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Favorite game Original Soundtracks

Favorite Video game Soundtracks

I recently went through all of my CDs and looked at all of the anime and video game soundtracks I collected and started to listen to my favorite tracks from all of them, nearly 8 years of video game music stored and treasured. So I figured I would list and explain why which ones are my favorite. For fairness sake, I will not be mentioning any ?Final Fantasy? soundtracks because well they are all awesome, and it would be easy to say something about the musical talents of Nobuo Uematsu.

The Legend of Dragoon OST

This is one of my favorite OSTs of all reason being that it comes from one of my favorite RPGs of all time. I actually spent around $25 for this because I couldn?t find it anywhere close, and my love for the game and it?s music compelled me to buy it. Listening to each track brought back memories of each boss fight, character meetings, and even specific conversations in the game. Being in the PS1 era there were not many vocal tracks in this game. However the ending song ?If You Still Believe? always brings a tear to my eye at how emotional and lovely the lyrics and singing are. The rest of the game?s instrumentals are strung with perfection, it is hard to find a song that one will dislike. Only drawback is that all songs are fairly short. Maybe 1-2 minutes long, however the CD was made a long time ago and it has all 50 tracks packed on one disk, so it balances it. Definitely worth listening to even on YouTube.

Chrono Cross OST

When ?Chrono Cross? came out, I never got a chance to play it really. It looked awesome from the trailers and from what I saw when my cousin played it. Years later I get a chance to play it and I was amazed by how everything just fit well with ?Chrono Trigger?. The cast of characters was awesome, kind of sad really modern RPGs have no less than one or a handful of characters when in the old days there were secret characters and a cast well over 20. Anyway, back to the soundtrack, it really captures that seaside majesty and mystical time paradoxes of the game. Much like ?The Legend of Dragoon? OST, songs used for environments really capture and emulate their majesty, and compliment the overall feel of the game very well. Also this game has one catchy opening song! If I could dance to it I would. Also this game had an awesome ending song. All 4 disks are packed with grand instrumentals and soft piano ballads to calm the soul. Very lovely and very beautiful.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Okay, I?ve played quite a few of the Castlevania games. They always had quite powerful tracks in them. But none of them stood out to me quite like ?Symphony of the Night?. This really made playing the game more beautiful. Each note accents every little detail in Dracula?s dark and danger riddled castle very well. The epic boss tracks really increased the intensity for the battles. This one had 2 vocal tracks, one in English and one in Japanese both were great. Definitely a good collector?s item if one collects video game soundtracks. If organs and dark gothic tones are your thing, this game and it?s soundtrack are well worth playing.

The World Ends With You OST

A friend of mine came up to me with this game and said ?You have to buy this game! Purely for the music!? I was a little skeptical at first but I remembered that he never would steer me on the wrong path. He played a bit for me and I was amazed at this music. So we instantly go to the nearest store and I pick up my own copy. What really surprised me about the game was, the soundtrack had full vocal tracks as the starting music. I was so used to games having about 1 or 2 vocal tracks, but pretty much the whole soundtrack is like that. What also stood out was that I could change the song to when I opened up the menu. Also the game would change unlocked tracks at random when either exiting the menu or in a new area. This made the game feel like you?re listening to someone?s playlist on shuffle, which is cool and very unique. This soundtrack really captured the feeling of being in Shibuya, the lyrics for the songs, even hearing the chatter of the residents as the song plays made it feel alive to a sense. It was so much fun hearing the soundtrack just walking around exploring and even in battles. There are two versions of it out, one is the original the other is a collection of awesome remixes. Sadly I don?t have the remix version yet. But it is available on Itunes.

Kingdom Hearts OSTs

These are on here for the fact they actually remix some of my favorite Disney songs pretty well. And that one of my favorite J-pop artists is on there just solidifies it?s list on my favorite OST list.

Skyrim OST

I know, I know, Skyrim?s been talked about over and over, so I will keep it brief. This soundtrack is hard not to get out of your mind. The music sticks with you as you?re playing the game and even afterward. ?Sovrngarde? is my favorite track of all. Just the powerful chorus sends chills down my spine. It?s really an epic song.

Max Anarchy (Anarchy Reigns) OST

Though the game was released in Japan and delayed until March of 2013 for the North American release, I was able to obtain a copy of the soundtrack. And much like ?The World Ends with You? features a full vocal track that?s full of pumping beats surely to get your mood pumped for playing the game. I?m not much of a fan of rap or hip-hop to be honest. But this soundtrack I actually like, the rap/hip-hop track is actually good. The trailer song ?Here We Go? just made me go ?OMG, I have to play this game!? Then I hunted down the rest of the tracks and suddenly got the whole OST. All of the songs are pretty catchy and groove worthy.

So that is my list of my favorite video game soundtracks, there were going to be more. I'll have to hunt those down actually and make a part 2. Anyway, Signing out! <3