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NASCAR Race... Again...

Going to New Hampshire next weekend for the Sylvania 300. Third straight year going to the first race of the Chase. Always very festive. A lot of pre-race stuff for the build up to the Chase. It's going to be fun.

I'll get a ton of pics... Again.

"The Office" back on air on the 21st! Woot!

Sorry Stanley and Roy, you get cut off.

I Should Post Somethng

Me no like school.  My schedule is killer...  KILLER I say!

Block A:  AP Statistics
Block B:  Honors Physics
Block C:  Honors Latin Advanced
Block D:  Honors Becoming a Food Service Professional
Block E:  CP2 English 4
Block F:  AP Calculus

And of course the classes are spread out over the entire quater-mile school.  On the worst day, I'll have to walk over two miles to my clases and lunch.  Last year everything was in the same area more or less.  And it will be an expensive year...  Pictures, Cap and Gown, Senior Trip, Prom, two AP exams...  That's prbably going to be about $400.  Forget new video games.  It's just preperation for college I guess.  Try to screw you out of as much as possible so you go into college with as little money as possible.  It's all a conspiracy...

Well I have to post a new picture:


Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood and Tom Clancy

Colin and Brad. These two people are really wicked funny. Google their names to see some of their work. It's just too hot to type. I'm going to see a show they are going to put on. I went to "An Evening with Colin and Brad" last year and I must say, I'm still laughing. Watch "Whose Line is it Anyway?" every Friday night on ABC Family.

Tom Clancy is one of the best authors out there. His books are very compleling, political fiction, action-adventure books. Just like the games with his name on them. I just finished "The Sum of All Fears." It is a great book. And now I'm moving on to "Without Remorse" and then "Rainbow Six." Read Tom Clancy books. Even if it is just for the character Ding Chavez and later on Andrea Price.

This is so true (right-click an view image to see Yurop):

Three Years...

Wow three years on GameSpot. I've actually been coming here since 2000 when I got Intarweb access. I've been Complete/Total since early 2005.



I'm Regretting Not Wearing Sunblock

So... Yesterday I went to my third NASCAR race at NEW Hampshire Int'l Speedway. I took some pics. In the tent they are blurry but outside they are decent I had to use high digital zoom. Located HERE. Look for pics marked "July Race xxx".  A professional company took some pictures of people and events HERE. Look at the bottom for where it says DuPont, some good pics in the tent.

Great race. Too bad Gordon didn't win. But I did get to go to the DuPont tent. So here's my day.

With my dad:

3:30am - Wake up.

4:30am - Leave to go to rendevous point.

With the group, four people including me, I'm the youngest, everyone else is like 50 or so:

5:00am - Get to rendezvous point -- the house of the people we drove up with -- and wait. Had I not weighed so much, 150 lbs, we could have gone up in an airplane.

5:30am - Finally leave. Driving a Ford Explorer.

7:30am - Get to track. Got there an hour earlier than I thought we would.

With my dad:

7:50am - Walk a mile or so to get to the line to get to the Hospitality area.

8:00am - Gates open. Make our way to the DuPont tent where we get breakfast: cheese danish, blueberry muffin, and apple juice. And we get a goody bag of stuff: DuPont Motorsports hat, earplugs, coffee thermos, and a #24 ticket holder. The DuPont tent was the biggest tent. 850 people were there. It was right next to the R&L Carriers tent, Matt Kenseth. Hmmm...

8:20am - Dave, the DuPont guy, introduces himself and give the day's agenda, says "Jeff Gordon" and everyone WHOOOO!'s. Does impressions of people other favorite drivers. For Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman he crys. Elliott Sadler, he leaves of most letters of something Sadler would say. For the Mark Martin fan, there was only one, he talked reallllly slow.

9:00am - We find out we can't go on the pit tour because we don't have long pants on and that I'm under age. The tram tour was only for the handicapped and real young kids.

9:20am - Trivia time. To get up on stage you had to be the first down there with something that Dave said, like first with change for a dollar... In dimes. I knew most of the questions. There were easy ones only you could answer. Or hard questions where you could use the crowd. It was almost like Millionaire where you could choose to go on, but if you did you would lose you winnings if you got the question wrong. The prizes were a DuPont/Jeff Gordon Superman comic book -- you got that just for coming up -- a shirt, a hat, another hat and sweatshirt.

9:45am - The pit crew chief and rear tire changer came up as a suprise and signed some stuff that would be given away as door prizes. And they took audience questions.

10:00am - Lunch time! Turkey dinner w/ mashed tatters and gravy.

10:30am - More trivia.

11:00am - Jeff Gordon in the house! He takes some questions, picked out of a whole bunch of questions. The last question wasn't to Gordon but to someone's girlfriend... They got engaged... Aww.

11:30am - We leave the tent to walk around some and to go to the truck. I snap some pics of Kenseth's and Kahne's cars.

11:50am - We find our way back to the truck after being lost and heckled from Jr fans who were not sympathetic to lost Gordon fans. "Ha... Imaginge that Gordon fans that don't know where they are!" We get our stuff, a cooler full of Pepsi, Mt Dew, and water. We also got stadium seats and the race scanner. I'm pack-mule.

12:10pm - We get back to the tent and I got some pics of Gordon's car that was on display.

12:30pm - Door prizes. We didn't win. Everything was autographed. There was a pit board, some shirts, hats, die-cast cars, flags and license plates -- or the starting of a belt buckle.

12:50pm - Get in the track. Get some pics. Meet up with our other companions who didn't get passes to Hospitality.


1:50pm - Driver intros. Get some pics.

2:10pm - Opening ceremonies.

5:30pm - Race gets over.

6:00pm - Leave stands and make way to truck.

7:15pm - Get through traffic. And work our way through the backwoods of NH. Some real nice houses. And then some were next to trailer parks and hick houses.

8:00pm - Pit stop. Gas and Pepsi to go.

8:30pm - Hit traffic and crawl for 50 miles.

10:00pm - Hit Boston. By now I'm playing around with the scanner listening to the police. The was an assault at a subway station. And a broken fire hydrant at a fire scene.

10:30pm - Get back to rendezvous point. Transfer our stuff to our truck and leave.

11:00pm - Get home.

So... Yeah. That's my day. I regret not wearing sunblock. I'm fried. It was really, wicked hot out. 91 degrees in the air. Wicked humid and not a cloud in sight. The crazy people sitting to my right had a squirt bottle with a fan, so I'd get their mist every once in a while. Many Stewart fans in front of us left early. Which was cool.

Matt Kenseth made me cringe evrytime he came off turn 4. He was much more than slideways.

Podcasts and Free Advertising

Podcasting is a great way to waste a ton of time. I listen to wat too many each week. Here's a list that is totally plugging these sites:

DL.TV - www.dl.tv

this WEEK in Tech, this WEEK in MEDIA, Daily Giz Wiz, Security Now!, MacBreak, Inside the Net, Futures in BioTech - www.twit.tv

HotSpot, Designer Threads -  www.gamespot.com

Cranky Geeks - www.crankygeeks.com

Ctrl+Alt+Chicken, diggnation - www.revision3.com

The Ricky Gervais Podcast - www.guardian.co.uk/rickygervais

OXM Podcast - www.oxmpodcast.com

Ew... Tunnel Collapse:

Happy 4th!

Yeah so happy Forth of July! Or a three day late happy Canada Day to you people up north.

Click the link for some "fireworks." LINK

A pic so nice, I must post it twice.  Actually, I'm just too lazy to look for something right now.

My Name?

If you want you can guess here.  MJ: Not!

The best thing to grace my TV ever. Yeah shut up.

Coffee and TV

Mmmm... Coffee. Can't get enough of that stuff. Medium regular.

Best shows on TV: The Office, My Name is Earl, Bones, House, The Simpsons, and Family Guy. Watch those!

Who does this look like?



Yeah... Today I realized how not having a girlfriend seems really bad. It makes me feel like crap, I guess. Especially when people laugh when I say I have had no girlfriend. Think about it, no date to prom...  What's that?  I could totally vent, but that would be revealing too much. So yeah...

Go Gordon! Kick Sonoma's butt!

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