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On the "Rise of Incarnates" Alpha

Got up this morning, was finally able to get into "Rise of Incarnates", a new arena brawler much like "Anarchy Reigns" by Namco Bandai. Tried out the tutorial, and this game really needs to be played with a controller. Certain games can be played with either or, but this one feels kind of awkward with a keyboard. I couldn't get into any matches (probably due to the time of day) but the tutorial was basic enough for me to get a feel. Even tried out the practice mode,which felt kind of basic. I'm sure there are more intricate mechanics with it, however with what you're taught in the tutorial it's not much. The graphics are nice, character models are kind of cool, definitely reminding me of "Anarchy Reigns" a.k.a. "Max Anarchy" for those who know it by the original title. Each character is different enough, there are only 4 in the alpha, probably will be more later. The transformation mechanic is pretty cool, allowing some varied combos and such. There is even a tag combo a player can execute, with their partner. It's flashy, it's awesome. There is only one map so far, one mode as well. On a keyboard it doesn't feel great, to be honest. It feels a bit too heavy.

Other than that, I can't tell the lifespan of the game or if people are going to be hyped about it. It's a cool game for sure, I'm liking what I experienced so far. Just the game needs more to give it life. What was one of the major draws for "Anarchy Reigns" for me was the sheer craziness of everything. Like the developers didn't hold anything back and explored all possibilities of modes. "Rise of Incarnates" has only a drop of certain things won't give it any longevity, based on the alpha. Still "Rise of Incarnates" is worth a look at. for it being in it's alpha stage. Just wish they'd allow players to explore more modes and maps. Another thing about the map is that it's pretty static and lifeless. No, I'm not asking for stuff flying everywhere, but at least something different besides "Ruined City No. 341".Of course there are going to be more characters, I'm not going to knock the alpha for that. But it's just kind of detrimental to have such a tight leash on it.

I'm kind of worried that people won't gravitate to it when there is something here, just it's not showing a bit more. Not giving everything is fine, sure, leave something to the imagination. But giving too little might not reel in more potential players.


A fighter with chainsaws sounds fun, but I agree playing with a keyboard takes the appeal away.