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Dishonoured Dunwall City Trials...

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...DLC is amazing...but I find rather challenging. Been playing Bend Time Massacre over and over again to try and get three stars and just can't seem to do it. So frustrating but so fun at the same time lol. The bonus rounds keep changing on me so I have to decide on new tactics occasionally and a couple of them I haven't figured out how to beat yet...will keep working on it lol. 

Then have to work on getting three stars on all but one of the rest of them, got three stars on one called Burglar. Not looking forward to doing it on Expert though lol as you don't get any special abilities and I completely relied on one of them the first time through. Will keep me occupied for a long time to come I can see lol. Not to mention the fact that I need to replay the main quest through at least two more times if I have any hope of getting all the achievements.