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Games and Work

Not been able to play much the last several weeks due to being busy at work. I have moved jobs within the company and am quite happy in my new place.

Having said that though, I have bought the last DLC for Dishonored and have played a bit of it and enjoying the game again. I've also pre-ordered Assassin's Creed 4...not sure when I'll have time to play that though lol.

That's it from me, short but sweet.

Tomb Raider

Having tried other Tomb Raider games in the past and never finishing them I was a bit on the fence whether to get the new one or not. But as the place I work at had it for 19.99, I decided with my staff discount and a gift card I had to buy it. 

So far I am enjoying it, but as with tombs in Assassin's Creed am getting irritated by the jumping and timings lol. I think that is why I never finished any of the previous Tomb Raider games. But, having finished all the AC games, I will persist and I will finish this one...then may go back and play the other Tomb Raider game I have sitting on my shelf gathering dust lol.

Also feeling in the mood to replay my Dragon Age games and my AC games too lol...too many decisions lol.

Back Home Again

Am back from my holidays in the States and already in the swing of things at work. First week back I worked 45 hours, this week I have 59...On the upside as well, my manager added eight hours to my contract which made me extremely happy. 

I have this paranoia about being robbed to the point that whenever we leave for a long trip like we just went on, I hide my 360, all the paraphenalia and the games. I've been so busy with work and stuff I've not got it out of hiding yet lol. We are fully insured and I know I can replace them...it's just the thought of losing all my saves and having to start all over again! Can the 360 be locked so that if someone did steal it they couldn't use my gamertag without a password first? Must look into that.

Thinking I might buy the last Tomb Raider game that came out now that it has dropped in price...although I've never really got into the other Tomb Raider games I've had...they appeal to me, but then I get stuck on something and just can't be bothered to keep at it until I get past it lol...although I stuck with several areas of all the Assassin's Creed games even though they drove me crazy at times...ugh, bring out AC4 soon! lol...funny me saying that when there is still a lot I haven't done on AC3...got into Dishonored too much...ooh maybe another playthrough of that game is called for...lmao.


I may still be on holiday but am feeling so depressed these days. Don't feel I can talk to anyone about it and that just makes it worse. At a loss and feeling there is no purpose to anything. Sorry for a depressing blog, but I just felt the need to say something.

Is on Holiday

I am currently on holiday back in the good ol USA. This week we are in northern Washington close to the Canadian border...so close in fact, it only takes us seven minutes to get to the border lol. Been across already to have a look at Vancouver, will be crossing again tomorrow to have an even better look as today was just a short hop. 

Not been on my 360 in weeks, and won't be for a few more. Already debating on whether I want to put a whole new game in when I get back or play through one I have completed previously...maybe start up a new one...hmmm...

Currently playing DragonVale on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Kindle Fire HD though...anyone like games where you breed dragons and decorate a park may enjoy it...I find it addictive, but sometimes a bit frustrating when trying to breed a certain dragon and it isn't working lol.

Anyway, just a short update from me. Hope all is well with everyone else :).

Farewell Sir Alex Ferguson...

I for one will be sorry to see you go...I don't think Manchester United will be the same when he's gone. Only way I could see them doing so would be for Mourinho to take over, but he seems destined to return to Chelsea (why he would is beyond me because of the way he left in the first place...but then, Abromovich was daft to let him go). 

Not too keen on Moyes taking over...I mean seriously, has he done anything good with Everton? When's the last time they've won anything? Just looked, 1995 for the first team.....Moyes took over in 2002......I'm sorry my fellow reds, but I see a few years droughts for trophies for us...which will probably please Liverpool, Chelsea and Man $#!tty supporters...oh and let's not forget the Leeds Utd supporters either. (Ok, I know Everton didn't and still don't have the financial resources United does for buying players so I'm hoping that's the only reason...and yes, they have had a few good years I will give them that...). I guess I will just have to wait and see and try not to be so pessimistic about Man Utd's future.

And just to set things straight, I am not the sort of supporter that hates on other teams, while I can't stand Man City, I won't bash their supporters as everyone is entitled to support whoever they want. So please show me the same sort of respect, if you don't like Man Utd, fine, but don't take it out on me for supporting them.

Third time's a Charm?

Playing through Dishonored's main missions for the third time to get the achievements I am missing before going through the Dunwall City Trials even further for its achievements that I am missing...there is a new DLC for the game as well that I have yet to buy and play, but will wait until after I get back from my holiday before purchasing it.

Second playthrough was a completely sneak through it level. I don't think I saved and reloaded any game so much as I did that playthrough lol. This playthrough I've been speeding through it as I am not actively looking for runes or bone charms in order to get one achievement and don't need to sneak around.

Really enjoy this game, haven't had this much fun with a game in a long while...

Dishonoured Dunwall City Trials...

...DLC is amazing...but I find rather challenging. Been playing Bend Time Massacre over and over again to try and get three stars and just can't seem to do it. So frustrating but so fun at the same time lol. The bonus rounds keep changing on me so I have to decide on new tactics occasionally and a couple of them I haven't figured out how to beat yet...will keep working on it lol. 

Then have to work on getting three stars on all but one of the rest of them, got three stars on one called Burglar. Not looking forward to doing it on Expert though lol as you don't get any special abilities and I completely relied on one of them the first time through. Will keep me occupied for a long time to come I can see lol. Not to mention the fact that I need to replay the main quest through at least two more times if I have any hope of getting all the achievements.

My Poor Sky Box...

...is not going to know what has happened to it. I am recording the following shows:

Game of Thrones
The Following

And at the end of April I will be adding Warehouse 13 to that list...unless one of those above ends by then...only ones I could see maybe ending by then are Bones and The Following, but I don't see that happening. I just hope The Borgias won't be starting a new season anytime soon lol.

Where Have I Been?

So Sunday night I watched the remake of Total Recall...having not seen the original with Arnie I rather enjoyed this version...may get around to seeing the original someday however. 

And while watching it I heard what I thought was an amazing piece of music. For those that have seen it, when he goes to play the piano and starts with the Moonlight Sonata which turns into something else, it was the something else that intrigued me. I sat through the credits just to see what it was only to find out it was another Beethoven sonata I'd never heard before...and now I cannot stop listening to it. 

Youtube Beethoven Tempest Sonata third movement if you don't know what I am referring to (or to make it simpler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPsdBk9dykg ), it is a beautiful piece of music. I feel ashamed to have called myself a Beethoven fan before now and not have heard this piece before...I do know there is quite a lot of his sonata's I've not really listened to yet...I suppose with every artist/composer you get your favourites and don't always stop to listen to other works by them.