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Bye bye

Due to the increased importance of my studies, my lack of interest in gaming as of late, and my lack of time, I probably won't be on GameSpot for a long time. Just in case anybody wonders why I'm not posting in the future, well...now you know :P.


Adios GameSpot! (and no, that's not me in the picture).

10 000 Posts!




Welcome my friends, let's all have a toast!

Why you ask? Well..

I don't want to boast,

but as it turns out,

I have ten thousand posts.

Now don't be a stranger,

let's all have a toast,

this party will be swell,

'cause I am the hostcool.gif.


I'm now in the 5 digits, like a true man,

I've entered the brotherhood of the 5 digit clan,

I'll be rockin' with the elites cause that's my plan,

So come on over and we'll play LAN.

Oh, and for all you Mass Effect haters out there you better feel baked,

'cause my man Sheppard is invited too, haters gonna haterazz.gif.


Anyways, yeah I got to 10,000 posts, and I got everybody to thank for itsmile.gif. I've been in a few forums before, but none of them were as good as GameSpot. Who knew posting on an online forum would be so much fun?

P.S. Did I mention Misa Campo's here?











Gaikai and the future of the gaming industry

So as I was trying out EA's Origin service the other day, I decided to stream the Crysis 2 demo through Origin's gaikai service. Needless to say, I was impressed. The game looked phenomenal, and other than a few stutters or hitches, it ran beautifully. Of course, being a free service, it only offered a small sneak peak into the game and I couldn't even play it full screen. This really got me thinking about what we can expect from the future of gaming. It seems like the "death of consoles" is on the verge since mobile gaming is all the rage these days. That coupled with the fact that services such as this are already emerging (Gaikai, Onlive) and it paints a pretty clear picture for the future of the gaming industry.

I'm sure many of you already know this, it's been on the news and all over System Wars for sometime, but what's still up for discussion is whether this would benefit the gaming industry. Consoles would no longer be needed once this service comes into play, in a sense our internet connection would be our "new console". Much like how digital tv works today where you're awarded a box to stream all the latest channels, there just might be an On Demand service where we may stream all the latest games. Hardware wouldn't hold back software (at the expense of your internet connection holding back your streaming capabilities) which would mean that we would be taking a giant step forward in terms of gaming graphics. The only problem this brings up is people's internet connection, it's much easier to gain access to a console and play offline than it is to gain access to a high-speed internet connection service and play online (especially when you consider things globally). Still, this problem can be solved through various means (such as connecting a cable to your local digital service like what is done in most homes with television). I for one am all for a future with no consoles and digital streaming services like Gaikai, the only question is whether the gamers and industry are up for this. And what would happen to Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft in the wake of all this change? Seeing as how they're no longer developing consoles, this may damage them (especially Nintendo). All that would be left is publishing, but would that mean an increase in the amount of games we'd see being made for this service? Would this mean that all gamers would be unified and exclusivity would become a thing of the past? Or will we have several service providers, each providing their own games and services (the likely option)?

What say you, GameSpotters?


PC Will Never Trump Consoles (A non-fanboy's story)

First of all, don't worry, I'm not here to troll anybody. What I'm saying is my beliefs, so hear me out for a bit :P.

Hermits on these forums love to gloat about how great PC is (no offence, Hermits :(), and sure with the graphics and mods and all it is great, but the problem is that it'll never quite "feel" like a console. What many PC gamers don't understand is that there is a whole group of gamers out there that don't like gaming on the pc (shocking, I know). Sure the graphics, mods, and services are great, but whenever I get a game for my PC I never feel inclined to play it. And believe me, I'm not talking about Street Cleaning Simulator PC here, I've tried all the greats. Portal, Half Life, Skyrim (with all sorts of mods), Street Fighter, Batman, DiRT, and I definitely see where all the PC gamers are coming from. But out of all of those games, I haven't finished a single one. I feel more inclined to play Skyrim on my console than I do on my computer (though I must admit mods are awesome) just because it feels more fun and authentic to me. Some might think that this way of thinking is ridiculous, yet I'm not the only one. There are many console gamers out there, each one just as much a gamer as you and I, and many of them do prefer gaming on consoles. So please hermits, don't post topics saying "PC gaming is so amazing, y u guys no play pc with us? Its better in every way than consoles". That's simply not true.


And before I leave, I'll touch up on another topic: exclusives. There are countless exclusives for consoles that I'm dying to play, but there isn't one PC exclusive that interests me. I've said it in the past, and people have called me ignorant (some even going as far as calling me arrogant) for saying such a thing. People have different opinions, there's no need to bash each other for being different. Just for once, just quell your ego's and accept another man's way of thinking and you just might start to understand and get along with each other. I've browsed this forum for long enough, I've followed gaming for long enough, and I know what games are on what platforms. Fact is, PC has none that are worth getting (for me). Indie games are the only thing that interest me for PC, but even then, I'm 100% satisfied by the collection of indie games available on consoles. So hermits, for the love of god, understand a different point of view just this once. It's not hard.

AND MOST OF ALL (This goes for everybody), if you do not like something that doesn't mean it is bad. This is something I find particularly annoying. Some people say "Oh, The Avengers is such a terrible movie!" or "Oh my god, Halo is the worst game in history", but never, not even once, do they consider the millions of other people that enjoyed the experience. I said I don't like PC gaming, but never once have I said PC gaming is bad. I also don't enjoy Fallout games to the extent that other people do, but never once have I said Fallout is a terrible series (at least not seriously). There are fans for virtually every movie series or video game series, and the creators must have been doing SOMETHING right to attract interest. So if the majority loves a product, then obviously it's not the quality that's at fault, it's just that you don't like it. Simple stuff.

Hmm...well that's all of it, I hope you guys enjoyed my rant. If I offended any of you, then don't take it to heart, if you're reading this and are one of the fanboys I'm talking about, stop trolling everybody or else I'll steal your computer's power supply. If you buy a new one, I'll steal that too. Good luck gaming without one:twisted:.

Have a good one, folks ;).


I Have Found My Happy Place

I bought the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition today.


Words cannot express how great this game is...I...I....:cry:


I'm only 3 hours into the game and I already love it more than ME2! This game is perfect.

I got a "gaming" laptop - converting to Hermitism

Yes, I finally forked over the cash to get a good laptop for myself to play games. It's no high-end gaming laptop, but it's enough to play modern games on good settings.

My laptop specs:

Intel Core i5 - 2450 Dual Core 2.5GHz

NVIDIA Geforce 610M 1GB VRAM

8GB RAM at 1066 MHz


Not bad for a $599.99 laptop. So far I've only tested out Crysis on it. I'm able to run it on 1280x768, all settings high, no anti-aliasing at 35fps. It looks noticeably better than what I've seen on consoles, that's for sure :P

I'll be downloading games like team fortress 2, portal 2, and dirt 3 in the near future.

Add me on steam if you wish, I'm XVision84.

The System Wars Diaries - Episode 1: Troll Psychology

Welcome to the System Wars Diaries! This is a weekly/monthly/yearly (whenever I feel like doing it :x) analysis on all the happenings in the gaming world and the world of System Wars. All the opinions in these diaries are from a System Wars Expert (me) therefore you can assume that whenever I deem something a"fact" I am actually referring to my opinion. Now, without further ado, let us begin!

Season 1: System Wars Survival

In the world of System Wars there are various rules forum-goers must adhere to in order to ensure maximum chances of survival. In this season you will learn all the major rules you must keep in mind in order to maintain manageable levels of sanity in System Wars. My goal is to teach you all the tips and tricks that involve dodging trolls, creating successful threads, becoming a System Wars Star, and many more. So let us begin with our first episode:

Episode 1: Troll Psychology

Trolls are a very common breed in System Wars, and they are considered the second most powerful species in System Wars. Unlike most predators, trolls do not normally stalk their prey. Instead, they prefer to set the bait and watch their prey fight over it like two bulldogs trapped in a cage. In System Wars, the bait is referred to as a"troll thread" and the prey are referred to as "posters".

The troll's natural habitat changes from time to time since trolls rely on their troll threads for shelter, food, and entertainment. Therefore the skill of the troll determines its lifespan, much like in nature, if a troll's skills are lacking, it will garner no interest from its pack members and its prey will not pay attention to it.A troll with such a fate would end up being consumed by its desire to garner interest, it would quickly get bored, and move on to a new place to ensue chaos.If a troll is too impatient and rushes its bait (or takes their trolling past their limits), it will end up being eaten by the Apex Predator (we like to call them "Mods").

Conditions for trolls have changed drastically in the past year, it seems like the rules of nature have taken quite a large shift, this resulted in a drastically increased life span of the average troll. The trolls lives are centered upon making other peoples lives worse, this is why people aren't very fond of trolls, and this is also why they used to have such short lifespans before mother nature decided to go easier on them.

On the other hand, a troll can live a long life and also be quite entertaining for the average poster. There are various trolls that make a living off of their troll threads while maintaining a positive status-quo with the community. This sort of troll is the best kind andoften finds great successin its trolling endeavors. For the duration of this episode, we will refer to this type of troll as an "apex troll". Apex trolls, much like common trolls, have various identities. A troll, like ditto, can take on many many forms. We refer to these forms as "alts", but its main form (which we call the "pack leader") is always the same. Unlike common trolls, apex trolls are always remembered for theirexcellent trolling technique. Many apex trolls are remembered for a long time even after they have left System Wars (Example: PSJohn), and although they may start off as common trolls, they end off as legends. An example of a currently active apex troll is loosingENDS, he has chosen to reside in System Wars and makes a living off of creating threads that either make or ruinsomeone elsesday.By dealing witha working apex troll, you're gaining valuable skills that can be expended in both System Wars and in real life. You learn to cope with incorrect opinions and name calling, you learn to manage your stress levels and you learn to ignore the stupidity that ensues when a troll engages its thread. This knowledge can be applied in many different environments and situations, but I will touch on that subject in a later episode.

Here are a fewmethods that should help you avoid falling for a troll's bait:

Methodnumber 1 is a crucial rule that the average poster must follow in order toensure 100% surviveability inan encounter with a troll. This methodstates that you must never EVER EVER post in a thread that is created by a troll. Thismethod is the most effective and will ensure maximum results. But nobody actually follows this rule and the method makes System Wars more boring so let's just ignore that method for now. Instead you can follow method number 2 which states that you must never loose your cool. Trolls are fun, lots of fun. Youcan choose toplay with trolls, butnever give in to their stupidity! In fact a trolls "stupidity" is a common misconception when it comes to people's understanding of trolls. Trolls aren't actually stupid, they just act stupid to lower your IQ score and make you crazy. People would argue that this method is stupid, but common sense has shown that this method works 99% of the time.

...And that's it. There's pretty much only 2 methods to dodge a troll, I use method number 2 and it's worked out for me, so it should work out for you. This has been System Wars Expert XVision84 giving you all the tips, tricks, and info on trolls. I hope you now have a better understanding of how trolls work, what they do, and how you can avoid one. Please avoid posting "tl;dr" and "wall of text" messages here because that is considered a primitive way of trolling. If you like this episode good for you, if you don't then I honestly could care less. Hope you guys had fun, stay away from trolls, and have a good day System Warriors.

Mass Effect, Where have you been all my life?

So I was over at GameStop today searching through the games they had in stock and I came across Mass Effect 2. Prior to playing it, I've heard all the praise it got and I felt inclined to purchase the game. I expected a good story, interesting characters, and manageable gameplay. To be honest I've never bought a true sci-fi game before Mass Effect 2, so this was my first true venture into sci-fi territory. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

I think I've made it pretty obvious that Uncharted 2 was one of my favorite games of all time, alongside Skyrim. I loved both games, and I still do. But Mass Effect 2 steamrolls over both games, never before have I been so invested in a game and its characters. The story, the world, and the characters are crafted so well that you can't help but fall in love with the game.

I've never played a game that felt as satisfying as Mass Effect 2. Skyrim had an amazing world and lore, Uncharted 2 had great graphics and cinematic moments, LBP 2 was very fun and quirky, Infamous 2 had great gameplay and story, but none of them felt as complete as Mass Effect 2. To me Mass Effect 2 is perfect in every way, I love the graphics, cinematics, story, characters, gameplay, lore, absolutely everything. It's like it was made for me.

I'm sure you've all already heard everything about Mass Effect so I won't go into the specifics of the game. Basically Mass Effect 2 has now become my favorite game of all time, and I have never played a game that has sucked me in as much as Mass Effect 2 has. If you haven't played Mass Effect 2 before, then buy it now. Mass Effect 2....SO GOOD!

That is all :P

[spoiler] Damn, it's sooo good! [/spoiler]

Faction Wars - The Ultimate Faction

Welcome to Faction Wars!


In this blog you will learn complex theories and philosophies that explain why factions behave the way they do. This thread is meant to open your mind, and make you think like a System Wars expert. So let us begin with a very general question:

Tell me fellow GameSpotters, which faction do you believe is the most "pimp"?

We've all had our fair share of experiences with members of each faction, but surely one of such factions must be better than the rest? I mean, don't get me wrong, I hate fanboys just as much as the next guy, but there are many cool fanboys out there. From my time in System Wars, I've argued with many lemmings, many cows, many hermits, many sheep, and even a worm or two, so I'd say I'm pretty experienced. Being an experienced System Wars Scientist, I was able to recollect my experiences with all these factions, and when I did, I discovered something extraordinary: cows are the superior faction!

I know, it sounds absurd, doesn't it? But no, it's prefectly true! Lemmings and Hermits just don't have the "fanboy flair" that cows exhibit so proficiently. Recall all of your interactions with cows, and I'm sure you'll reach a similar conclusion. Cows are just plain "pimper". Of the many factions here in System Wars, it's pretty clear that cows are the most memorable. If you look at System Wars' list of famous trolls, you'll find that a good 60% of them are cows. Why? Just because!

Now I know what you're thinking, that this is some sort of System Wars Propoganda blog meant to recruit cows, but no, this blog is pure fact and opinion. I believe from the depths of my heart that cows are the superior fanboys. They just do their job right and quite frankly are cooler. Still, being a Professional System Wars Scientist, I had to look for further proof to back up my claims. I needed to find out the essence of the cows "cool". So I spent countless nights studying cow behavior, observing their mating process, taking samples of their urine, taking pictures of their posts, and after months of arduous research it finally hit me!


What are the two things that everybody on earth loves?

Chocolate and Twinkies.

What colour is Chocolate? Black.

What colour is the inside of a Twinkie? White.

Then I came across this picture of a cow:

And I realized that Cows are both black AND white! Extraordinary, isn't it? Inside the average cow you have the mix of a Chocolate and a Twinkie! Therefore through complex math and many derp sessions, I concluded that cows capture the vital awesomeness of both "Chocolate" and "Twinkies" thus developing their sense of "cool". This is what makes them "pimp", and this is why cows are, in my opinion, THE superior faction.

Thumps up if I made you have an epiphany.

I'm taking a break from GameSpot (Nevermind)

My activity here and in my unions has been seriously lacking for some time now. I've gotten a lot busier than I used to be, and to be honest I just need a break from posting since it's not as "fun" as it used to be. System Wars has just gotten stale, and the topics are way too repetitive these days. There's just nothing interesting happening anymore.

I put this up so nobody thinks that I got banned or that I left permanently :P

Adios GameSpotters, I'll see you whenever I get back to posting here ;)