles; which COULD happen in the next gen or two. Personally, I'm fine with DRM and DD as long as consoles still provide offline functionality. No consumer wants to feel they're being forced to connect to the internet in order to play games. It should be more of a fundamental approach...along the lines of "I, as the consumer, can do more things online than offline, however, I still have the option of both". 

Just my thoughts. 

PSN plus- What Xbox Live should've been

On my XBL friends list, I have a friend that's financially restricted at the moment; a guy whose paid for Netflix, Hulu, his rent and such but needs a week to play "catch up" in this craptacular economy. Granted, I can't say I'm able to relate; because I can't. (But I do wonder how he's unable to pay for XBL if he paid for Netflix, Hulu etc) 

Being curious about "what it meant to not have Xbox Live Gold membership", I purposely went to XBOXDOTCOM and took my next payment option off "automatic" in which Xbox will give you details on what happens if you do not pay for Xbox Live. (which is common knowledge to most, except to myself and others who don't own a 360)

XBL essentially strips all online gaming capabilies whilst limiting subscription based services; period. I'm not even sure about retaining the ability to download demos. In my honest opinion, this would make PSN's free service a service with better value being that without PS plus, I'm still able to watch Hulu Plus and Netflix, download demos, apply themes, play online (for now) and so on. 

For the past 7 years on XBL, I've never been offered a free game with the exception of Aegis Wing, which is the only Microsoft game that's free of charge with full offline. (The other games are 8 bit indie games that have nothing to do with Microsoft) Meanwhile, PSN gives more reason to hop onto it's premium service OR KEEP IT'S FREE SERVICE without stripping down subscription based services and demos. With PS plus, you get free games, demos that aren't offered on XBL (such as Moh Warfighter, Dynasty Warriors 7 etc), free themes, more add ons and exclusive content. Basically, XBL gives you subscription based app compatibility and multiplayer. TWO OPTIONS THAT ARE INCLUDED WITH PSN's free service currently. Being that I've had my XBL options on monthly automatic payment settings, this also means that I paid more for XBL than any Xbl user with one of Microsoft's XBL plans. The average Xbox gamer pays 60 dollars a year for XBL. I'm paying over 120 dollars including taxes at $10.69 a month. FOR ****ING multiplayer!!!?

120 dollars equals two new games. Two new controllers. And even more discounted or used games. So to get really technical, I'm essentially paying for Hulu Plus, Netflix, XBL, Internet and Phone service and those services are equal to what I pay in a year for XBL. For a service that only gives me multiplayer and app functionality. 

No free games. No free themes. (though every once in a while Xbox will give away some avatar addy) Totally lacking the value of PSN's free service and stripping app functionality that's even available on the Wii. 

PSN plus on the PS4 WILL BE BETTER. Perhaps there are some qualms about "paying to play" with some, but just look at the value.

1. Free games. Exclusive game content and demos. 

2. Sony's online will be much better.

3. Cheaper. No ads. 

 4. Other bonuses that Sony have yet to announce.

(It's free service will still include subscription based app compatibilty)


BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! A wall of text just to discern the difference. Another thing I SHOULD possibly be noting although it hasn't been confirmed would be that the upcoming XBox One MAY REQUIRE Xbox Live Gold membership just to take advantage of "teh cloud" or gaming; period. It really wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft tossed in some subscription based service that would cripple gaming with their "vanilla service". (If there's going to still be a Silver service) Again, that's a possibility; based off speculation. 

Why hasn't Xbox Live ever offered anything more than Multiplayer and app functions with XBL GOLD?

PSN- Giving consumers value and options. 

Microsoft- "Of Cores you don't matter"

For the record, I admit that I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt during the timeframe that lead to a murky road to E3. 

But, the more I heard from Microsoft employees and PR, the more I was convinced Microsoft would pull off the worst move in gaming- Stripping a gaming console of it's ability to play games; it's primary function. All for the cause of "furthering technology" and so-called improvising. 

After the bowl of **** that was served at E3, we're now at the point in which Microsoft couldn't fail any more. But somehow they are. (The biggest fail being that they expected backlash about this new failed policy of always online; but left their fanbase in the dark at e3.)

During May, there was the useless Matt Booty interview by Adam Sessler in which Booty was evasive. The screwjob at E3, the arrogant statements courtesy of Don Mattrick. Phil Spencer...Microsoft updating E3 via website instead of E3...and Major Nelson's interview with Angry Joe. Not that I care about the Xbox One or intend to get it; but we all saw Nelson disregard the most important need of a consumer during Angry Joe's interview. And that would be, he ignored WHAT THE CONSUMER WANTED. 

I'm certain the Xbox gamer fanbase love the new features of the XboxOne, it's leap in power, the games, the controller they've come to love, the multiplayer experience expanded and so on...but man o' man, Major Nelson's as dense as Don Mattrick, Booty and Spencer combined. His response to Joe's inquisition was simply "Do you want to be in the future with me?" whilst ignoring what the consumer wants. The rest of what microsoft is babbling about with cloud powered technology, Kinect, family plans, expanded friends list and such NEVER EXISTED IN GAMING before. Gaming started simply as gaming; even on the PC back in it's dark ages. (Remember floppy disks that you owned ?)

What a disturbing interview between Major Nelson and Angry Joe. Major Nelson's practically telling Joe "I'm gonna take a dump on your plate, you're gonna eat it and love it". 

If you have anything to say about Microsoft dictating what their consumers interests are...the catchphrase should be "Of Cores you don't matter". This is not a core gamer console, a casual console or a console at all by concept. It's the introduction of something sinister that has nothing to do with gaming at all. But of course, there are hardcore fanboys with that "It doesn't affect me at all" mentality. It's quite simple, online features are optional Bonuses. Gaming does not evolve beyond gaming. At the end of the day, you're still playing multiplayer courtesy of a game's optional features. 

Meh. I'm just thinking out loud.