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Console Exclusivity Is Wrong IMO

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Reading about how PS3 players got exclusive content for both AC Brotherhood and now ACIII makes me think that console exclusivity is wrong, not just for the 360/PC players who are missing out on this content, but the PS3 players who miss out on games/content exclusive to 360/PC gamers. It feels like a sort of punishment in a way because we don't own the console the game/content is exclusive to.

Would making all content/games available to all consoles/PC cut down on system wars? To an extent maybe...no more "The 360 got this" or "The PS3 got that"...won't stop the system wars on arguing about the graphics, online playability, or other factors of their favourite console.

Is it wrong to believe in fairness for everyone?

Am a Happy Bunny

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Pre ordered the Join or Die Edition of Assassin's Creed 3 from Amazon but only went for free delivery even though it said the delivery estimate would be the 2nd - 3rd of November. Got home from work today to find it sitting on the table near the door...I love Amazon :D. Only problem for me is, no chance to play on it until tomorrow and then for only a couple hours :(...hopefully Friday afternoon before work I will get a few solid hours in lol.

On another note, the job I went for last month has opened up again because the lady who got the job decided she didn't like it...*rolls eyes*...and yes, I have applied for it this time again...Just hoping they will give me a fair try this time and not just go for the other person just because she's had a bit more training on there than I have...I have one advantage over her, but not sure that is really enough.

What the?????

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I couldn't log in at all today, and then GameSpot made me change my password cause it said the one I had saved was incorrect...anyone else experience this?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions lol

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For a while now I have been determined to get the Samsung Galaxy SIII phone for Christmas, due to the fact I hate my current mobile phone but am unable to upgrade until next May. I've been looking at several unlocked ones but the cheapest I've found is 385GBP...that's a lot of money.

I've also been looking at the new Kindle Fire HD and thought maybe I'll get that and a cheaper phone like the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2...it doesn't have as big a screen as the SIII, but it is bigger than my current screen by 0.6" lol.

My dilemma: Get the Galaxy SIII alone, or get the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2...lol I know, what a dilemma :P.

High Comedy...?

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Just watched The Descendents last night and it was described as high comedy...maybe I don't exactly understand "high" comedy, but I always thought something with comedy in it's description would be humorous...I found The Descendents depressing...I did enjoy it though...but still...


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Been trying for ages for the 100% sync achievement in AC Revelations, and while I haven't got it yet, one memory block was driving me crazy for ages...yesterday I finally 100% synced that memory block...now onto the others that need 100% syncing lol. And then there are the other non multi-player achievements I have yet to get.

Anyone really, really, really good at Photoshop? Help!

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I know this is going to sound strange, but I have a reason to ask for such a picture...could someone who is brilliant at Photoshop (or whatever) photoshop a photo of Robert Pattinson to make him look like someone out of Star Trek (I had thought Spock, but a Vulcan male can't really look sexy lol)?

The reason for this is, my boss just had surgery and will be gone for three to four months and our department is going to send him a card and take a collection. The reason for Robert Pattinson is he has a crush on him (yes my manager is gay so what? ) and he is a bigger Star Trek fan than I am...so I thought to combine the two and make my own get well card lol...so anyone out there that can help me? my knowledge of Photoshop is limited sadly :(.

Maddening Books is Equal to Maddening Games

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Ever felt like throwing a controller or your game at the television or out of a window when the game becomes frustrating? I have.

Ever felt like throwing a book out the window or in a fire because it became frustrating to read? I have.

Current example of a book I would love to throw out the window (if it wasn't on my Kindle): Storm of Swords, book three in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. I am really enjoying this series to be fair, and he is such a good author that he has sucked me in and cheered on some characters while making me hate others. When divided between the Starks and the Lannisters, I am on the Stark side and want to see all the Lannisters die (well, except for Tyrion, I actually like Tyrion). So for those of you who have read the books here is why I feel like throwing it out the window:

[spoiler] Just read the chapter entitled Catelyn...all about the red wedding, and was maddened by the fact that Martin has killed off Robb and Catelyn before they knew that Bran, Rickon and Arya were still alive. Even more maddening as Arya was very near by. I liked Eddard Stark too so was mad that he'd been killed off in the first book...why is he killing off all the good guys yet leaving the likes of Cersei, Tywin and Jaime alive? Ok, Joffrey's the worst of them and I do happen to know he doesn't make it to the end of book three which makes me really happy, but still get rid of Cersei and Tywin at least! lol [/spoiler]

On a Positive Note...

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Well after interviewing the five people who went for that job I mentioned in my last blog, I didn't get the job. However, my manager did give me very positive feedback and is going to help me progress in my job despite not getting that position. I am feeling a bit better about my job now after that, I just hope he keeps his word lol.

I Give Up

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A few blogs back I talked about a position opening up in our department, my manager saying he was going to trial us on it and then just giving it to someone else. Well, that someone else is now moving to another store so that position is open again. However, this time my manager already had someone in mind for that spot, asked the guy, the guy said he wasn't interested...

My manager then puts a notice up on the board, I put a letter of interest in as did a couple others. Now this guy he'd asked decides that because others are showing an interest in it, he'll put a letter in as well and it is as good as his already. I'm not sure if this is just as unfair as the first time or worse. Why put up an announcement if you already have someone in mind for the job anyway and just lead the rest of us on?

I am going to wait to be sure this guy has been given it before I really seriously look for another job. I keep looking to move to another store if not another department, but I like the dapartment I'm in...just not the way my manager runs it. There is talk of him leaving though as he has been very poorly lately...so I may hang on a bit and see if he stays or goes.