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Wario's Woods review up! And union updates!!!

http://www.gamespot.com/warios-woods/user-reviews/788581/platform/nes/ Theres my latest review meanwhile im playing some tagforce 5, brawl, tmt 2 Battlenexus (almost beat it) , Gonna beat wario ware smooth Moves then review it! along with that im wanting oeople to help my union the smiley army :) itd be nice o hve some activity ^_^ So, please read my review and see how it is it was kinda short because its a short game from a while ago :P

Im gonna review!

Hey guys :D Im gonna hace Fire Emblwm Radient Dawn and Cartoon networks PTE Xl for the wii reviewed over this weekend :) In the meantime I will be playing Super Smash Bros Brawl! Pm me youvFC and i will code you back :cool: im pretty good. I will be playing yugioh falaswbound kingdom for the 20th time or so (had it since 2003) i play it alot :P I will beat the firsttemple in Skyward Sword, Play some NHL slapshot (gonna reveiw that sometime) and watch some stargate atlantis and doctor who this weekend! ^_^ I will give updates later on where im at in my games just for fun and if people were wondering :P i watched an hour video on the vita today :D i want one but its kinda expensive :/ ~ wolverine87

Youtube users!!

Hey everybody! I have questions!!! So does anybody have a youtube account? If so please link below or tell me your username and i will subscribe to you:) Feel free to watch my youtube lps and stuff on : Wolfenfox77 Thats my channel so hope you like and gimme feedback and please subscribe! :)

My newest games ( from ever since i took a break till now :3 )

Hey everybody! So id like to tell you all what games i got for the holiday season! :P Here it is : 1. Megaman XCollection 2. Bionicle ( gamecube ) 3. Pk out of the shadows ( gc ) 4.phantasy star onlin revolution 3 card battles ( gc ) 5. Warioware smoothmoves ( wii) 6. Glory of Heracles (ds) 7. Cel Damage ( gc) 8. Starwars Bounty hu ter (gc) 9. Shadow the hedgehog!! -> i like this game alot even thoigh everyone gives it moxed thoughts. (gc) 10. X-Men the official game (gc) 11. TMNT 2 Battle Nexus!!! :D (gc) 12. Lego star wars 3 clone wars (wii) 13. Guitar hero warriors of rock! 14. Sonic Unleashed (wii) 15. Cartoon Netowrks Punch time explosion XL! (wii) 16. Animal Crossing City Folk (wii) 17. Digata defenders (ds) 18. Blue Dragon Plus! (ds) 19. Red steel 2. (wii plus) i got wii motion plus bundle in january :) 20 sonic and the secret rings (wii) 21. Lastbut not least...... The Ledgend Of Zelda Skyward Sword!!!!!!!! :D Lets keep in mind these were birthday/ christmas gifts and all my newest games since the november :3 22 and 23 and 24 I got metriod classic for gba and super gunstar heroes gba at a bookstore :P and yugioh destiny board traveler for 1.99 at a bookstore too :)This was late january thanks for reading a gaming update ;) ~ Wolverine87aX!

Imm back everybody!!

Hello all!! Its been a wgile but im back here now :) 71 inbox :O :o :o Well plese comment or something and while your at it i hope none of myvest pals left me while I was gone :( so gimme a holler cause i wanna hear your reactions :lol: :lol: :lol:

Inactivity as of now :(

Hey everyone :) well as you all know I have been off for several days currently ans I have to say this :

I belive that I should leave and then come back another day as of this I am going off of Gamespot for a while just as a result maybe till Winter = end of December

I really don't post much I only talk to a few people in unins about 6-10 and PM about a few people :) Mega,Fable,Berto,Ginger_snap, Shadowofsonic :) probably all my close friends :):D and then the few who I see in unins, blogs : mitu123, Pheonixgai, avatarman96 , superpokebros, parkurtommo, guildclaws, and alot others! I may have an updated list it's been a while :? and now for the special mentions :

Megamannt123 my closest pal on here god frined nice guy with a creative attiude :lol: (helping me with my project 8)) Cloud_765 recently rejoined his union very cool and awesome guy, great union he has :D , Dan_lero great man , tought me a couple things on here!, Killerband , had joined his union, tought me about sigs great creative union :D , USAtheman2001 cofounder of a union (i am) he's the leader great guy always nice too bad he's MIA for some times :P :| we became great frineds quick :D, -Vulpix- was my first friend on Gamespot very knowagedable person!! knows alot and a nice guy too, Kidblackstar always comments on my blogs,great person knows alot :), Dannyboes helped him make a union :) met him here a few months back knows alot , theres many more that appealed and helpped me on here :( I'm just slow yes I will be away for a while maybe I can make a comeback :P but anyways see you guys in December or the new year :D ;) thanks everyone for reading my stories, blogs, reviews, it means alot :) Later everyone!


Hey everyone well I have something important from a friend here it is : Lost Otaku Temple This is a forum from a fellow user Cloud765 and he made it and was hoping some of you would like to join :D

i know some will and some won't so I'm throwing this out there for you guys feel freeto join!!

All credit goes to Cloud765 thanks guys ;)

Megaman X

YES!! well hello everyone! '

^^ I went to half price books toady with our coupon and I got myself... MEGAMAN X COLLECTION!! :D :D :D :D finnal been waiting years to find this game :shock: by far it's pretty great!!! but sometimes the pixles get on my nerves :P and the music in the first X :x well Shadowofsonic ;) there you go!!

Just A note

Well hello everyone :) I just wanted to note that my story well :| :/

I'm gonna stop and put it on hold. Now don't you worry everyone!! :x:x >__>

Mega's still gonna animate I'm still wrtiting bt I have 4 stories written I say just that's all we need for now just lemme know if you want to be in the story later!! :) ;0

PM me if you wanted totalk abot it

What you need :

Character's name:



What they look like:

that's about it nd yeah it's been a while it had nothing to do with school in fact I'm doing great in that area it's more along the lines as I loss some intest for now but when summer come that WILL be the time!! (not saying thats till you see another story :shock: maybe this coming Winter Break ;)

~ thanks for reading! :D

What's your favorite Pokemon ?

Hey everyone! :D so I was always wondering if anyone like Pokemon and if so what's your favorite Pokemon ? :)

Mines..... well this guys probably the funniest eater/muncher sooo!!! munchlax!! :lol: there's so many though I have acuple others too but this guy rocks :lol:

Have a nice weekend!