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Ridiculous Prices for baseball Tickets

As many of you have already figured I'm a devote NY Mets fan but I'm also a really ticked off fan when it comes down to how baseball is ignorant of how people are trying to cut back on expenses due to the slowed economy. Did you know that some field-level seat tickets for the Mets at, yes that horrible name Citi-Field, are going for $180 per person, while the upperdeck is only $15? Did you know that even at Yankee Stadium premium and luxury box seats are going for $350 to $2500 a game? Did you know that the Mets are having problems selling their most expensive seats and are initiating tours of the new stadium to promising buyers hoping that they would spend their hard earned money to watch millionaires play a game? And did you know that the Yankees hired Prudential Douglas (a Manhattan residential real estate brokerage firm) to help sell their expensive seats?

This is ridiculous! I love baseball and love my team but I'll be damned if I support them financially to the point where it causes my wallet to scream bloody murder! Its about time the sport realize that what they really are - entertainment. And when that entertainment becomes too expensive then its time to move to a least expensive avenue.

SNY! This station broadcasts the majority of the games for the METS and will be my major outlet for the season. I've also looked into watching the METS in other baseball stadium, like that dreaded one in Philadelphia.

Fans aren't stupid! And until baseball realizes that a change needs to be made they're going to see a drop in stadium attendance. I lovethe Mets but baseball more. I even started taking my family to more minor league games in the past couple of years.

If Major League baseball ever faded into existence, baseball (the sport) will still live on!

APES (Achievement Point Excessiveness Syndrome)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I deleted my original Blog on being addicted to XBOX LIVE achievement points and don't feel like typing the whole thing over again. So I'm just making a link to the Post discussing this problem. If you're addicted, like I was, click onto it and get delivered. If you don't want deliverance then so be it.


And here's an article from Gamespy.