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The World's View of America As a Violent Country

I wanted to repost this on my blog, since i feel that the comment i made really hit home on the subject.I will also add to it.

I think a crap load of people here that see America as extremely violent needs to remember something. In other countries that doesn't have the issues or crime as much, they have free healthcare or at least better programs to ensure the mental stability of their inhabitants.

We have welfare,numerous ways to live off the government, and things like that but at the same time we also charge out the freakin wazoo(gamespot made me censor it lol) for things that truly have to deal with mental care. Heck just going to a person to get counseled can costs hundreds of dollars.

So because of many issues, crime is much more rampant here.If we revamped many many departments and laws in our country we certainly would be better off.We wouldn't feel the need to arm ourselves against our fellow americans who might very well break into our homes,rob us, and kill us.

I grew up where such a thing was a possibility and honestly until you have lived in a place like that, you can't understand why we must be allowed to bear arms.

I am in support of owning a firearm, i am however not in support of the current process.More thorough background checks that are done by a better system would be a great start.As it stands however, most people just think stricter guns laws will help. They do only to a point, in case you haven't noticed, states with stricter gun laws or bans, have far higher crime.

It is a difficult balance to strike in a nation like ours.

Even worse political agendas have a tendency to override anything that may help the people of our nation.In our country money makes the rules and it certainly isn't the people that have it. It is the lobbyists and politicians that do.

Numerous bills could be brought to light to help reform our healthcare and help people before things like the recent shooting happens but politicians rather attach their own agendas to them or block them entirely just because they were paid to do so.

Here money talks, not the people, not justice , not liberty, and certainly not logic.

Sadly it is rare for the voice of reason to reach these corrupt people.And even if it does, you got to play quite a lot of money before anything can be done.

Here in america we may have many freedoms and sure it is a fairly decent place to make a new mark, but hell our nation is corrupt as hell in many parts.

I would be happy if the democrats and republicans stop having this dam block all bills war between each other.Nothing ever gets done.Basically why the economy hasn't improved as much as it could have.Not Obama's fault folks.You can thank the fools in congress for it.

5 most important things to you.

I was feeling a little pensive today and decided to make this blog.My 5 most important things are a line of qualities i value and people.And maybe a couple hobbies.

1.Honor: This i believe to be one the qualities i respect most in anyone and myself.Its extremely important to me.Without it i would feel my life had no meaning.

2.Love: To find the one i can love most to me is one of my biggest goals ever.I have been engaged twice and even have had two kids.Twins.However they are in england with my exfiancee being taken care of.I miss them.But i will find my true love someday.

3.Friends: To those i can trust and care about i consider my friends.Im willing to do almost anything for them no matter what.I dont trust many people at all and can usually see through anyone's act so i have few friends.If a person doesnt know whot hey truly are im never thier friend.But the few friends i do have are wonderful people i treasure.

4:Poetry and writing: Being able to express myself on paper or a computer through stories and poetry is a huge thing to me.To be able to bring out the deepest of my emotions in poetry and to be able to make stories based on the morals i care about most is very important to me.

5.Martial Arts: I may not be into any sports normally but to me martial arts is the one true sport.To use all of your body in battle and keep your mind sharp as you look for openings is wonderful.I havent sparred in a while but just the feeling of training makes me happy.I hope to someday find a good opponent again and use my abilities to thier fullest.

Well thats my blog for today.Post your 5 most important things if you can please or comment on mine.

Blood and gaming.

I have been wandering if i should make a union based off of the vampire games and anime that i know and love.Any of my friends have an opinion on this?

Eh i needed something here.

Talk about whatever, i dont care lol.Im just tired of seeing that bloody message that gamespot puts there.So post whatever. im gonna go eat a chili dog.Hey there is a topic.Who here likes chili dogs????? I love mine with lots of onions :D