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Every silver lining's got a touch of grey- or how gaming has saved and redeemed

Hail everyone!

So this is going to be a pretty long blog entry. I was inspired to do this based on boogie2988's video and how are stories about gaming are remarkably similar. Boogie I don't know if you will ever see this, but if you do a huge shout out to you, I love your videos, keep on making them and best of luck in everything you do.

One lovely monday morning I was sitting in math class. I was quite tired-I had stayed up late the previous night in World of Warcraft doing some raiding and dungeoneering and was just tired. I finished all my math work early and was getting started on my homework (luckily I managed to do the classwork well despite my tiredness, I don't let gaming interfere with acedemic success). Whilst doing my homework in class, I had baout 10 minutes or so, I yawned and closed my eyes for just a minute to collect my thoughts.

While I was doing this, the wench across from me, who I have really not gotten along with in the past (think popular, wears-way-too-much-makeup-drama-addicted type) looks at me and goes "Xandoom, why the hell are you so tired?". I open my eyes and look up to see who was talking, see who it is, mumble something about playing WoW late at night, then return to bed. She says "you were playing video games?" I look up and say "yes, that's what I do every day, leave me alone)". Unfortunately, this wench decided that this was a topic that she needed to pursue.

I mumble answers to her questions-eventually I get her to leave me alone. But to her- she just couldn't fathom how I could spend my nights hunched in front of my computer in my room-it just didn't compute. I shrugged off the incident as some idiot who was bored in math class being forced to talk to me.

However, to my dismay, incidents like these started occuring more frequently with different people. I was quite bored of it all-after all, I don't really like many of the people asking the questions, I generally keep to myself and a small group of friends.

I've never been to a school dance. Out of my 14 years of living, I have never once been to a school dance or a school party (that wasn't mandatory, even then I would sometimes feign illness). I just don't like the people, I don't act how they act like idiots, how they spread germs by touching and kissing, how they are just crazy and emotional. I would generally just schedule WoW raids to be that night and make an excuse.

But I think people started to realize just how much time I spent gaming-hence the reason for the awkward social interactions concerning my habits. And the fact that I had to bring my alienware to school to take notes on didn't help. I was bombarded with questions, and eventually came to be pitied-here I was, a socially awkward gaming addict who had very little friends, no wench to call his girlfriend, and spent most of his time wholed up in his room gaming.

Some might argue that gaming is bad for me. As I said, I am pretty anti-social to much of my grade, I spend FAR too much time gaming, and I don't go to parties or dances.

But to me, it's the opposite. I haven't made stupid decisions, I don't get drunk or high or spread germs, I don't talk like an idiot and pretend it's the end of the world when my silly 8th grade adolescent relationship ends. And because of this, I game. I enjoy gaming, it's what I like to do. I don't enjoy sports or dating. So if I cna go play football, or I can game, I'll game because I enjoy gaming.

I've also meant some of the greatest people I have met over gaming. I've been in many World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Rift, and TOR guilds where I get to know people over the years, where we genuinely care about each other and have fun adventuring in fantasy lands. I've met some of my best friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. I've met so many interesting people, people I care about, over gaming, and these people I would never have met if it weren't for gaming.

I have so many fond memories of playing with my World of Warcraft guild on Friday Nights-of playing with my DnD groups. These are all people who share my common interests, who love to explore fantasy lands and adventure with me-who want to fight monsters and demons and space pirates rather than sit around and play spin the bottle.

So when people ask me if I waste my life gaming-no I waste my life talking with people like you. I'm the happiest I've ever been adventuring in Azeroth, not partying. And this has allowed me to see the idiotic things my generation does and not partake in them. So all in all, gaming has saved me,and provided a good sourc eof friends and companionship. Gaming has helped me get through some tough times and has been there when I've been the happiest I've been.

When someone asks me why I game so much, I just shrug it off and say I'm an addict. I don't want to deal with them. But I always have been, and always will be- a gamer. I look forward to what the future holds both in the real world and fantasy lands.

Thanks for reading everyone,and may your blade never dull


Battlefield 3- Terrapin Squad-Now open

Hail everyone!

Terrapin Squad is now recruiting for Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360 (We play Arma 2/OA on the PC, BF3 on the 360). We are a hardcore military simulation team dedicated to using teamwork and real life squad tactics to gain superiority on the Battlefield. We value teamwork above all else, runnign lone wolf is not acceptable unless ordered to. We have a chain of command and our commanders are chosen to have proper knowledge of tactics, strategy and strong leadership.

As stated before, we are currently looking for players. We all have lives, and there is no commitment to be on at X time. We play when we want to. We accept players of all countries and nationalities as long as you have a firm grasp of both the English language, military slang, and Battlefield 3 slang. There is no age requirement.

Our requirements are you must have a microphone and or headset, an Xbox and secure connection to the internet, the game, and a willingness to follow orders. We emphasize superior miiitary strategies to defeat the enemy-many of our commanding officers have studied history and or military training.

So tired of running it lone-wolf? Tired of playing with idiots? Come join Terrapin squadron! We don't require you to be the best! Everyone gets killed. I'm certainly not the best at the game. We're just a group of guys and ladies who enjoy the game and want to play it the way it is meant to be played-using teamwork.

To join, please message me, post below, or send a friend request to Doctor Warlock stating your interesting in joining Terrapin squad. My XBL is, as stated, Doctor Warlock.

Thank you for reading, and may your blade never dull


Xandoom's World of Warcraft guild! *gasp* You can join too?

Hail everyone!
I am currently attempting to start up a new World of Warcraft guild! Here are some advantages (Don't want to bore you all with a wall of text)

-Not 85? No problem! Our guild will offer fellow low-mid level guildies to help level you, as well as high level characters to level you too! But that doesn't mean we aren't hardcore, we just enjoy helping our new members!

-Looking for a guild you can really get to know? Like in "The Guild?" Well I can't guarantee that we are Codex and Zaboo, but I can guarantee that we are a friendly, very tight knit community guild that takes an interest in each other (not our personal lives) and really cares about our fellow members. If your looking for a guild with friendly members who over the years you will get to know well, then join! We pride ourselves on our friendly guild members and great, active community.

-Looking for not just mindless dungeons and raids?

Well then my guild will be prefect for you! We take everything into account. Need help with a quest? We've got you covered! Feel like doing a random dungeon? We're there for you? Feel like exploring a continent, or just adventuring with someone? You can bet there will be a member right there alongside you. Feel like talking about Dungeons and Dragons? Hell why not! This is a perfect opportunity to really take a huge bite out of World of Warcraft in every aspect, whether it be raiding, dungeoneering, exploring, or learning about Lore, there will always be a guild member ready to be right alongside you as you adventure in the land of Azeroth?

-On a different server? Don't feel like changing? No problem! Create a new character. We will have you upt o 85 in a giffy.

SO to sum it up, if your looking for a friendly, sociable guild that still offers the hardcore World of Warcraft experience, send me a message! We'd love to have ye!

May your blade never dull


Rambling about WoW, Fuse, D&D, and stuff.

Oh hai Mark-I mean everyone.

Here's another rambling blog. Enjoy.

The first thing is Fuse. People need to seriously calm down. I mean you all post cat pics, yet complain when sexyweapons tries to start teh sexay chix thread. Everyone is being hypocritical and arrogant, myself included. It's truly a civil war. And some users, INCLUDING A CERTAIN GAMESPOT RANGER WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS have really put their name to shame. A message to y'all post whatever you want. Just don't be an idiot.

Now that that's done onto gaming rambling.

So currently I'm playing both ToR and WoW, but I'm on a serious WoW kick. I've been aroud since vanilla WoW, and it's had its ups and downs, but honestly I'm so in love with the game itself and the lore of Warcraft that I can't keep myself away from it. I just love exploring, questing and looting. I'm not too excited about MoP, but I won't let it ruin the game. Blizzard has plans for 2 mroe expansions, and I have some great ideas about them from the lore of Warcraft. I'll post them in a different ramblin'.

Other than that, my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns are going well. I actually have to cut short this blog now...something came up. I will post part 2 later!

Really quick super brief, not full Alienware M14X review (full to come later)

I don't have a lot of time to type, but here's a taste and quick summary of my review of the Alienware M14X (full review to come later)

Anyway, I recently ordered the Alienware M14X, (Note this is not the standard model, I'll post my new specs soon, but essentially I upgraded the processor, graphics card, 8GB of ram, upgraded some other stuff too, windows 7 and microsoft office, and my name engraved for around $1700 to give you a price range, starts at $1100)

Let me just say, this computer is absolutely thrilling. It has a perfect screen size, not to big to be cumbersome, but not too small to not see what you are doing. It can run games smoothly at highest settings with absolutely no lag at all. It's absolutely perfect in every sense


A taste, the full, detailed, 2 page review with every detail and spec you could want to come shortly!

Review: Turtle Beach Earforce PX21

Hail everyone

Here's my review of the Turtle Beach Earforce PX21 headphones. Note these are not just for talking, they actually are for enhacnign the sound quality of the game.

So the Turtle Beach Earforce PX21 goes for about $70. It's a pretty standard size.

Here's a list of good and bad things:

+ The sound that they pump into your ears is absolutely amazing. It greatly increases the mood and tones of the game. You don't realize how much sound matters in the game. The TB EF PX21 offers a very, very realistic and intense sound, and it is also very, very clear. Games like Battlefield 3, Dead Space and Skyrim are 1000 times better with great sound. NOTE: Here's an interesting feature (which can be removed) If I'm talking to someone in, let's say Skyrim, and he is to my left, his voice will only come in the left headphone. If I talk to him straight on, both, and if he's to my right, the right.

+Can be used with PC, Mac, Xbox 360, or Playstation 3

+ Game and chat volume are seperate

+ Can customize everything such as bass, filtering etc.

- Rather difficult to plug in, especially to an Xbox. There are a lot of wires too. (NOTE: Xbox 360 users need to plug in a jack connecting their controller to the headset for chatting, the jack is included. PC and Mac users will have to download software before use)

-If you are using them for an extended period of time, they can become a tad uncomftorable. I was playing for 3 hours, and by the end my ears had become sore. You might be able to get used to it, or position it more comftorably. Not a major complaint.

All in all, I say that these headphones are definitely worth the purchase. Crystal clear sound in both the game and chat can really change the experience.9/10

Rambling #2

Hail everyone it's Xandoom again, feel like rambling

So today I've really just been enjoying my new Alienware, playing a lot of SWTOR, some Diablo II as well. A game that I've actually really been enjoying lately is Two Worlds II, I bought the first one, I dind't really enjoy it I foud it a bit bland, I picked up the second one, and it's actually a blast. It's a beaitiful looking game and has some interesting locales and enemies, it's really quite enjoyable.

Other than that I've been designing my new D&D campaign, it focuses on a group of adventurers (the PCs) that encounter a group of Orcs huddled around an Orb, once they kill the Orcs and touch the Orb, they all go to the 9 hells and are slaughtered by Orcus, who then stole there souls. The campaign centers on them going to different places and reclaim their souls. It's really not as story heavy as my last one, the story continues beyond that, but it gives me a chance to do more of a Dungeon of the Week type thing with more of an overarching storyline backing it up. My last one was focused pretty heavily on storyline, so this one is a bit more action oriented.

Other than that I'd just like to say a quick word about MMOs: Please don't support the F2P model. I realize that some people are short on cash, but honestly it's much better to cough up $15 a month and have an enjoyable game than cough up $3 every time you want a decent piece of armor. Speaking of MMOs, a quick word on WoW

I've been playing World of Warcraft for 5 years (I actually said what I'm about to say in another blog, so i'm gonna repeat it here), and it is honestly a really great game. I love anything Blizzard does. BC and WOTLK were great expansions, Cataclysm did some good things and some bad, but lately I've noticed that the game is really not catering to hardcore gamers anymore, and if you play on the Horde (I have an alt on the Horde, I'm mainly an Ally guy) and even a bit on the Alliance, the game is going in an almost steampunk direction. I also don't like at all Mists of Pandaria and what it is doing. This is why I switched over to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is a refreshingly familiar game that I really do enjoy quite a bit.

Another quick thing I'm going to mention in the rambling, Warhammer 40,000. I'm a huge fan of this universe. I don't really play the tabletop game (Dungeons and Dragons and Magic:The Gathering takes my time and money tt-game wise), but I really do enjoy their video game and the novels, the universe has a very, very rich lore and it really is a unique science fiction universe. The video games are also great, especially the Dawn of War series. For those of you that haven't already, it really is an interesting universe to check out.

Also a quick note: (This doesn't apply to all of you) I posted my XBL gamertag and Steam ID for select people only (why not just message it to those people? Because I'm a lazy @$$!), and I've been getting some friend requests from people I barely know. I only play with people I actually want to play with, so it would be much appreciated if you stopped, or if you are very serious about X game and want to play with me, shoot me a message.

That's all for my ramblings today,

May your blade never dull,


Rambling on SWTOR, computers (Ramble #1)

So I'm going to start doing a rambling blog, just talking about stuff, might do one once a week, if any of you like Boogie2988 you might get the idea of what I'm doing (I'm a huge Boogie fan, if he perhaps one days reads this boogie your the best.)

So the first game I installed on my new Alienware M14X (post specific specs soon, but I'm too lazy at the moment) was The Old Republic. Now as some of you may know, I played World of Warcraft for 5 years, and I'm a really big fan of Blizzard, but lately I don't like the changes they have made, so I decided to quit. I tried Rift for a while, and it is a pretty entertaining game, but being a big fan of both BioWare and Knights of the Old Republic, I decided to give it a shot, I actually got a free copy of it from a friend because he accidentally ordered 2, so I figured why not.

The game itself is absolutely amazing, I should be posting a review of it soon, so I'm not going to go into too much detail at the moment. It is a game that is both familiar and refreshing, and I really am enjoying it and look forward to playing more of it in the future. It also runs really well on my laptop, which is great for when my brother is playing sports after school and I have to wait for him.

Another thing I'm a big fan of is raiding and dungeoneering, I'm a huge Dungeons and Dragons player (I dabble a bit in Magic: The Gathering too) and SWTOR doesn't dissapoint here. I have the advantage of having all my raid buddies be my friends, so the need for things such as vent and skype are useless, we all just meet at someone's house. I'm really not a huge fan of headsets, I do use the Turtle Beach Earforce PX21 for my Xbox, but as a mainly PC gamer I've never been a giant fan, though usually they are necessary so I use them.

Thats about all for today, its a pretty short ramble and kind of pointless, I'll talk about more interesting things in the future but I'm a bit pressed on time.

May your blade never dull,


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