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Console MMOs : Unwanted Love Child or Prodigy of Gaming (Part 1)

Certainly there have been a lot of MMOs. And by a lot I mean you could probably take three weeks naming all of them while only taking a few bathroom breaks. To some these are a cavalcade of entertainment and deep fun. To others they are seen as an annoyance and a waste of time. For many years, MMO companies have invited players into their world to make a virtual life and even carve their virtual names into these worlds. Forging alliances, killing monsters, and even killing other players for the pure fun of it. Many actually have forgotten or don't even realize that there are actually worlds like these on consoles. And this is where I will try to see if MMOs can work on consoles or if they are just destined to be exclusive to PCs. Brandish your steel, charge your mana, drink your potions, and refine your gear. It's time to jump right into this.

Throughout the years gamers have enjoyed Massively Multiplayer Online games or MMO to the lay person. There are a countless number of these open world, dungeon instanced worlds catering to small, fairly big, or insanely huge community. Many tire of these MMOs cluttering the game library, others are begging for more and something fresh.

There have been few MMOs to grace the presence of consoles, many have tried. Few have succeeded in gaining a following worthy of keeping the game alive. Here is where I try to figure out if the gaming community is ready or willing to accept the newest addition to console MMOs: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. For all intent and purposes I will shorten console MMOs to C.MMOs.

One of the problems with C.MMOs, is that they take forever to install. And I mean forever. Back on the good old PS2 there were 2 console MMOS, and on the XBOX 360 there was one, which was on the PS2 as well. The first I shall talk about is Everquest, a console based MMO that didnt really see much life. Based off of the acclaimed RPG, this little number did what many would consider revolutionary however not many seemed to care. Never really heard or saw anyone play it, save for my at the time step brother who had it and allowed me to try it. It was okay, at the time I wasnt really big into MMO games. And was rather sad that I was the only one running around when it is meant to be an MMO. Thing about PS2 online games was that it required a broadband cable to hook up to the internet. If you didnt have one, well the game was pretty much taking up space.

Another console MMO on the good old PS2 was of course Final Fantasy XI, many remember this one gloriously giving Final Fantasy fans their communal kick, being able to do away with monsters and all sorts of enemies using the turn based battle system but with friends! Again this one really didnt do well on consoles as people didnt really want to pay a subscription for it and have to buy the broadband cable to be able to even play it for their PS2s. Xbox 360 owners were graced with XBL. To keep on Final Fantasy XI the Xbox 360, with a hefty installation process (installing an open world so huge does take time), this version did manage to get a big community, even with expansions. Also the game is still running even while the next MMO is in development. This proves that C.MMOs can work and be successful.

DC Universe Online, is the most recent even if it has come out a few years ago, and it has done very well itself. Being a PS3 exclusive game it has gathered quite a following after changing its subscription fee to Free-to-Play. Being a regular player with about 4 characters on the game, it does a very good job at keeping combat its main focus while adding platform gameplay with world exploration. Each weapon has a combo that has to be unlocked with skill points as well as power points for new powers for a players hero/villain. It has bugs but it still does its job.

In the next part, I'll look at the reasons why C.MMOs are may have a hard time and why it would be nice to see more.