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Movies here, movies to come... sweet

So as anyone who knows me knows, Im a huge film buff. My favs are Star Wars, James Bond and some older single films (Forbidden Planet, The Great Escape, etc). So I always get excited with new movies. Even though the sales are dwindling and pale in comparioson to games I still love them and I love going to see them in a theater. Lately Ive been having a big james Bond rush, those films have always been some of my favorites my whole life and it actually affect my family (my uncle, Mrc Wolff, has been the principal aerial cooridinator and helicopter pilot for them since The Spy Who Loved Me. You know that scene in Tomorrow Never Dies with the helicopter chasing them through that city, yup, my uncle). lately Ive been having a HUGE renewed love for the series. I got all four collectors boxes and Ive seen Casino Royale twice, plus I listen to the soundtrack constantly.

I was actually very satisified with Casino Royale. Die Another Day was a dud to me, and it really made me like Peirce Brosnan a little less. His stuff was getting dry and he was getting too old for the role. But the Daniel Craig came along and I was all like "Heck no! The dudes got blond hair 'n all. I cant accept this". Well guess what past me. BURN IN HELL! Daniel Craig is perfect for the role, and Im certain he's going to be well recieved and well liked for the next two (or more) that he's going to do. He is almost exactly what Ian Fleming decribed in his original books. Plus he adds his own flare and personality. lets just hope that the writing of the series takes his James Bond in the right direction.

But other than James Bond, I have three words: "Mother ****ing Transformers!". Ok, I did not watch much transformers when it was on but Ive always been amused by it, and I am a huge fan of its original inspiration. Macross (Robotech in the US) is really something special to me, so Transformers inherited part of thet henshin admoration. So that fact that theres a movie coming out, sweet. The fact that the movie looks GOOD (and just flat out beautiful by the way) is incredible. Watch the new trailer if you havent seen it already to see what I mean.


Its just soo cool. i cant wait for this movie!

Back onto the import wagon

It feels good.
I got myself another Swap Magic Card so I can return to my (ok theyre pretty crappy most of the time) Gundam games. its really a shame they dont regionalize many gundam games for America, because there some actually pretty good ones in Japan. Namco/Bandai has this bad habit of only bring the bad Gundam games to America. One of the games, Gundam Battle Royale for PSP is actually my favorite PSP game. Amazing graphics, huge suit roster and fun gameplay.

In order to get back into the swing of good Japanese games I ordered Gundam U.C. Climax. Narutimate Hero 3 and Gundam Seed Destiny: Federation vs ZAFT II Plus (which actually just came out yesterday or something). Hopefully Ill get some fun out of those, all while enjoying my Wii and 360 aswell. Its good to have options. So in the end, I blame Jeff Gerstman. His MASSIVE game library has convinced me to do the same and waste my life away like him. But I didnt just say that, cuz he's actually pretty cool.

Should have posted this earlier...

But I got a Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND IT RXORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to wait outside of a Target at 4am for a bit then outside of a mall till 5am which is when I was let inside to wait infront of an EBGames till 7am. Loads of fun too once I was in the EB line. The first nine all got to know each other fairly well for the short time, it turned out that there were only 9 Wiis too so tht was great. I was number 3 so I was assured one. Twas awesome. This was all on Black Friday too. Other stores in the mall opened earlier so there were loads of people who all... well, stared at us, considered getting line and trying to get one for their f*cking 6 year olds who were tired and screaming all the while. To think they could actually get one when the only people who could were those who were there no later than 5:30am. Tsk. the kids were annoying anyway...

On launch day I tried to get one, but wasn't able too as I was traveling. I did manage to get four games (Zelda, Trauma Center, Super Monkey Ball Bannana Blitz and Red Steel) along with another Wiimote and Nunchuck and a Classic controller (which I guess is hard to find, good for me ^_^)

So yeah, good times good times.

Something new... something Im not allowed to share... (V.V)

So let me start this off by saying theres probably... well nobody who reads my blogs, but i dont care, and if u do than good for you.

But yeah, Im signed on with a research company to test games. Greatest kinda-job ever. I get paid quite a bit for, well, not very long hours (more like hour) and I'm just playing indevelopment games 'n such. Totally awesome.

One of the downsides is that Im signed by contract to keep it under wraps. Everything I've seen... its so amazing... why, WHY am I not allowed to tell you. Its saddening.

But in following the steps of Bungie Im gonna give you some little tidbits of info, or better yet a RIDDLE!

Ive been announced, yet unannounced
Im new but with strong memories of old
Between the rise of dark and return of light
I simmer with future prospect and am a force to recon with
See you soon, heres hoping to 2007!

Ooh ooh, can you guess what it is? and to get it out of the way its NOT Halo 3, so if there IS someone who reads this... well now you know...

Wiiservations (Uhgg...)

Yup got to EB and did some good stuff. Couldnt get a reservation for the Wii (which I expected) but I did make fully paid reservations for Zelda, Red Steel and Final Fantasy XII Collectors Edition. Nintendo's shipping more than a million and a friend and myself are planning on being out getting one during the midnight rush. So we should be able to find a couple somewhere.

I also got Okami, which is shaping up to be a very fun, albiet a bit slow, game.

OMG Halo Wars

Wow, me and my friends have been making jokes about this and coming up with ideas but this...

Hey, Im interested. I just hope they do it right. There is A LOT of room to fall here though

Just in time

I am soooo glad that I bought the Total Access Account. The TGS live coverage is awesome. Im just curious how I was able to watch the E3 press confrences live...

Damn you Microsoft!!!

I... finally... got Republic Commando for Xbox. And it turns out the 360 cant play it. Nooo!!!! I still have my original Xbox but its tucked away in a place where I only take it out a few times a month to play Steel Battalion. WHY MICROSOFT WHY!!!
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