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Is on Holiday

I am currently on holiday back in the good ol USA. This week we are in northern Washington close to the Canadian border...so close in fact, it only takes us seven minutes to get to the border lol. Been across already to have a look at Vancouver, will be crossing again tomorrow to have an even better look as today was just a short hop. 

Not been on my 360 in weeks, and won't be for a few more. Already debating on whether I want to put a whole new game in when I get back or play through one I have completed previously...maybe start up a new one...hmmm...

Currently playing DragonVale on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Kindle Fire HD though...anyone like games where you breed dragons and decorate a park may enjoy it...I find it addictive, but sometimes a bit frustrating when trying to breed a certain dragon and it isn't working lol.

Anyway, just a short update from me. Hope all is well with everyone else :).