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Absolutelly Disgusted

Wow, cant say im not surprised that gamers have sunk this low, but i am disgusted, especially generation that got into gaming with release of last gen 2005/06.

What made me say this. Well DriveClub does. Now i bought it and im glad, if to go by score a solid 9/10 for what it is, an closed road simcade. It has nothing to do with open world trend.

So the player reviews are 90 percent by xbox fans, with responses comment from surprising number new accounts, mainly created on the day of the review, coincidence or fake accounts.

From some reviews you call tell with half a brain that that person has not ever played the game, just interpretations from GS review and probably other resources.

Its a shame that gamers do this, many people are missing on this game for this reason, you know people being trusting to others opinion whether its on more negative or positive side.

I am one of those gamers who grew up on closed road racers like Sega Rally series, V- Rally, good old Test Drive, Hot Pursuit 2 and many others. I got bored of open world racers after Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit 2010 was brilliant in comparation, another closed road racer.

You cannot compare open world and closed road racing games. Its like comparing corridor FPS and open world FPS, not doable.

So far, the game is a delight. Pushing around a bend, just kissing the fence on the outside as the car plows through leaves sat on the side of the road, kicking them up, then using the natural bounce on the suspension to jump back onto the road limits just missing a lamp post, all at 100mph with gorgeous engine sounds as the soundtrack with flavor of my ipod playlist packed with EBM and Metal.

Like I said, love it. It's no content packed monster racing game like Forza or GT. It's no huge open world racer like TDU2, The Crew or Horizon 2 which are good games in their respective open world genre. But it feels like a game made for me - and I feel like a racer, pushing countless laps in a row for that .22 of a second for perfect time. Scraping that wall corner with finesse with steering wheel in my hands is the experience for thos who dont want full on arcade or frustration of an full on simulator.

This is not a game where you drive a Ferrari over fields and trough forests with race car setup (at least The Crew will have offroad setup as you would have), its a game for pushing the limits of the track, car and yourself. its a new franchise that wanted to do something different and out of trend

I dont like scoring games by points and i dont like review scores to purchase a game for me. but i'll give you some guide if you by the game based on that.

Graphics- 10

Sound- 9

Immersion- 10

Simcade Physics- 10

AI- 9 ( The usual simcade aggressive AI that races you and others, NOTE it does not smash into you as often as people say, unless you drive all over the place and over shoot corners. It drives in the best race line as you would, another thing open world racer do not require)

Soundtrack- 8

Special recommendation- Steering Wheel ads so much more excitement to the game. It doesnt have to be something expensive, mine is old and does just fine.

Side note- Hope thy would patch the way RPM works and smooth out gear changing, again seems a bit better changing gears on a wheel.

Score- 9/10

This and Destiny and two most shallow reviews i have read as official GS reviews, and most of those happen on GS, not to mention GS review history.

I do not understand one man reviewing all the games in all genres and i bet Kevin is not the fan of every genre he reviews and when you are not a fan of something you usually tend to lean towards the things you dislike about the genre which is the reason why its not your cup of tea. if i reviewed CoD i would lean towards things i hate about online military fps and it would score maybe 2/10 unlike Wolfenstein which i would probably give 9/10. See, both shooters but totally different style.

So i dont mind you accusing me of being a fanboy, which only an %$!*& would do with zero common sense based on my thoughts about this game.

I own multiple systems and yes i even own one Xbox console which is the original Xbox haha, last two didnt appeal to me, so its personal.

On the end note, gaming community is not what it used to be in PS2/Xbox era and before. No wonder simple games like CoD and such are big, people spend more time clashing than investing time in good games that need time invested. Many decide games are bad without playing them or out of hate for the platform they are made for, whether its PS, Xbox, PC or Wii or any other or they make judgement without investing time to become better at it.