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D.O.A. Movie Review

Ok...Sorry for taking so long. Skyrim has had me busy. However now I must finish this fighting game movie review before continuing on. Note: These are my personal opinions, you may like these movies or feel the same/ indifferent. These are just my thoughts on them.

D.O.A. (Dead or Alive)

This movie....oh, man. Made me laugh so much. Whai, because they got so much off.


The main female characters Tina, Ayane, Kasumi and Christie are all invited to this invitational tournament. Along with the usual cast they are fighting for money (aren't all tournaments about the money in the Americanized Hollywood versions?). Each has their own reason for entering, Kasumi's is different she's trying to find Hayate. Yeah, thats pretty much it.


Okay, because this movie was so bad, I'm going to explain the ENTIRE plot! I may miss stuff as I haven't seen it in awhile. So everyone arrives on the island. The main characters advance their rounds. It was so funny because the other person was having so much trouble landing a good hit, it was great. Anyway, the reason they were all called to the whole tournament on a hotel/resort was to have their fighting styles downloaded into freaking sunglasses! So that their host can be the "martial arts" master of the world. Lame? Yes. They rescue Hayate, Kasumi rejoices and thats anything thats noteworthy.


Lame. As lame as it can get. The actors and actresses they chose were just really bad choises. Bass Armstrong looked a lot like Bass but that was the only noteworthy thing. If you like Devon Aoiki (2 Fast 2 Furious/ Sin City) she does a good job at fighting but not so much at portraying Kasumi's personality. Yeah, I'm very critical. Oh and for those Helena fans, they made her into a 18-21 year old woman. Not the older looking woman you're used to. My reaction to the movie Helena :"-tilts head and looks at bunny- What did they do to Helena? -shakes bunny violently- They fudged her up, man!" Ok, I'm calm now. Sorry I digressed. For Christie fans, they made her into a blonde.....-thinks of nice words that contradict to what she's thinking- lady. She's still an assassin and all just different looks. THe only actors who actually look like their characters are Zack and Ayame. Funny how the two people with odd colored hair are closer than the others. Tekken gets the point for having people who look really close to the characters, for the most part. Like Tekken you don't get to see some characters all that often. Ryu Hayabusa...dissappointing. Let me save Ryu Hayabusa fans the hurt and say he's nothing like you'd expect. Same for Hayate. Back to Tina, the lady they chose, I believe the only chose her because of her southern accent. Her fighting was so awkward!


Meh, it's not all that great. Can get cheesy and gimmicky at times.

Final thoughts:

Watch it for a laugh. The Tekken movies were at least trying and pretty well excecuted this one...just fails. Miserably. Bad. Rubbish. Muck! Filth!