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Enhancing The Experience

It has been a long day at school and work.  Nothing has gone right, a failed test and annoying customers have ruined the whole day.  We have all been there, and when arriving home there is only one thing that you know will fix the night.......sparking a fat bowl and enjoying your favourite video game.  Games like Portal 2, Civilization 5, Skyrim and Bioshock 2 are some of my favorite games baked.  What are yours?


Music in games

Hey all happy friday, hope everyone is having a good day.  Curious about games that have an impressive soundtrack.  Name your favourite games that use great music to enhance the imagination and experience of gaming.

What Video Games Lack

After playing a few good games recently, I was reminded why video games were more challenging on previous systems. The past couple of days i have been experiencing different games that have refreshed my interest and challenged me to actually think. Mindless fun in a video game is always a blast, but deeper games that have a great story or unique gameplay are more enjoyable to me. Ever sense Skyrim came out in 2011, I can continue to be engaged in that more than any other game I have played recently. I beat the game quick after release but continued to enjoy the many side quests, faction quests and endless amount of exploration. While Dawnguard and the housebuilding DLC were decent, I thought Dragonborn was much better. The story was interesting, the environment bizarre and new. Every time I was teleported in response to opening a Black Book I was impressed with the odd setting around me. The new armor and weapons in Dragonborn are epic and useful, some of which give perks due to full set of armor type. The different chapters to reach Miraak consisted of powerful foes and clever level design to make me think about where I had to go. The boss level itself was satisfying enough to make me feel like the biggest badass ever, and the reward of gaining Miraak's armor was awesome. I had a friend over the other night and being a gamer like me, we both decided to game all night and perhaps smoke a bowl or two. After feeling a little dazed and confused and admiring the amazing background in Darksouls my friend was experiencing, I decided to watch as he explored. He was playing his high level Pyro and was facing "rage quit worthy bosses". Soon after watching him fight foes, I noticed that his game play was flawless and that he memorized the map completely. I mentioned my observation and he explained the reason it took him so long to be high level was the doing of many trial and error deaths. The game difficultly didn't bother him and he embraced the challenge. He then said something that reminded me what was lacking in modern video games "It's like how Super Mario was, the player needed to know the map layout and Bowsers moves to complete the level. It took many tries to proceed through the game, but the reward was much more satisfying." I have played Darksouls a few times but quickly lost interest after realizing the dedication it takes to move forward in that game. I realized that games like that might take a while to become "boss mode" on, but will create fun game play when you know exactly what to do. My roommate and I play many multiplayer games, most of our time being tied in a match of FIFA 13 and continuing on to OT. Out of all of my friends I am the only one who enjoys a little 1v1 or 2v2 in TwistedMetal, so most of the time we decide to play FIFA or PS AllStars. (challenge me anytime, I will spank you with BigDaddy and send you trolls crying back to your mommies) Back to topic, when we do decide to venture out and play more challenging and mind necessary games it's always a great experience. I just picked up a game and borrowed another. These two games have been the popular choices after sessions that put me and my friends under the influence. LittleBigPlanet 2 and Portal2 are easily included in my list of top 20 favorite video games of all time. The use of 2D in modern gaming is not seen frequently and is more popular in indie titles. The graphics and settings vary throughout different level continents and the physics that are within the game are impressive. The levels can be challenging and the amount great level design from user made content is unbelievable. They're some talented people in the world, and Media Molecule should be acknowledge for giving players the tool necessary to express their form of art. I have been a Valve fan sense experiencing Portal 1 and the Half-Life series. Portal 2 doesn't disappoint and is a great sequel to its original. It is one of the most rewarding games, and is extremely intelligent. It stumps you enough to feel annoyed and challenge but doesn't make it impossible to figure out. In my opinion Portal 2 is perfectly balanced and provides enough curiosity to create purpose. (this result also possible due to perfect story telling and amazing voice acting of the character GLaDOS) What's better than portals? Trippy and mind-blowing, gotta love games like that. Main titles are fun, don't get me wrong I am a huge Halo fan and have played most of the COD games. I have gotten through FarCry3 and AC3 and am currently working on Deadspace3. While these games were good, I hope designers don't forget their roots and why video games are fun. I was actually happy with FarCry3, great story, improved gameplay and cover system, believable villain and a pretty awesome sex scene at the end of one of the two possible endings. I hate to compare one game to a game, but exploring in Farcry3 felt like Skyrim with guns. I was somewhat disappointed with the new AssassinsCreed. I liked the whole idea and story of our founding fathers, but I felt it didn't deliver. There was nothing new and exciting, just something I have played before many times. I am new to the Deadspace series and have only somewhat played the 3rd one. From what I hear it's a bigger downgrade of horror and a upgrade of action from Deadspace1 and 2. I actually like the balance of horror and action from what I have played so far, but am not liking the retrace of quests that make the player go back to previous played parts. Decreases the experience for me and makes me lose interest in the game. I do love how I am able to wear my N7 suit that was influenced from the Mass Effect series. (great series by the way, compelling story, stunning graphics and fun enemy wave-type multiplayer in 3) Deadspace3 also has a great weapon customization system. It never gets old having your scavenger bot grab resources for you while you craft items and create weapons that rip limbs apart. I have high hope for the future gaming consoles, from what I have seen the PS4 is going to be great. I can only imagine how the industry will change, and the bar will be risen from games in the making such as Destiny. If Bungie can deliver what they promise, multiplayer fans should start getting very excited. From the looks of it, it's going to be a very impressive game. With many months ahead of us before any new system comes out, I am still excited for Bioshock infinite. Probably just as excited as I was for Halo4, I am really hoping the story is solid and the gameplay innovative. I have extremely high hopes for this game, I think it's going to set the bar for what makes a game fun. PS4 games will be impressive because of the memory that can be used and the graphics that will be superior to anything else. That does not mean all of the games for the PS4 will be good, what Bioshock infinite needs is a story that grabs the player, a setting that surpasses Rapture, gameplay that is hard but rewarding and characters that make you believe the fiction within the game.