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Hmm... I'm BORED. I'm playing Sly Cooper, and it's too short. Oh well, only 17 days till the apocalypse*

*Halo 2

Go to HELL Microsoft!!! Blow me Sony!!! Just let me cuddle with my 'cube :-)

I finally beat KOTOR and Splinter Cell. Still haven't gotten around to Kingdom Hearts, tho. If only the new Zelda was out... I'm scared to go to sleep, I think the zombies will eat my brain ( way too much Resident Evil). The scariest thing in the world is playing RE1 for the cube at 1 o'clock in the morning with all the lights out and Insane Clown Posse playing in the background. If only Zelda 2005 was out... DOH!!!


My KOTOR disc is scratched. Yep, this stinks. It freezes constantly while (trying) to load. It's doing this now during the cinematic after I kill Darth Malak. I would play Kingdom Hearts, but I can't seem to beat that black dragon b****. If only Legend of Zelda 2005 was out, or even Halo 2...