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Descions Descions. will i stay a leader? Will i stay here on GS?

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Hello.. :| The past week and a half have been rough on me here :( I lost 2 close friends from my union Megamant123 and Fablesway.... I was out due to power outage today so i wasnt able to speak to em its my fault they left. As for being a leaader its hard stuff. people trollin and ranting you hve to fix it, People critizing you on leadership. Saying im a bad leader. Losing officers. Ill be here on GS but tell Me your opinions about this do you want me To stay or what would happen if i left...? As for my thoughts it was aiming towards leaving permanantly but ive had many talks in the past hour and a half. Now its 60% here 40% gone. Im still thinkin i might take a break i guess im stressed oht For one time actually :( As for my union.... Well ill just hope its active now. Ill be hanging out in my main unions : Smiley Army, Off topic Universe,Wrestling and OT union,AllOutNintendo,SecretHangoutUnion, and relax chill union! Later friends and people who still rea my Blogs :|