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3rd Xbox 360

I finally came round to getting together the money to buy a 360, I'm pleased I did it though, the online has come along a lot since I sold mine and the new dashboard is nice to. I bought the arcade version for $200 from Gamestop, I didn't have the money then and there for a premium but I'll buy a hard drive and headset pretty soon anyway. I only really want one game right now and it's skate 2, in about a week or so I should have that.

I got a new tv for my room which is one of the reasons why I bought the 360 so I have it hooked up via HDMI to my 22" Samsung HD LCD tv. I then have my ethernet cable running from my 360 to my macbook which has let me get on live which is nice, Idefinitelywon't be spending money on a wireless adapter now anyway. I downloaded this connect360 application for my mac to which is nice because it lets me view my pictures, videos and music really easy through the cable, I downloaded the torrent to so I didn't have to pay the $20, I think I've saved myself a bit of money today haha.

I also recovered my gamertag so add me on live at MX Gurl please :)

Within the next two weeks I'm hoping to have skate 2, a gold membership and a headset and then the next thing after that will be my hard drive. So yeah I haven't been on here for a while but I thought I'd let people know to add me and such.

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway

I picked up brothers in arms hells highway from best buy for $20 on black friday. I've been reading reviews and scores in magazines and online and they didn't do to well, this was probably down to the fact that there was no chance of Brothers in Arms competing with Call of Duty in the world war 2 game to buy. Because of this Brothers in Arms has been overlooked. For $20 it was an amazing buy. Okay the guns aren't as good as Call of Duty, nor the graphics or general gameplay, however the game itself is still good, just because it doesn't quite compete with call of duty 5 in this aspect of the game it doesn't mean that it's a bad game. The story mode lasts a long time, and sometimes takes multiple plays of the same chapter to finally complete it. The whole team mate system is what brothers in arms is famous for; the cinematics are excellent and the story mode is deeply engaging. I've had the last two brothers in arms games before this so I know how the story goes. This is what brothers in arms excells in and for $20 I'm really glad I bought it. I haven't tried online yet because I'm pretty tied up with COD 5 online but I'll get to it soon enough.

I'm also contemplating a 360 at christmas because they are really cheap now and I want something for my bedroom. I'm keeping the Ps3 downstairs and it will always be my primary system however a 360 would be nice for games like Gears of War 2. Any other games suggestions for a 360?

I got Call of Duty 5 at 5pm today

and god damn is it good!

I frickin love it so much, I am in love I admit. The stunning visuals and the engaging gameplay is just perfect.


so great, just perfect. I love it ;] 

s41nt$ r0w 2 1$ br00t4l

I remember when I read a review on Saints Row 1 in a magazine, they said that the humor was dry compared to GTA San Andreas. The gameplay just wasn't as good and the storyline wasn't quite as engaging.

It seems that creators of Saint's Row have quietly gone off and redone their series, and very well too. GTA IV when it first came out was amazing, I'm not gonna lie, I love it and still do. My biggest issue with GTA is the lifespan of it; theres little customization options, side missions, and all those other little things like cheats etc that make the game last longer. So then I picked up Saints Row 2 and wow, I'm 25% through and have played only 25 hours. That is really good I'd say, okay the missions are not hard and theres very few that would cause people to get stuck on. However the game is so good, good in the way that t redines open-ended gameplay.

I reviewed this game already but I thought I'd post a blog about it anyway. It's so good and I don't think I'll be getting rid of this game for a very long time.

and I got my devil wears prada (band) shirt yesterday and my stay brutal hoody, and Bring Me The Horizon on Friday! mm good week!

Wow I haven't been on here for so long!

Hey, so wow I haven't been on here for a while! I've changed a few things around like my about me and images and stuff.

I still have my Ps3 but no more 360. The Ps3 is going really well, I enjoy the free online and all the games I have for it. The odd time I miss my 360 but the Ps3 is really great.

Anyway, I got Saint's Row 2 yesterday and it's **** funny man. A less serious GTA 4 I'd have to say. I got Rock Band a few weeks ago, and then I wanna get Moto GP 08, Fifa 09, Brothers in Arms Hells Highway and Call of Duty 5 soon!

oh and add my myspace? http://www.myspace.com/mxgur1

or my youtube channel? http://www.youtube.com/t1pp0

Got my Xbox 360.... again!

After months of not having an actual Xbox 360 only a harddrive and the controller (that I kept) I finally hooked up my 360 to the TV and router! I updated my Harddrive and wow hasn't the 360 online changed a fair bit. The whole layout looks very different to since when I played mine back home. When comparing the PSN to XBL I realised how much easier the 360 was to use. When you get a message you don't have to quit you're game. Hopefully Sony will sort these problems out with Home thats coming soon. So I got 3 games with my Xbox, Madden 08, Burnout Paradise and NCAA 08. I'm totally in love with American football and since I live in New England I support the Patriots :D

Anyone recommend any games for me? I have tons of games for my PS3 like CoD 4 ect but I was gonna get Halo but I'm not to bothered.

I moved to America!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I was on Gamespot in fact it was thanks giving the last time I was on! Anyway I've been busy as I am now living in the US! My dad got offered a job out here and naturally we took it! So now i'm living in Conneticut :D With everything being so cheap out here I got a new motorbike: a KTM SX105 2008 Model - 2 stroke. It was about $4500 which is really cheap for us! My brother also got another motorbike a Honda CR85 2007 Model - 2 Stroke. Which is what I used to have. So what does moving to America mean for my gaming side of life? Well we got a huge 46" Samsung LCD 1080p TV ;) and a wireless router so I can play my PS3 online whenever I want. Plus I'm getting my 360 in a couple of days! I've kept my HDD so my gamertag is the same :D So everythings going very well at the moment.

Thanks For Reading!


ps. the about me section is totally wrong but I really can't be bothered changing at the moment so its not very up to date, sorry.

Games Update!

Hiya everyone! I got 8 games for my PS3 now woo! Rate my games collection; Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, Kane & Lynch Dead Men, Motorstorm, Resistance Fall of Man, Smackdown vs Raw 08 & The Godfather! Also I had to get rid of my 360 :( I'm moving to the US soon so i sold it so i can buy a new one out there. X360Gurl with no 360, how ironic lol. Happy Thanks Giving for all you Americans by the way. Thanks for Reading!

I Got a Playstaion 3 a God Damn PS3 ppl!!!! Yah

Yey! I got my PS3 in the end when I went on holiday to Florida. I got the 80gb with Motorstorm and the bought Resistance Fall Of Man. I plan to buy Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed when they come out! I also got one of the new PSP's (slim) I got the white one that comes with Starwars Battlefront. I got a UMD movie (Bourne Supremecy), Vice City Stories and Most Wanted (NFS). Also I have some quite big news, well to me anyway! My dad has been confirmed a job to the states for 2 years! Which means for me no GCSE's!!!! And Cheap games lol. I'll have to sell my motorbike and buy a new ones out there, I'm going to get a Honda CRF150. I'll also have to sell my 360 and buy a new one out there because the games are regioned. I'm going to live near New York if everything comes off Okay! So it's going to be an exciting few months!
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