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2 months at least.. Sorry guys D:

Well its me :on I wonder whats been goin on :? Sorry i left but here's why :| School. School is my priorty ues indeed it is. Idont jave any time to be getting on here anymore D; Not even weekends due to other things. Im doing well! Im all ready 1/4 the way done with school :) Its a 4 day weekend so Monday&Tuesday i could maybe get on ;) Ive met a tonnn of new people like 40+ There happens to be 2 girls i get along with just fine and my bro (best friend) too so the 4 of us :D it so happens that i like one of 2 and he likethe other :3 so win win :D The 4 of us :lol: hoorah! Anyways, thanksgiving break in november & winter break i might get on :] Winter break = my birthday and also Christmas :D woo! As for not being on i kinda explained it yes i may have upset some people by not explaining why im MIA for 2 months just leaving the site & no explanation D: well there it is :? I feel like i wont be on mich anymore Too D: anyways this is dragging along... Well there it is a somewhat wrap up of whats happening :P