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Back Home Again

Am back from my holidays in the States and already in the swing of things at work. First week back I worked 45 hours, this week I have 59...On the upside as well, my manager added eight hours to my contract which made me extremely happy. 

I have this paranoia about being robbed to the point that whenever we leave for a long trip like we just went on, I hide my 360, all the paraphenalia and the games. I've been so busy with work and stuff I've not got it out of hiding yet lol. We are fully insured and I know I can replace them...it's just the thought of losing all my saves and having to start all over again! Can the 360 be locked so that if someone did steal it they couldn't use my gamertag without a password first? Must look into that.

Thinking I might buy the last Tomb Raider game that came out now that it has dropped in price...although I've never really got into the other Tomb Raider games I've had...they appeal to me, but then I get stuck on something and just can't be bothered to keep at it until I get past it lol...although I stuck with several areas of all the Assassin's Creed games even though they drove me crazy at times...ugh, bring out AC4 soon! lol...funny me saying that when there is still a lot I haven't done on AC3...got into Dishonored too much...ooh maybe another playthrough of that game is called for...lmao.