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Best of E3 2010

I really went emblem whore this E3, :D.

I watch almost all of every conference. Microsoft was lack luser In my opinion. They had a few games like Halo reach campaign and Gears 3 but it's really a console for shooters. Xbox is to shooters what Neo Geo was to Fighters and it relly worked out for SNK didn't it? I think gamers who want a variety will steer away from Xbox in the coming months and all the drunkin frat boys will get their Call of Duty: Black Ops on. The 360 Slim is teh sex though.

Ubisoft was confusing as hell. They didn't even show that many game games. Assasins Creed wasn't even the opener or the closer. They need to re-evaluate where their gaming strength lies. *facepalm* Micheal Jackson, perfect game for kids.

Nintendo stole the show. A New Zelda to kick things off was great even though the controls were horrid. Hopefully they work out the kinks because it looks like and feels like a Zelda game worth my time. They also unveiled a New Kirby title and also Donkey Kong is back! The 3DS looks pretty good suprisingly. I think it's strength will lie in it's games, clearly, but Kid Icarus was very nice looking. A little bonus Metroid other M footage didn't hurt either.

Sony was boring, I literally fell asleep after Final Fantasy XV was shown. Still, they had a few cool games shown. I really could have used more GOW: Ghost of Sparta but I'm sure that game will deliver. That aside Twisted Metal looks fantastic. It hasn't really chnged much which is perfect since most changes I seen were for the better and not breaking core game play. Oher than that...nothing really exclusive. It's not going to be a good year for Sony Exclusives and the only really used I get out of my PS3 anyway is from 3rd party developers.

Anywho, still lots of games to look at from developers without press conferences. Enjoy the rest of you E3!

p.s. Excuse my spelling, my friend spell check doesn't work anymore :(


Thundercats - HO! // I Love Retro Junk

I think I've found a very huge thing to sink my time into, Retro Junk. Not junk in the sense of "Worthless" but all that old stuff that was before my genration. Today I watched my very first episode of Thundercats. It was pretty good. I love the way these old 80's cartoons play out. I may watch Voltron and very possibly Teenage Ninja Turtles because I hardly seen it as a kid. The other Retro Junk is all the old games I've been look at lately too. So if I ever get on it...

Thunder! Thunder! THUNDER CATS HO!!!

That aside I haven't pickup a game and settled on it but I did play some Megaman X, and play a bit of the Japanese Action RPG for the PC call "Ys something" and it was really good. Also my roommates have been making RPG's with RPG Maker XV and I dabbled a bit. That game has so many options that it's mind bottling. I'd much rather make a side scroller like Megaman or Metroid if such a game maker exists.


Oracle of Seasons Review // Game I should play

Well I beat Oracle of Seasons a few hours ago and I can't say I had much fun with it.

Oracle of Seasons Review

Aside from that I just want to list all the games I should/want/think I need to play. If you have something to add feel free. Just make sure it's on GBA, NES, SNES, or GBC.

Chrono Trigger
Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Fire Emblem 6
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
A Link to the Past
Super Mario ~ I've seriously never beat Mario for the NES
Super Metroid

Anyway you get the theme here: Cl@ssic Old School must play games.


Lost Finale / Minish Cap Review / Planet of the Apes

I "Attained" the Planet of the Apes movies the other day and watched them all. The first one actually pretty good. It came out back around the 70's I think, starring Charlton Heston who lands on a Planet inhabitat by apes. The second one is a direct sequel of the first and it basically $ucks. Imagine a 70's B movie, that's Planet of the Apes 2. The thirds one is pretty good too. Apes from the first movie travel through time and space and arrive in earth before the apes take over, good premise, solid story. The 4th and 5th involve the son of the apes from the 3rd movies in his story of how he leads the now in slaved apes to revolt and eventually teaches Apes and humans to coexist. Lots of racial themes and political stuff in these movies and I think it's a good series but weak in some parts.

The Lost Finale

[spoiler] I only just caught up with lost a few months ago and I really didn't give it the respect it deserved back then. This is a great show and if you have seen it, go watch it! The Finale confused me when I just finished watching it but now I'm on the up and up. Lots of unanswered questions still though and I would be cool to see or hear what happened after Jack dies. Such as what happens to Hurley, Richard, Kate, Sawyer, Etc. I also thought the part where they killed the MIB was sort of rushed and didn't seem that epic, except when he kicked him off the ledge. :D [/spoiler]

I JUST finished The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. I have never beaten a 2D Zelda in my life and I consider myself one hell of a Zelda fan. So this will be the first of many Zelda reviews to come.

Minish Cap Review

Have a Good one


Pokemon Forever

I Love Pokemon. I always knew it but I randomly got a taste of the "Pokemon 2000" Sound track and it has inspired me to blog about Pokemon and the good times. Feel free to share your memories!

I first stared out with a Ratata I bought off some kid for 2 dollars. After that I raced home at lunch and got two more dollars and bought a Charmeleon. By the end of the day I had a few more cards mainly machoke. I remember Mr. Mime being one of my first Holo's, I hope he get the evolution he deserves. After that it just snow balled I had my pokemon cards taken away from me so many times for whatever reason.

Later on I borrowed this neighbour girls Red Version and I was hooked! I had to scrounge for batteries just to get through the Safri zone. I remember how hard the elite four was and I had my blastoise using Skull Bash. Back then this game was magical, hell it still is.

I remember going to see the movies. They were great and the free cards had everyone begging their parents top go see it. They also had those Goldplate things from Burger king I think with pokemon on them. So much great nic nacks. The anime was good too. I remember watching it here and there, alway enjoyable. Kids WB rocked.

Then Silver and Gold came. Finally got a gameboy color and Gold version. I had 5 badges in the first day. Mystery gift was awesome. Decorating your rooms was so cool and fighting Red in the cave and going back to Kanto. I even still bought cards around then but all that seemed to fade and I missed the new games, Ruby and Sapphire. Eventually I played them but I wasn't as impressed because I played when those games were fading out. Diamond and pearl was cool at the time but I don't remember most of it since I rushed I guess. Still here's to the new starters and a new journey through the world of POKEMON!

-Full Pikachu-

The Legend comes to Life - Pokemon 2000

BEER! ...and Cider

I hate Beer. The tastes is odd but I swore the next two months I would have a beer a day. So far I've only tried a few but it's not as bad as I thought it was.So far...

Molson Canadian: Probably the best so far.

Budweiser: Like Molson but worse.

Cider: Not a beer but very similar. Tatses like beer but sort of like apples. Not that great actually.

Bud Light Lime: Good this is actually the best so far.

I also bought some Alexander Keith's I am yet to try.

Wish me luck


Time to start Gaming

I haven't played much lately, at all. But I have plenty of plans to play. Most of these game have been "Obtained" and now rest patiently on my PSP. Here they are and hopefully they are good.

And eventually God of War 3 which has been sitting in my room for nearly two months unplayed.


Adventure Time! Hey Life

Change of plans!

I was moving to a near by city but due to "complications" on other people's parts that will be put on hold. A buddy of mine got a job in a small town out in the middle of no where that is apparently like the town I'm in now. I am going to crash at his new place for 2 months because I need a change of scenery. Maybe I'll love this place or maybe I'll hate it, but either way I'll come out with a new experience.

Other than that I have nothing going on. I sit around all day, sleep, play guitar, and watch movies. It's pretty relaxing but not very productive. The last couple of days I've started to think about "Stuff". I have been thinking about lots of things recently but just now I've been thing about how materialistic we are. I look around my room and see tons of junk that "Defines" me but in all reality it servers no purpose and it doesn't do anything for me other than look like something.

I've also thought about people. After watching a movie called "Up in the Air" I was thinking. Imagine your house is on fire and you can grab only 5 things, what would you grab? ok Now imagine your house is on fire and all the people in your life are in your house and you can only save 5. It make me think of who's really important.

Anyway lots of stuff on my mind.

Take it Easy

Atlantis -

Old Age - Nirvana


Vinyl: A Nearly Forgotten Format

Me and a few friends went to a local antique shop and among and the nic knacks and trinkets we found some really cheap Vinyl records. It never really occurred to me that these would be so cheap and I decided nearly at that moment that I should collect these.

So here I am a few days later and I've aleady begun. Below are my first 3 albums. Tomorrow I will hopefully be getting a cheap turn table. The perk of living in a retirement community is that so many old people getting rid of old stuff for piratically nothing. So later this weekend I plan on going garage sale hopping in hope of finding some more records.

But at that Antique store there was a few other good albums, like Abbey Road, but it was 40$ so....

Anyway here they are:

Van Halen's - Van Halen ~ 6.00$

Ac Dc's - For Those About To Rock ~ 17.99

Kiss - Destroyer ~ 12.99

I also found a record store in a near by city and hopefully I can find some Nirvana on Vinyl, that would make my day.

-Full Metal-