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Getting a new game

Getting Shaun White Snowboarding on EBAY for 25$. Seems like a fun game, my friend has it and says its good. I like the abbility to ride mountains with friends. If you wanna board add my Tag

Eagles Beat The Vikings

In the first couple of quarters the matchup seemed to be close, but the McNabb to Westbrook screen pass for a touchdown changed the whole pace of the game. But now the Eagles have to travel to the Meadowlands and have to take on the Giants.


I am getting my Xbox in the mail in 3 or 4 more days and I already have Live on my harddrive. I got Fable 2, GOW2, NCAA08 and madden. I am so pumped to get on XBL. My Gamertag is on my Page add me.

I am Returning.

It's Been awhile since I have Blogged on Gamespot and I am Finally comming Back. I havent had my 360 But in about 2 weeks I am going to ship it and Get it fixed. Not much has really been happening with me lately, I got a Samsung Glyde which i really enjoy, The Eagles are doing pretty good this season But The Wolverines. ughhhhh But i will get some new games and start blogging again

wow, I am Stupid

my Xbox 360 has been sitting in the repair box for over 6 months now and I have been to lazy to fix it. I will soon though i must and get XBL!!!!!

Great Road Win

The Celtics last night beat the Pistons on the roadm They beat us on the road we beat them on the road thats how it should be. At one point in the second half the Celtics were leading by 23 points thats how in the zone they were. Garnett got into foul trouble but he snapped out of it. One Piston that deserves kudos is Rodney Stuckey, he is such a great player which many teams would love to have. Ray Allen finally hit a three pointer it was a good sight. The Celtics played the game slow at a slow pace which was kind of peculiar but it got the job done. The Celtics defense was great, but the Pistions defense was very aggressivee to. Kendrick Perkins quietley had a great game with rebounds and defense. Good game, lets look for the rest of the games to be won.
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