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Attempt at my own banner

Well, I attempted to make my own banner, but since Hockeyboy is being so nice as to make me one, I think I'll use his instead...mine didn't turn out so well, lol.

About Me

As I can't seem to fill it out under the Preferences section...I'll put it here:):

I like playing BFMEII and Rome: Total War. My other hobbies include reading and horse back riding (which I haven't done in years...lol). I'm an American living in the UK at the moment, but will someday move back to my home country:).


For two weeks now, off and on, I've been trying to fill out my profile on here, but every single time, GS either times out, or something else happens. I'm not keeping my profile private, in case you are wondering, it's just GS being...umm...well, you know:?.

Black Holes...sort of

Do you ever feel like you have a black hole in your house? You know, when things just seem to disappear into nothingness? I know I had a game for my PS2, but I can't seem to find it anywhere...must be the black hole got it...or something, that's for sure.