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I've been using this software or whatever for quite a while now. It allows hosting LAN servers, supports over 600 games most of which are good old games like titan quest, baldurs gate, diablo and other stuff. Garena has nothing on it. so i recommend you all to use gameranger. But it would be wise to find someone to play with instead just clicking on random servers. Anyone up for Borderlands :D im lvl 25 now, it's not that i need help i just wanna try the MP. Here's the link to the supported games list. I have alot of older games on my PC so please write in the comments if you wish to play sometime :). I hope this list will make you nostalgic :)

I will stop making promises :(

I know i promised to write about my opinion on how i think that games are punting movies and getting close to books, i have been having many nerve problems and should probably start meditating and stuff, but i'm right now going though a change i want to make, and no its not puberty im almost out of it, honestly i didnt even know i was in puberty:P

All im playing is Borderlands because it strangely doesnt take up much time to have fun with it. I also joined the journalism club which will definitely improve my writing and people skills :P. Also nothing else :(. I hope to finish the thing i promised asap stupid maths and history r gettin' in my way :|. Does anyone have a quick explanation of neverwinter nights, cos' its got me interested since for some reason dragon age origins won't install on my PC anymore :(. Life: It's going very slow but i'm trying to get it in order, basically trying to survive

P.S: This is not one of those teenage rants about how hard life is, but i mean that i'm doing my best to do my best no matter how hard it is, it aint no jolly ride for me, but i shouldnt talk about private stuff here, so keep on gaming :)

School newspaper

For the first time in our schools history someone got an interesting idea, im not much about journalism but this club is gonna have some interesting things, i have some great ideas, and the best thing its all in English so this will be a great oportunity for me to improve my fluidity in speech, as for spelling and stuff i have no problems. :)

Can anyone suggest a good pc coop game that doesnt require a powerfull pc to run :)

I hate sundays

i dont even know how i found the time to write this,i probably have only an hour or so to study and maybe 45 minutes more on the first class at school, i hate sundays so much.

Ive been thinking of writing something like how video games are pummeling movies to the ground, i will probably post that here too as well as maybe some other sites, im not promising ill write it tommorow cos ive been wanting to write this for a long time and i want it to be GOOD. ive been writing and reading the past few weeks alot, reading more something like Lovercraft and charles hoy fort :). im also getting a new book tommorow from stephen king and some other book about the paranormal or something, if you know me then you know that im a real geek for those things as much as i am for video games and movies. well thats all for this rush hour blog, im off now cheerio!

Busy, Busy

Yes i am. Since school started everything has been a mess, i spend my whole day there, cos we have 7 lessons every day, but its not as hard as last year id ont know why. I wish they would stop making us do those group asignments, i hate working with others, it isnt so hard to write an essay or something like that on the subject by myself. My training schedule is mixed up :(, i dont do parkour/free running anymore and i was just getting better. :(

Oh yeah, and thats the reason im rarely here and i rarely comment on anyone's blog or post at "The Gamers Planet"

Just wanted to bring that up, oh i also got LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth :) installing now

Recent Purchases

Well honestly they arent really purchased mostly games my friends have given me :P

I also bought some for me

Games that friends borrowed me and that im installing right now

Halo 2


Drakensang the dark eye

Tomb Raider 3

Games that i bought:

TES:Morrowind(with all expansions) :D

Borderlands :DD

HomeWorld :D

Serious Sam HD TFE :D

Anno 1404 :DD

Dune 2000 :D

SimCity 4:D

Magic the Gathering DOTP :DDD

Bastion(after playing the demo i immediatly bought this game:P )

i also got the demo of hard reset but my oc cant run it, its a really great game though

These games were bought this one and a half month, some of them were practically free, there was a bazaar in our town these days and alot of cheap stuff were there. its mostly stolen:P but who cares

For a small ammount of money i bought some really good clothes and an awesome bracelet, i havent worn any bracelets or neclaces before so why not start now.

oh and BTW i suck at magic the gathering i cant even finish the first planeswalker:P

Adventure Time

Its been such a long while since ive been here, but school really hit me on the head. Who cares anyway I'M BACK

And i have a youtube channel yes yet another one but im working on this one with a couple more guys.

Please check it out and add me, im not gonna ask you to subscribe because thats entirely your decision.TheWolfPackGamers

These coupleof weeks all ive been playing have been adventure/casual adventure games, and im looking for more so if anyone has a suggestion for a good adventure game please tell me. I already have grim fandango and day of the tentacle so dont include those. Thanks

Top 15 TV-Shows list FINAL

Alright lets get on with it then..

#5 Agatha Christie's Poirot

One of the longest TV-Shows ive watched first episodes dating back to 1989 till 2010.What i really loved about this show was that hercule never revealed his suspicions and in that way left the audience to guess and ponder, and i loved how at the ending of each episode he revealed the culprit in such a way that he would gather all of the suspects in one room and tell them all how he came to the conclusion but before he would reveal the true murderer he would give all of the a heart attack:P by throwing accusations at them to make them think that they are the murderer and every ending was happy justice was served.Perhaps i should stop here to leave some room and imagination for the next picks:)


Before watching Naruto i had only known that it was some anime with this kid ninja and its supposed to be cool.The first episode i watched imprisoned me with an unbreakable bond, so i wasforced to watch all the episodes. The show had alot of good action and drama:| a bit too much drama but i guess that was the better part of naruto. My favourite episodes were the ones with zabuza the fights at the bridge and the forest:D



I mainly watched Torchwood because of captain jack but then i found all these amazing characters that suddenly became a part of the doctor who universe.Torchwood is a spin-off of davies 2005 doctor who. The show uncovered so many mysteries about captain jack who,what,where and when.He is immortall after all.Captain Jack was awesome he was also an omnisexual he flirted with everything that moves male and female alike.All the characters were very intruiging and thats what makes a good show.They have some new episodes i heard they removed some of the old characters im still hoping for a good show nevertheless.

#2Death Note

My all time favourite anime.DEathNote gave me a completely new insight on animes. the plot was something i had never seen before.Deathnote soon became a part of my personality. Light was such an amazing mastermind i just couldnt resist the awesomeness of the show. "I am Justice" is forever stuck between my two brain hemisperes:P

#1Doctor Who

I measure my life B.W.D.W.(before watching doctor who) and A.W.D.W.(after watching doctor who) i have always been interested in the unexplained,paranormal,weird,strange and cryptid, doctor who had many of those things featured and tried to explain them. he never used weapons, all he needs to wipe out an entire race was his sonic screwdriver thingy and his witty talks:D.Doctor Who Created a checkpoint in my life im not saying im a complete nerdo for the show but i love it a bit too much:P

So there's my list i will also be posting my top band and movies and games also maybe but since i already have that list it might be just top pc games list

Top 15 Favourite TV-Shows part 2

Ok ill make this quick because ever since i got diablo 2,devil may cry 4 and battlefield heroes and bf play4free i cant do anything else:Plol

I also ask of you to check out my channel on youtube i dont have many videos but i post playthrough's and gameplay videos now and then:)

#10 Psych

I'll never be able to forget this show.I loved how it was a comedy and a detective show at the same time.The two main actors were awesome.Each episode was a thrill:D.


Monk was...well Monk.I steal from you wikipedia AGAIN!!

Adrian Monk was a brilliant detective for the San Francisco Police Department until his wife, Trudy, was killed by a car bomb in a parking garage, which Monk then believed was intended for him. He later believes that Trudy's death was part of a larger conspiracy that she had uncovered during her time as a journalist. Trudy's death led Monk to suffer a nervous breakdown. He was discharged from the force and became a recluse, refusing to leave his house for over three years.

He is finally able to leave the house with the help of his nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). The breakthrough allows him to work as a private detective and a consultant for the homicide unit despite limitations rooted in his obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), which had grown significantly worse after the tragedy.:D

Important Notice monk has over 312 fears:P


I dont really like those shows with hospitals and stuff.But House was Awesome.Similar to Monk the show is all about this guy House.The best thing about him is that he does all sorts of crazy things but still gets the job done:)

#7South Park

I thought of putting SP higher on the list, sure they gave me some good laughs but there are some shows better that it.SP made fun of everything and everyone in such a ruthless way that is undescribable simply by written words or orraly.Im pretty sure almost everyone knows about this show and there isnt much to say about it.

#6Life on Mars

Why did i love this.Its British,Its in Brittish,its a mystery,the main actor is one of my favourites.well there's probably more to the show.I definetly reccomend it to anyone looking for a good mystery/detective story, and for those of you who would watch a movie just because it has a brittish accent:P(like me)

Well thats all for this part tommor the finals:D

Q:Does anyone here play:Battlefield play4free,Battlefield heroes,Company of heroes 1:|

Download gameranger its like garena but supports ove 600 games:D

Top 15 TV-Shows Part1

Hard list to make but here it is.

#15Grounded for Life

Man, did i love this show, first i watched season one and then they marathoned the others so i just layed in my bed and watched every single episode:P

Cant say much about this show it was good, funny and not much drama in it.Though when you watch it once you dont have the desire to watch it again.

#14 Allo, allo

Allo Allo is wacked out comedy that always managed to make me laugh, there arent much characters in the show but they're all very unique.It's a parody of another show called secret army,but ive never watched secret army so i enjoyed allo allo alot more.

Since i cant think of a better decription of the show because if you dont watch it you will never know how good it is, wikipedia will provide information:

Set during World War II, 'Allo 'Allo! tells the story of René Artois, a French café owner in the town of Nouvion (the town square was based on a courtyard at Lynford Hall, Norfolk where the pilot episode was shot).[2] Germans have occupied the town and stolen all of its valuable artefacts. These include the first cuckoo clock ever made and a painting of The Fallen Madonna by Van Klomp (known to those who have seen it as The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies). The local commandant has decided to keep them for himself after the war and forces René to hide the painting in his café. Hitler also wants the painting, and sends Herr Otto Flick of the Gestapo to the town to find it. Flick, in turn, conspires to keep it. The paintings are duplicated by a forger, get mixed up and put in knackwurst sausages. One is sent to Hitler on an ammunition train, which gets blown up, one is hidden, and the other is eaten for dinner by Flick himself.

At the same time, the café is being used as a safe house for two brave but clueless British airmen. René is forced to work with the Resistance, who threaten to shoot him for serving Germans in his café. The far-fetched plans of the Resistance to get the airmen back to England repeatedly fail. These are some of the main running gags of the series.


Yes another sitcom i hope its all of them:P

This movie was one of the first tv shows ive watched:) ,when you're done watching season one you have already fallen head over heals in the show.Matthew perry was my favourite actor in the show still is one of my favourite actors. the story is very simple, a group of friends living in Manhattan.It managed to give me quite a good laughs and it deserves its spot here, the worst part was the ending, why did it have to end:cry:


Ed Edd n Eddy

This show was so much better than anything else, no cartoon can match with this.EEnE may have been centered on a bit younger audience i still watch it today and cant resist falling off the chair:P

It mostly revovles around the eds but there 9 more characters.The show finnaly got a finale with the movie EEnE Big Picture Show. i dont think iw ill ever be able to stop watching the show.Since picture speaks better than words here's one of the funniest episodes Evar.

#11The Dresden Files

The dresden Files is a tv series that was based on some novels:|

why i loved it?It had monsters,vampires,demons,witchcraft etc.What made the show so enjoyable for me was that it had Mystery:D.I love detective stuff.Its no comedy it took everything seriously but not too seriously.It had good acting unlike some movies that had magic and stuff.

I didnt write alot anout the movies because i just got out of bed and IM HUNGRY.hope you like my list looking forward to opinions.