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My new banner!!!

It's been a really, really long time since I had a new banner. That's not an understatement. SO, I asked Govinator07 to make me one, and it's really awesome! My condolences go to him for the great banner. So what do you think?

Most Recent Purchase...

Well, it was finally time, and I was able to buy a 60 GB Playstation 3 today! My first game is Resistance: Fall of Man, and although I was only really able to play for about fourty minutes, it's a blast. 

Well, on Sunday I'll be able to give the Playstation 3 a more extensive review, and later on maybe I'll write a review for Resistance: Fall of Man.

We bought a new car...

Well, my dad wanted to get rid of our old car, a 2003 Mustang, yellow convertible with leather seats, due to the fact it's more of an inconvience where we live than anything else, so yesterday he bought a brand new black Ford Fusion. It's really cool. Today I had a chance to drive it, and this is what I have to say.

It handles very well, it's a very comfortable, and it's actually pretty fast. Here's a picture of one.

This is basically what it looks like, but ours has a spoiler and moon roof. It's really cool, IMO, and when I get my license later this year or next year, I can't wait to be able to drive it more.

I need your help!

    Well, I realize that my sports blog met with bad results, so I really want to try something different. I was thinking of doing a weekly blog, telling what I'm doing, games I've been playing, what I have been watching, things I want to achieve etc...

Does this sound like a good idea? Or is there something else I should try?

Sorry for not being on + good news!

I fully realize I haven't been on Gamespot very much, that being due to the end of the first semester of school, and work, but now I will try and devote as much of my free time to making a great profile and helping out my fellow Gamespotters.

First off, I recently started playing a free online game called Silk Road. Think of it like World of Warcraft with Diablo 2 and Dynasty Warriors elements. For those who are interested, check here.


Finally, on to the good news. I've been working a lot lately, and due to my brothers encouragement and other factors, I've decided to buy a Playstation 3! Right now I still need close to $200, but my dad is helping out, so I may need even less. I also decided on my first games, Resistance: Fall of Man, and NBA 2K7.

So, in a nutshell, that's how my life has been. One thing I need to mention is my Nintendo Wii has recently stopped connecting to my wireless internet connector  (it's called Hercules). That really sucks, since my brother just bought me 2000 Wii points.  I figured out it's the Wii that's messed up, so pretty soon I'm going to try and get it replaced. Hopefully I can do so without spending too much. 

Bucks lose 95 to 86

Well, I had high expectations for the Bucks tonight, especially since they led for the majority of the game, the fact that LeBron was nearly non-existant, and because they came into this game with a seven game winning streak at home, but they lost.

Michael Redd managed to get 26 points, but other than that, the Bucks didn't have a whole lot going for them. Early on Andrew Bogut, the Bucks center, managed to do extremely well, but later on he just didn't have an impact. The best thing they've done tonight is hold the LeBron James to six points, which is no small feat.

However, the Cavaliers' power forward Drew Gooden managed to get a season high of 31 points (he averages only eleven points) and grabbed 16 rebounds, and with this, he made the Bucks look extremely bad.

Overall, there was no reason the Bucks should've lost this game, but it happens, and hopefully they'll be able to recooperate from this loss, and be able to defeat the Denver Nuggets on Monday. Lucky for them, Carmello Anthony is still suspended, but they'll have to deal with Allen Iverson, which really could prove to be tough for them. Their best is to make sure Iverson doesn't get easy baskets, and try to play good defense.

The Bucks are now 16-17. They are now below .500, but with another win they can reach .500 again.

Sports Blog #2

Well, the Bucks played a tough game Wednesday night, but because of PG of the Wizards Gilbert Brown made a gam winning three pointer, they lost.

First off, Gilbert Arenas scored 32 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, and had eight assists, nearly earning himself a triple double. Caron Butler (Wizards) scored 29 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, and managed to get a career high of 9 assists. Antawn Jamison (Wizards) managed to score 22 points.

The Bucks, on the other hand, had Michael Redd, who scored 27 points, Mo Williams scored 24, and Charlie Bell (a bench player), scored 14.

The Bucks are now 16-16. Tonight they have to play against LeBron James and the Cavaliers at the Bradly Center in Milwaukee. The Bucks have won seven straight home games going into tonights game.

Their main strategy is going to have to be guarding LeBron as tightly as possible. Try to make sure he can't get any easy baskets, and make sure he can't get the ball passed around too much. This is going to be extremely tough, but possible.


Happy New Year + My Sports Blog!

Happy New Year everyone! I don't know if it was just me, but it seemed like 2006 went by really, really fast.

Also, I'd like to start my brand new Sports blogs! I will post on my favorite team, the Milwaukee Bucks, post some important statistics, and a view on their next game.

Right now, the Bucks are 16-15, and their last game was against the Washington Wizards. Some of the more notable players were Michael Redd, the leader and the best player on the Bucks, who scored 28 points and grabbed 8 rebounds (which is very odd for him, to get that many rebounds). Andrew Bogut, their first round draft pick last year, scored fourteen points and grabbed 12 rebounds. Overall, they won 119 to 102.

Their next game is on January 3rd, 2007, and they will visit the Wizards in Washington. Well, I guess if they can keep Wizards' star Gilbert Arenas from scoring, and play defense consistantly, it's not too hard to see them winning again. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wow, a surprisingly good week!

Well, like my topic says, it's been a pretty good week for me. Today, school was cancelled, since the roads are really icy, and yesterday, I was able to get out of school, since we went christmas shopping!

I bought a couple of things. I bought for myself a guitar, which took all my christmas money, so I used my money I earned from work to buy Excite Truck and Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii. I especially like Excite Truck. Seriously, if you own a Wii, both of these games should be in your library. Also, I bought a second classic controller. My sister gave me, well, hygenic stuff, and my brother is going to buy me 2000 Wii points.

Then my brother bought his stuff: a Xbox 360, and a free game came with it, NBA 2K7. He also bought Gears of War, and Halo 2. I bought him an extra controller, so we can play, and when he goes back to college, he can play with his friends.

My brother, my mom, and I all chipped in to get my dad a new pizza oven, since our old one really sucks. Also, My brother, my dad, and I chipped in to get my mom and sister a VCR/DVD combo for their living room.

All in all, I think we did pretty well this year. We bought everything we wanted, and it went smoothly. Like I said, a really good week!