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Hey guys! Important announcement to all of you...

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Hey! It's been forever... Sorry. I've been busy with school! It's going quite well. I always have my music to help me :cool: But I'm just not having any time to come here anymore... :( I will occasionally peek in here or there in the school year but it's not the same. So I'll be here for the summer of course! but I'll be gone in the school year. Please PM me so I can keep in touch with all of you. It's not permanent but I can't be here forever. So if I'm just long gone like I was it's because I'm a busy guy. Especially with Marching band this summer & school year.. But best of luck to everyone as always! Please keep in touch :) Everyone of you are great. A great community we've got here on GS even with all these glitches :P until we blog again! - Alex