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First Impressions of Dishonored

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Really enjoying this game so far...not that far into it yet but hoping I continue to enjoy it the further on I get into the game. Just wish I could find more health faster or that it would regenerate on it's own...I know eating things regenerates Corvo's health as well, but sometimes I don't need a boost when I come across food lol. This playthrough I am practically just killing my way through...maybe next one I will try to do it without killing anyone...don't see how though, I was going to try that this round, but this game seems to make it hard to sneak past people.

Aassassin's Creed 3...

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For the first time I am tempted to not finish an Assassin's Creed game. I am just finding the odd mission overly difficult, more so than the first four. Just tried to do a chase one and I keep losing him and desyncronising. Will watch a YouTube video before I completely give up. I have Dishonored coming any day now and would like to finish AC3 before I start a new game.


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My poor husband started with a terrible cold last week. And being that he is asthmatic it made it worse. He is feeling better, but I however started with it on Monday while I was at work. By 8pm I was not feeling well at all but stuck through the last two hours. Against my husband's better judgment I went to work on Tuesday for an eight hour shift even though I wasn't feeling too well in the hopes they would put me on self scan rather than kiosk which is right near the such not only was I feeling horrible, but I was stuck in the coldest part of the store (except maybe the freezers). I asked at least two if not three times to get off and move to self scan, but one supervisor said that self scan was colder than kiosk...I was on self scan on Monday night, it was not colder than kiosk. I was so cold and miserable even the customers were commenting on how cold and ill I looked.

Then to top it off, they had the nerve to phone today to see if I could come in and do a bit of overtime. Luckily my husband answered and said no for me as I was ill in bed with the cold and worse from having frozen half to death at work the night before.

Dishonored on PC or 360?

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Debating on getting Dishonored, just not sure whether to get it on the PC or the 360. Any thoughts? I watched one video review that basically said there wasn't much difference between the PC and console versions other than controls. So my fellow GSers, which do you think I should get...bearing in mind I won't be starting it soon as I still need to finish Assassin's Creed III lmao.

A Belated Merry Christmas

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I hope that each and every one had a wonderful Christmas yesterday and that it was spent with your loved ones. I did try replying to at least one Christmas blog (wavey_gravey) but for some reason I couldn't :(.

And on the Christmas note what did you get? Something nice I hope:).

I got:

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Kindle Fire HD
a lovely cardigan
two boxes of bath bombs from Lush
plus a set of three more bath bombs from Lush
Amazon gift vouchers

For those of you who don't know what Lush is, they make their own items (ie bath bombs, cosmetics and things on that line) and they smell fantastic. Some even make you glitter (which is good for us girls lol).


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Just read today's Daily Express and there was an article on the shootings in Connecticut entitled "Killer 'Obsessed With Violent Video Games'"...the culprit: Dynasty Warrior games. I play Dynasty Warrior games...I'm not about to go out and do what he did, nor am I about to go kill anyone. I am getting sick and tired of games getting the blame for things like this. The guy was mentally unstable. Maybe he shouldn't have been playing games like Dynasty Warriors, or Call of Duty, or anything involving killing of any sort...but to blame a game is just ludicrous.

Oh wait...if he was obsessed with Dynasty Warriors, why did he use guns and not a halberd or nunchucks or a sword...? ok I am being facetious now.

A Nice Surprise

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Yesterday morning I was sat on the settee on my laptop minding my own business when hubby comes down the stairs and tells me to get my shoes and coat on, we're going out to pick something up he'd reserved in town. So I get my shoes and coat and get in the car while he drives us to what turns out to be Argos.

The surprise? He'd reserved me a Kindle Fire HD 32GB as an early Christmas present. That is my Christmas from him sorted out completely, just short of a card lol. What little bit I've played on it, I am enjoying it so far. Going to put my Kindle Touch on ebay very soon...

On the Up Side

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I just got myself a new Samsung Galaxy SIII...I only went to compare prices but somehow ended up getting one anyway lol. Can't make any comments on it as it is currently charging up, but I am confident it will be far better than the horrible phone I just traded in.

On another note, I've watched several films lately, so I am going to give the title and my rating out of 10 lol:

Skyfall 9.5 (I would give it a 10, but doing that would make me feel like I think it's the best Bond ever, and I don't, second maybe, but not the best in my opinion).

Bourne Legacy 8

The Ghostmaker 6

The Raven 8 (with John Cusack as Poe, there are several films with this title)

Expendables 2 7 (a bit of fun, I always love action films and this seems like a Bond wannabe to be honest with the action, chases and puns...I mean best line ever, Terry Crews to Arnold Schwarzenegger: "...or your ass will be terminated!" sorry, had to laugh at that...bad pun, I know, but is full of bad puns like Arnie later saying "I'm back!"...really? lol)

Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings 9 (I still love animated films, and I love fairies, what can I say?)

Private Peaceful 9 (This is from the makers of War Horse...really good movie, maybe not as good as War Horse was, but still an excellent film)

So Depressed

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Well once again I got passed over and the other person got the position. I have had enough of working for this manager I have started looking for another job. Not going to be easy at the moment, I know, but until I find another one I will just have to put up with the rubbish at work...sigh.

His excuse as to why I didn't get it this time: I did not accomplish the supposed targets he had set me at the end of the previous interview...what targets? If he gave me targets he wasn't very clear about them, nor did he put them down in writing.

Just glad I have the next four days off to clear my head because right now I am both angry and upset. Not sure I'll be signing up for much overtime anymore either even though I could use the such a loss right now and so depressed.

Computer Upgraded...

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Just upgraded my computer yesterday...usually I get hubby's components when he upgrades his, this time we've upgraded both of ours...only things that haven't changed: graphics card (currently I have the ATI Radeon HD 5450...a bit old school now, but not a bad GPU), DVD burner and reader and one 250GB Hard Drive is still left in...oh and my PSU is the same, although it may need changing, it is a 460watt power supply.

New components:

ASUS Sabertooth 9900FX Motherboard
AMD FX-4100 quad core processor 3.61GHz
Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM