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Random Video Game Mash Up (A test)

           Lately there have been games that have been video game franchises crossing over with each other. Street Fighter with Tekken, Left 4 Dead is supposedly crossing with Resident Evil. Also there was the Street Fighter X Megaman mash up game, which was honestly pretty cool. Curious as I am, I wonder what other video game franchises would cross well with each other even if they appear to be pretty random and or out of place. There is a lot of possibilities but I will just be doing this as a test to see how my ideas flesh out. Without any further ado, here is a possible crossover I thought up.

            Megaman X + Metal Gear Rising + Strider= Strider Cross : Rebirth

            I was watching a Lets Play of Strider 2 along with another LP of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and I got to seeing a possible mixture of these two. Sad to say we havent seen a revival of the Strider franchise in recent years. A game called Moon Diver does make a good attempt to pay homage to it though.

            Gameplay: It would be just like the Strider games, side scrolling slash em up. Only with a bit of a Megaman flair. From bosses a player would get powers and special upgradable outfits as well as weapons from major bosses. It would be as fast as Metal Gear Rising, with a parry mechanic that would be easy to learn yet difficult to master for bosses. Each boss comes with a main and substitute weapon drop, allowing players to fully customize Striders weapons as well as his outfit as each main weapon will determine the main look while substitute weapons will change smaller accessories and added armaments. One can save  outfit/weapon sets and switch between them in a small menu during gameplay opening players to a certain degree of freedom in playing with various weapons. There will be melee, ranged, and specialty weapons and items. Strider will have his staple robotic animal companions at his side.

            Graphics: Strider, foreground, and enemies will be in a sweet anime cell shaded style, while the background will be in crisp high resolution graphics. Reason for this is to give an interesting contrast between foreground and background. So that nothing seems to merely blend in. Strider himself will dawn a new sleek cyborg outfit, because cyborg suits are in this year.

            This has been a small taste, I do have another one that involves Magic the Gathering, but I may hold off on that one.