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Yeah. Another year and I have no idea where it went. No idea what just happened in the last 365 days. Though I missed the post by one day, so technically 366.

I can't seem to slow it down. Help.

19 now.

Yeah... so I've been 19 since February... just thought I'd do another one of these. Life. Goes. Fast.

Another Passes...

Well. This is it. I'm 18 today. I guess I'm an adult now, though I don't feel any different... Life is as grand as it ever was. Another way cool birthday. I suppose I better get busy on homework, life just won't wait. Peace.

Is It That Time Again?

I'm 17 already!? Just wow. Life, calm down, we're in no hurry. It seems like I made an entry on here not long ago about meh last birthday. It's crazy, second birthday on GaymeSpot.... Wow. Just felt like noting this. Peace my nigz.

1 Year Anniversary...

Wow. Well, I missed the exact date (14th) of December. But I've now been here for a year. Just wanted to make note of this. Didn't think I could. I'm not around the site all that much anymore, but I come every now and then. Yeah, I still say it was ruined with the "new and improved gamespot". What a flop. That's about all I have to say I guess... What iz up to all my gs nigs still on here, if you all are still here. I figure I'm the only one that still has my original account... :| Later.

Gamespot Now...

Well, what else is there to say? It's not the same. I really have nothing to write about, except the fact that Gamespot is pretty much a hobby of the past for me. I think I've finally lost my interest. It was cool while it lasted... and I'm not sure it's over. I just don't care about it that much anymore. Things have certainly changed from time I started. It's not the same, and how could it be? The recent bans of Fahrenheit1221, Yes I Am, Maddog281, and other friends on my buddy list just leaves this place more boring. I suppose I'll never quit coming, but I won't be on that much anymore. Mainly because I've been busy with school, I've been sick, and other things taking my time up, I kind of forget about this place. As for the good news, I am still playing games. I got The Sims: Nightlife a few weeks ago. It's a good game, just haven't had a decent chance to enjoy it the way I would like. I also got Coded Arms for PSP about a month ago. I think I mentioned it before. Well, other than that... Um... I'll be getting my learners like, sometime in the near future... So that'll be cool. Well, I guess that's about it. To all of my GS friends, I'll be around.

First Day Back To School...

Well, today was the big day. But it was no big deal really. Back in school for 9 months... Good to see some of my school friends again. But other than that, I can tell it's gonna be boring as hell again. My day is pretty easy, and I'll be with these classes for half of the year. All I can say, is wow. Where did my summer break go? By too fast is all I know. I guess that's all that can be said about it... Later.

The Curse Known As School Is Coming Back For Me...

Yes, sadly it's true. I start in about a week now. But that wasn't even the worst of it. I had to step foot back in the cursed jailhouse again today, where I picked up my schedule. And for this semester I have: Phys-ed :( Communications :| EDIT: (8-6-05) Business Computers. (Better class). World History :) CATS 10 :) As you can see, the only class I will hate is gym. Because I am the most non-physical person ever. I hate gym, I've always hated it. And I have it FIRST PERIOD! Ahh! Oh well, over all an easy day for the first half of the year. But that still doesn't make me want to go back. I hate it no matter what. But it all begins on the 29th I think... Damn. WHY!?! I'm guessing most of you have already started... I'm sorry. You are already in suffering. Well, that's it. All I have to say is :(.

Hidden 10k Post...

Here it is. Yes, I finally made it to 10k after this long journey. I'm also coming up on lvl 20 to even things out... Just wanted to say thanks to all of my friends I made on Gamespot, for making it worth coming to for the last past half year, you should know who you are. Whether or not I'll make it this long again, I don't know. So instead of making a thread about it, I felt like doing it here... so... anyone care to join me in this dance of celebration? :oops:

Just got back... (56k)

Wow. I didn't think I'd hate being back, but I do. Back to this depressing, hole of a home in the middle of Crapsville, WV. I had a better time down there that I thought I was going to. I didn't do much, but I did a lot more than I normally do. I guess you could call it a taste of what it's like to have a life. It feels weird to be back on a computer, even though I've only been without it for 6 days. I stayed in a nice hotel in front of the beach. (Pics) This is the hotel from the outside. (We stayed on the 8th floor)  This was inside the main room. (Only shot without people in it).  The view from the overlook.   It's hard to believe you can be in a place that nice, the same day you're back in hell. There were a lot more pics, but I don't feel like putting them all on here. It was a really nice place to stay. I would trade my house for it any time. What else? Well, it was VERY down there. It was hot the whole time, it even got up to 120 one day. I only stayed out one day and got a very painful sunburn. I guess that's what happens when you spend your whole life on the computer. We didn't do that much, just went a few places, nothing worth mentioning. I got a sweet ND shirt... I saw a lot of IWHIs down there... Overall it was worth going, because I needed a break from this crap. I couldn't help but notice, while I was enjoying a nice game of golf, I look at a tv and see what? "Hurricane in WV". I guess I had made it out in time to miss it all. When I got back I had got word that a tree had fallen and "demolished" the house three doors down from mine. It's too dark now to go look, but I will tomorrow. My evil cat already bit me, and gave me all it's diseases as a welcome home. Somehow this journal entry has taken me about 2 hours, because I'm not paying attention. Well, I guess I could say I wouldn't mind moving down there, but I know it won't happen. I can dream... *COD flies off of shoulder*. Well that's it for now.