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A Surreal Experience...

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On Friday as you all (I assume) know, there was a horrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado. But what you don't know is that I have family that live near there. My cousin and his girlfriend were going to go to that particular showing of The Dark Knight Rises, but because she ran late they stayed home instead...

I could start a religious debate here, but I just don't feel like it, suffice it to say I feel that God protected my cousin...I'm just extremely sorry for those that were there and the families of those that died or were injured both physically and mentally by the horrible experience.

My thoughts and prayers to those that were and their families.

So True!

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I came across this on FaceBook and I think it is sooo true! :

Sick and tired of professional sports players getting paid a ridiculous amount of money and their whole attitude on top of it...and not just sports stars but film stars too!!

Back Home...

by on drenching wet England...after being in the hot sun for three weeks, it is depressing here. To top the depression off, we just got back yesterday and ended up having to attend a funeral this morning...hubby's daughter-in-law's father died whilst we were away...what a shock to come back home to :(.

Off that depressing note, had a fantastic week in Yellowstone, saw bison, elk, two black bears, grizzly bears and bald eagles. I only saw wolves at the Grizzly and Wolf Center that was across the road from where we stayed in West Yellowstone. Had a nice relaxing last week after returning from Yellowstone for the most part. Saw Brave, Snow White and the Huntsman and Hunger Games in the theaters during that last week. Loved Brave and Snow White, really enjoyed The Hunger Games...will be reading those books whenever I finish reading the Song of Ice and Fire series...only on book two...took a break after book one to read a certain trilogy that is a huge hit at the moment but don't think I'm gonna mention it's name hahaha.

On the plane trips I watched We Bought a Zoo (enjoyed it), Twilight: Breaking Dawn part I again (liked it the second time too), This Means War (enjoyed it), Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (it was cute...)...I know there was one other film on the way there but cannot recall what it was at this moment in time lol. I had started watching The Dark Knight on the way back but stopped it after a bit as I felt I ought to watch films I've not seen and don't have on DVD lol.

Need to get back onto my other computer and get points enough for getting the DLC for Skyrim, as the website doesn't seem to recognize the laptop for some reason and I can't sort it out at the moment for other reasons...anyone played the DLC yet? Please, if you have, don't tell me anything other than if it is worth it or your opinion anyway lol :).

Kindle Touch

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Well, I am in America and I got my Kindle Touch. I am loving it...although it keeps ghosting on me, and reading up I find a lot of people experience this with the Touch...Only really noticeable when it is turned off though so not a pain. Will have to see what buying books is like when I get back home lol.

Having a great time so far, today is our last day at the coast, seen whales, dolphins and seals right out our window/patio...awesome! Can't wait to get to Yellowstone on Monday.

Hope everyone is well :). Happy Gaming!!

Ooh and I see that they are putting out DLC for Skyrim that looks awesome...something to look forward to when I get back home lol.

Don't know what to do...

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I am wanting to get a Kindle Touch to replace my Kindle keyboard model...I am giving the keyboard model to my mother and have been told that even though it was purchased in the UK it will work in the USA as long as I de-register it from my account and register it to hers.

My problem is, I can not get a straight answer as to whether a Kindle Touch purchased in the USA will work in the UK as they are so much cheaper over there. I don't want to waste money phoning from the UK to ask them, and the UK side can't guarantee it will work...

I want to give this as a surprise to my mother so I can't really go asking her to phone for me lol. As for asking my father, well...he doesn't always check his e-mails and he is harder to phone than Mom as he is either not at home, or Mom is at home at the same time lol.

Anyone know anything more definitive for me? On the other hand, I could just keep the Kindle I have...but I know my mother would like one too and I would in a way prefer the touch one...

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (remake)

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Just watched this other night for the first time...partially because I really enjoyed the original and most times do not like remakes. While I did enjoy this one to an extent, I found some irritating flaws about it. (Note, do not read on if you've not seen the original, the remake or read the book unless you don't mind spoilers that is lol).

1. Why on earth would they change how they found Harriet? The original did it correctly, yet the remake changed it from how it was in the book and the original...just dumb if you ask me.

2. I and my husband preferred the way Noomi Rapace portrayed Lisbeth Salandar to the way Rooney Mara did...we both felt Rooney a poor actress in this film.

3. The book describes Lisbeth as pretty, and while Rooney Mara in her own right is pretty, for some reason the film makers or make up artists (whoever you choose to blame) made her look rather unattractive and no it was not the hair that made her look so (in fact at the end when she had the blonde wig on, she finally did look pretty, but I put that down to different makeup as well).

4. We both think that Michael Nyqvist did a better job of playing Mikael Blomkvist than Daniel Craig did as well...but then again, we were listening to an English dub over, however the expressions on the faces certainly helped, Craig and Mara seemed a bit wooden...granted Craig's been good in other things (and I am not saying anything Bond, because I still think he does NOT fit James Bond or Ian Fleming's description of him :P).

These are only hubby's and my thoughts on the film at any rate...I did enjoy it to a certain extent...but not entirely certain whether I will watch the other two if they do remake those.


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Booked my flights and am off to see my family in a few weeks :D...can't wait! Now I just need to get my passport back in time and then I will be super duper happy lol.

Flying with KLM, leaving from Manchester and flying to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam straight to Portland...going to be so nice not to have to go through customs etc until we arrive where we are stopping for three weeks! And then on the way back flying from Portland to Amsterdam and then to Manchester so again, a great trip with a lot less hassle :D.

Hurry up time, I want to go now! lmao

What Was Lost is Now Found!

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So my passport expired other day. This does not mean I have to leave England, it just means I can not travel out of the country until I renew it. And in order to renew it with my now married name I needed to provide my marriage certificate.

Why is that a problem? I couldn't find it anywhere. Hubby and I searched high and low through all of our files and drawers in which those files existed only to be thwarted in finding it.

Tonight however, I searched somewhere else, it wasn't there either. So I went back and looked in some folders that hubby had already looked through twice, and lo and behold I found it!! Amazing how one can miss it twice and me for the first time through those found it! I am soooo happy, now I just need to have a recent picture taken, and mail the dreaded thing's hoping I get my new and old passport back in the next six weeks!!

I Have So Had It!

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For those of you who read my A Need To Vent you'll know what I'm talking about in this one.

After weeks of waiting to see if I would get this other position that had opened up in my department, I asked my manager a week ago if he'd made a decision yet. He told me he was going to give those of us who showed an interest in it a trial on it and see how we take to it. Two days ago he went and just gave it to one of my co workers who apparently did not show any interest in it, just wanted more hours. I have lost all respect for my manager now because of the whole fiasco.

So now I am applying for a management training course they are providing in hopes that I can get out of this store and from under a manager I have no respect for anymore. Either that or I am seriously going to have to look for another job...I'd rather stay with the company, they are a good company, I just have a bad manager.

This just makes me wish I was living back in the States working where I was working before I moved over here to the UK, that was a really good company to work for and I never had any problems with my job, never went home crying because of it. Never felt angry, upset, irritated, irked or anything with that job.

And that is me, finished venting again lol.


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Been trying for my last achievement for Plants vs Zombies on my 360...survive 40 waves of zombies blah blah blah...

Why is there no difficulty setting for this game? I love the game don't get me wrong, but this one just takes the cake! Yes I've looked at guides suggesting what to put down and where, but those guides are either lucky or something else, because one video I watched they didn't get any gigantaurs in the first five or so I get them on the fourth! They totally obliterate me...they give me suggestions on how to combat them...never works...I don't get enough time to put down pumpkins either for other things...I think this is one achievement that is just going to have to not be won lol.

Also was working on one achievement for AC Revelations other day: obtain 100% in all sequences...I was doing fine until I get to one that says take no damage...what happens? some dude always sneaks up behind me somehow and whack Ezio with his weapon! lmao