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ay long time no talk

to keep u updated

1. me and ansemman r in a band and r playing shows this summer

2. got mario kart wii an im diseal

3. freshman year is over!!!

dawn of war and a cool story.

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dawn of war and a cool story.

i might get dawn of war because it looks fun and my friend said i should lol XD

and i have to wtrite a creative story about freedom and civil rights and i got this really cool one in my head so far it involves: nazi blimps with seath rays, german spys, american spys, and world war 3 it sounds silly now but when i get it on paper it'll make more sense lol.

2006 predictions

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awhile back in the summer of 2006 triforce, conscience and i were guessing who'd be in brawl, conscience guessed king dedede

i guess wolf

and triforce guessed diddy kong

and surprisingly they were in it!

so next time they make a new brawl game(not for awhile!) or (if they make a next one)

i need all of u to start guessing some pretty badass characters so they show up!

part 2 about my new self

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apparently not alot of you guys think i can be good for now on and think im full of poo so guess what???

another thing about my new self is i don't take poo from anyone

so since triforce thinks i can't be good and is doubting my ways....

he will be the Exception to the rule

i.e. i won't be nice to him.

apparently this isn't much of a change...

in other news my band changed our name from the candy creeps to "Disaster Plan"

tell me what you think about the name.

100 yes "100" of the world's greatest rock bands. by many votes

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Take note these aren't in order in case you guys whine about it.

  1. AC/DC
  2. pearl jam
  3. every time i die
  4. Metallica
  5. the ramones
  6. nirvana
  7. led zeppelin
  8. KISS
  9. Aerosmith
  10. A.F.I
  11. Queen
  12. Soundgarden
  13. Pink Floyd
  14. Cream
  15. social distortion
  16. Ozzy Osbourne
  17. The Clash
  18. Alice Cooper
  19. elotheos
  20. Deep Purple
  21. Judas Priest
  22. Iron Maiden
  23. Cheap Trick
  24. Motorhead
  25. Iggy Pop
  26. Rush
  27. Mötley Crüe
  28. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  29. Def Leppard
  30. The Doors
  31. Rage Against The Machine
  32. Alice in Chains
  33. guns and roses
  34. Norma jean
  35. My chemical romance
  36. set your goals
  37. Stone Temple Pilots
  38. brand new
  39. The Kinks
  40. Nine Inch Nails
  41. Zack wyldes black label society
  42. Pantera
  43. Scorpions
  44. bad religion
  45. Papa roach
  46. Smashing Pumpkins
  47. Slayer
  48. Thin Lizzy
  49. Korn
  50. Sonic Youth
  51. Blue Oyster Cult
  52. White Zombie
  53. dead kennedys
  54. Anthrax
  55. Bad Company
  56. 30 seconds to mars
  57. billy talent
  58. Ministry
  59. Boston
  60. tokyo rose
  61. The Cult
  62. the beatles
  63. Rolling Stones
  64. the eagles
  65. Megadeth
  66. The Misfits
  67. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  68. Foo Fighters
  69. Twisted Sister
  70. Spinal Tap
  71. Bon Jovi
  72. Hole
  73. Marilyn Manson
  74. Ratt
  75. Green Day
  76. queens of the stone age
  77. Queensryche
  79. UFO
  80. Whitesnake
  81. Foreigner
  82. Journey
  83. Tool
  84. modest mouse
  85. Rainbow
  86. Danzig
  87. The Black Crowes
  88. Lenny Kravitz
  89. Yes
  90. Avenged sevenfold
  91. Meat Loaf
  92. against me!
  93. Mountain
  94. Bad Brains
  95. Quiet Riot
  96. puddle of mudd
  97. white stripes
  98. tiger army
  99. blink 182
  100. evanesence

EVERYONE READ VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!! super important to bristol kids too.

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last nite i had a "miracle" and it had me wonder life is too short for enemies or grudges

i was also reading that the world was destined to end on december 21, 2012

that also had me wondering that we should live life to the fullest so for all of those who hate me please im not the same casey and i won't talk bad, or do bad things anymore it's important to all of u to know this because i really want to befriend u all.

in other news my band is playing at coffee house. :)

the candy creeps!

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haha my friends lost a bassist and i offord, and they said yes haha sweet, their mad cool guys and we have a band site

we're selling t-shirts and crap so go check it out, they make awesome christmas presents