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Beware... Mortal Kombat is back in da hood baby! - Fight!!!

Today's been the launch of part nine of one of my all time favorite sagas: Mortal Kombat.

It's been named just as "Mortal Kombat" because it's something like the reboot from the series.

I really can't tell how out of breath I am for such a big event especially because after taking my hands on the game I could personally verify that it's definitely going to be tournament competitive.

The fighters, the scenarios, the details, the gore, the music, the AWESOME Story Mode, the Challenge Tower, the Krypt, the easter eggs that have been carefully placed all over by developers and that are aimed to please us MK fans to a level of excitement only felt in the 2D era of the game... Part of my childhood is back!

All I can say is: Finally! It's about time they finally did something like this with a saga that was craving to retake its place amongst the top fighting games in the industry! This is like a rebirth from the saga's own ashes...

I didn't sleep all night long because I was playing it to the level it deserved and I managed to get 90% of all things hidden within it, and it was all worth indeed, I don't regret a bit of it. :)

It even helped me writing one of the first worldwide guides (if not the first one) related to hidden stuff within the game. You can check it now at the following links:



Coming from someone who's lately been very good at video game predictions: Mortal Kombat has come all the way here to stay big time! 8)

And well, that's it. Thanks for reading this far, maybe you didn't like my today's blog entry at all, but I needed to tell the world just how excited I feel. :D

Videogame designers needed - Spread the word :D

Hi everyone.

Some years ago, in 2008, I decided to make a Silent Hill based videogame. After some Photoshop on one of my friends who offered himself as the main character and Ruby scripting on RPG Maker XP to make him move around, interact with objects and light on/off his lantern, I had something going on there.

The project was dead for almost two years but a few months ago I decided to work on this Project again. I'm currently working on the game engine. The game's going to be developed in 2D, but with the feeling of the old Silent Hill games (1, 2 & 3) because I loved Team Silent's first games and I'm kinda tired about the recent entries in the franchise.

Current Status:

-Under Development-

Right now I need help with:

-The game's story (including its script & characters).
-People with some Photoshop experience.
-Character and Monster 3D design/ripping and/or posing.
-Musicians with Silent Hill-like composing or mixing abilities.

So if you feel capable to give me a hand I'd gladly appreciate it.

I'll give people/community/forum who help me credit within the game.

More info and pictures on: Silent Hill Universe's game page.

Comments, suggestions, support? I'm wide open!

Have a nice day.

I just got to lvl 8 -__- How long have you people been lurking around Gamespot?

I just made an experiment. Staying conected to GS 24/7 for two and a half weeks and all I could do was leveling up one single level: from level 7 to level 8.

Is it really that hard to level up? I have posted on the forums, read a lot of topics there, also read people's blogs and posted my comments on most of them. I have invited new friends. I have joined 3 unions. I have been watching all but one day of the E3 2008 from home. I also watched a couple of user posted videos.

Whenever I could not be in front of my computer I just let it on, staying on GS of course. I don't turn my computer off anyway I'm always downloading something all night long, in fact now it's 3 months that my computer is working without a single pause.

People tell me: "just post on the forums, look at videos, read blogs, just visiting gamespot will get your higher level. If you still have any more questions let me know". I say: "thanks to all of you", but is it really this hard to level up here?

Smart move Square-Enix / Microsoft

After today's shocking news of Final Fantasy XIII also coming to Xbox360 I decided to write this.

Whether you like it or not, the xbox360 has a really big demographic expasion over America and Europe. There's been some complains about the game decreasing its graphics and coming into many DVDs (Xbox360) but Square-Enix doesn't care about comments. There will always be complains about everything in life, Square and Enix were very experienced companies each one and together are even more intelligent, and they know this perfectly. Square did something like this a few years ago when they moved to Sony. Square-Enix have made great games and they know how to sell them that's for sure.

Just step over Square-Enix shoes for a while and think: Why would I limit my #1 franchise to a console that has had poor sales, or at least not the expected ones. As long as it sells good (the more the better) they will be more than pleased with it.

Let's think like Square-Enix a little more: You (the reader) wouldn't limit your work for a group of "loyal Sony people" when you can share with many, many more people, wich of course means more money for you and your company, would you? Even if you lose some consumers, you gain even more. Smart move Square-Enix, and yeah! Microsoft too. Maybe an empty check was given under the table but who cares! Now the only thing I need to enjoy this game is a Xbox360 xD

Step by step, my predictions (read my previous blog entries) about how and where is this Console-Wars heading to come to reality.

To finish this blog entry I'd like to quote Sega of America's former COO and President Peter Moore (today's Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business division) words: "Whether the gamer understands it or not, the business is not about providing great gaming entertainment. It's about putting a set top box in there as a Trojan horse..." "...It's not about spending more, it's about spending clever."

Now let's wait for today's E3 2008 Nintendo and Sony's conferences...

Current Console-Wars

Well, before reading this, consider this an open essay about the current stats of the videogame console-war. Many fanboys/girls will always be following a specific console hating everything, good or bad, that's out of their reach thanks to their "fidelity" to their consoles. I know about this I used to be one of these people a long time ago, personally now I see this useless. I buy a console for its games and if I like a game that's on another console, I buy the other console, easy!

What motivated me to write this was Sony's current state, Nintendo's resurrection & Microsoft's strong position. No person inside the industry is as blind to see that this is the key-year for the willing of this generation of consoles. Whichever the desitions the companies are gonna take this year will be the consequences that'll write the history of this videogaming era and generation.

I know I'll get no profit for my point of view, but this won't demotivate me for placing my thoughts here.

With just one month after Metal Gear Solid 4 release, we have to wait and see about this killer app from Konami/Sony. Let's not forget about the fact that Sony has Final Fantasy XIII on its side. The Square-Enix game release is expected by the end of this year, probably around christmas, smart move since this is the best time in the year to sell consoles (the second best in America is holydays around July 4th). If Sony plays this two Aces really good, with a strong marketing, they may start making some serious profit, if they ever make any with the PS3 as every quarter year they report loses on their console division. On the other hand Nintendo seems to have dried up from its big licenses, but this company always suprised me, so I think they've got something hidden as usual. Microsoft is a close second next to Nintendo in America, they'll do well in this console-war exept in Japan where its console's sales are poor. They are on a strong position on America right now.

My predictions:

Nintendo has gotten into a position where they have the dominance over the market. They can easily start the next console's transition as soon as they see it convenient. If they bring more killer apps nothing will stop them. After this big success of course they're not going to fade out into shadows, that'd be a stupid desition. What would any of us do? That's right! Just take a part of our profit and make another smart investment as the Wii and *voilá* big success again! And if not big success, at least you won't be left behind on this market.

Microsoft will surely be doing good on this and on the next-gen war. They should change their marketing group for Japan ASAP and try to make a new image out of themselves there on the rising sun land. As Microsoft, my main competition right now is Sony. This may sound as a cliché but I'd do anything to get the FFXIII franchis, or to develop a game capable of stoping its inminent onslaught.

And as for Sony, after MGS4 and FFXIII they must have achieved a big demographic expansion, otherwise they will have BIG trouble, I've read somewhere that this may be their end as they are on the same position as SEGA was some years ago with their Saturn (when Sony defeated them with their PS1). But this isn't the best comparison: Sony's PS3 is selling ok, their PSP is a success and has still resources from another divisions. Anyway, if they don't win this console war it wouldn't suprise me, but they won't come on a poor last place, they'll get a strong 3rd or even 2nd place next to Microsoft.

Let's wish luck to these 3 companies and demand them good quality titles, we don't but their consoles because technical specifications, we buy them because of their software (games). And please, don't ever get into corporate arrogance as history shows us that corporate greed causes most companies to miss the long term economical gains over a short term loss of licensing revenues (every big company has fallen into this: Atari, Nintendo, Sega and now Sony).

Now I'd like to hear your comments whether you're a student, a housewife, or a doctor and whether you play videogames or don't.

Thanks for reading.

For the Current Console-Wars Charts you can visit: www.vgchartz.com

Your religion or atheist belief.

I'd like to hear your comments as well people, I know this theme (as well as politics, civism and even sports) makes some people uncomfortable, but someday we'll have to give our point of view right? Let's make it now.

I just don't handle the fact to see people trying to "convert" people to their beliefs, but these people have to do something for living right? -_- well....., what I couldn't handle, and this is the reason for this post, is people trying to convert people in forums! Altough it was outside GS, (it was on a RMXP forum) I decided to copy my reply for the same question as this topic.

Basically my thoughts are:

I'd like to live in a world with no religions at all. It's true that religions always have a VERY positive side (helps the poor, goes against drugs, promotes familiar union, etc), but as everything made by man, it also have the bad side (wars, fanatism, abuse of power by it's maximum authorities).

I think that if there's a God he/her hasn't showed him/herself directly to mankind yet, as religions are far from perfect (and God is Perfect right?). Only a few people in humankind's history truly understood the meaning of God and tried to comunicate that to us, although almost anyone understood them 'til now. These people are great-masters through history: Lao-Tsé, Jesus, Buddha, etc. I have nothing against muslims but I'm not informed about Mahoma & I preffer not to talk about something I don't know, I promise I'll see muslim roots soon.

Of course, that s**t about muslims = terrorist, non-christians = going to hell, god forbids blood transfusions, are just man-made extreme beliefs and without falling into my own precept of "respecting everyone else's beliefs" I can say that this is just logical to men manipulating men.

If someone would ever ask me what religion I am I'd say: God knows, as I can hear him/her inside my heart before making any desition in my life. What is God to me? That everything and nothing coexisting at the same time in the Universe, that energy you feel when you do something in your life that was worth the effort, or the moment you really enjoy whatever it is you are doing..... if true balance would exist within us we'd need no religions nor man-made gods at all.

Damn, I haven't been the best person around but if there's a god that judges just the last moments of my life, or condemns me for my religion assosiation/beliefs, or appreciates the fact that I killed someone in his religion's name... it's a god I don't need, and I can live a completely normal-life, with happy and sad moments as EVERYONE, without this man-made "god".

Right now I'm 23, I took 20 years of my life to figure out this: just accept people the way they are, push aside the ones that only hurt you after you've given them enough chances (but always leave forgiving option opened), and RESPECT everyone else's beliefs, talk about yours only if asked and don't try to "convert" that's just vanity. If the person does something wrong or needs help, help him/her but don't try to convert him/her, let the person decide for him/herself. Why to do this? Primarily to evade wars & conflict.

Is there something beyond death? We'll all know when we get there I suppose, as death doesn't care to know who you are.

Hey guys I'm lying on my bed: sick :'(

Well it's the cold weather here in La Paz - Bolivia I suppose, as yesterday was one of the coldest days ever in this city. It even snowed in night, something very rare to see around here. I think I'll travel somewhere else, maybe to Santa Cruz de la Sierra where the weather is always warm, even in winter. Unfortunately I got sick yesterday :cry:. But as everything in life, I gotta see the good side of this: I have more time to spend playing Mario Kart Wii & Smash Bros Brawl ;) or to update my webpage: Silent Hill Universe. I can even give some more time to my own VG project "Silent Hill RPG" wich is on the very early development state thanks to hours and hours of work by sparda_zero & me (the actor is our friend Mauricio). Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

As always sparda_zero made a great Photoshop job:

The Flashlight effect took us quite a while:

On a special note we told our she-friends about this project and they were quite amazed about being part of the staff and even actresses of the game itself, so expect a game with beauty chicks in it ;)

Ok that's it, I'm bored in my room, got the flu yesterday, and I'm lying right now on my bed thinking about my future life so I had to tell someone. Thanks for reading people I love you. Take care, dress up comfy but not lightly and drink your chicken soup.

See ya.

Hi this is my first GS Blog entry ever!

I subscribed to GS in 2004 but never really took it seriously... 'til now. But well, just as the title says, hi to everyone and expect to hear from me for the time next to come.

I'm a video game player since I was 10, video games are a passion to me now (can't imagine life without them), I am what you would call an "old-school video gamer" although in 1995 we were all considered just as "video gamers".

I've made a webpage about one of the VG series I like the most: Silent Hill. You can access the page from here: SILENT HILL UNIVERSE (SEOs needed people). The page has a complete information to everything SH related, and you can check the "Downloads" section for some surprises.

My next immediate plan as a video gamer is the construction of more VG web-sites, the breaking of video game world records and the dream of every video gamer: the making of my own videogame, but with VG editors such as M.U.G.E.N. or RPGMaker, because it's easier to start from this point than learning a whole programming language with no economical retribution at all. Maybe later I'll post a link to my VG project demo: Castlevania Resurrection for you to check. Meanwhile you can check some pictures from this Spanish forum called Castlemaniacs (I'm JAGTxelUM xD)

Well I think that's all for a good self-introduction. Thank you for reading people I expect your comments.