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Superman 64

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For is a blog post I wrote about this game.;postID=3488560349625744875;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

Where I blog

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I made a blog on blogger to better state my thoughts on certain games. Check it out if you want.

Psn store tricked me

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I was going on psn store to download the free dlc for all stars when I saw a new section in the on store called free to play. I went to it and noticed it had the standard fare of what was free on psn and two unexpected games (nba 2k13 and Rayman 3 hd). I thought this has to be a mistake. But I hit download on both of them and no screen saying I had to pay anything popped up for neither. I thought Sony was awesome for a moment, but I randomly checked my email and it showed that both games were not free. One was $30 the other was $5. So the games were not only not free but I did not get a screen showing I had to pay for them. And when I went back to the free to play area they were gone. I called Sony and they put in a request for a refund but it is not guaranteed. So if you downloaded either or both these games thinking they were free you have been tricked. Call Sony so you can maybe get your money back. And I was in Sony's official forums and other people are also got tricked. So if enough of us who were effected call and email them the better chance we all get our money back.

PS3 friends?

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I just got a ps3 and need some friends to play some games with. I have Marvel vs Capcom 2, GTA4, Pain, and Call of Duty Classic. Anyone who wants to add me comment below. My id is siavm.

Warioware DIY

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This is a very fun game that lets you take the driver seat. Making a five to ten second game really makes you appreciate the hard work that goes into making games. I have been using it for a few days now and have made some games. I am looking for people who have the game and want to exchange friend codes. My friend code is 3180-8671-7739. I also have the wiiware version and would like to add system codes. My code should be on the right side of my profile.

All games are toys

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Here is the definition of toy: something enjoyable to use: a belonging that gives the owner pleasure to use
"He showed us his latest toy, a new DVD player."

If video games are not enjoyment what are they? All systems are toys for us big boys and girls. If you take it being called a toy in a negative way you don't need to be in this business no more. That just means it is not enjoyment and just a job you do. So being called a toy is a good thing no matter how negative they mean it or we take it. These are games for goodness sake.

The wii is cool

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TheWii selling well, the games are doing well, and this holiday it will be the system on everyone's list. The wii is cool and it is popping and the is just non stopping.