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Games should stay as free time amusement, not dictatorial over life of a person

I kinda dissapointed, nowadays people usually able to spend more time on games than study, work or good activities. Its a sad thread that game publisheres and sometimes developers are making multiplayer games, perticularly Battlefield 3, Halo series, Call of Duty series that have addictive multiplayer reward for playing as long as one can.

I personally never do that, but even with less time playing one game does not degrade my skill somewhat. Surprisingly, despite my rank is poor, I still kill more guys than your average joe who spent 40++ hour on Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I felt that its not long hours, its just predicting your enemies likely movement and take cheap shot rather than go all gun blazing.

This is also why presently I prefer a RTS games over any general FPS, a match that is not too short, not too long and never about ranking, everyone gets the same pool of army and ability is up to one who skilled to win a game.

Sadly people who felt other that advice them not to waste too much time on playing games are called, noob, losers, shut the **** up, nerd, bravado etc, tell me why having a high rank and equipped with a high precision weapon, only to be killed by somebody who has low ranked and armed with cheap sub-machine gun, wasting so much time yet gain absolutely nothing, look at Call of Duty, first Modern Warfare, can you transfer your ranked to Modern Warfare 2 or Balck Ops, Nooo, can you use the same weapon previous game own, no, are you willing to spend on DLC despite a new Balck Ops 2 being announced, why YES, gamers in US are too rich and have too much free time.

Well it is up to them to decide their future, non of my buisness, for me a game remain a game and it should be a system that we learn and enjoy, not spent on day grind like a RPG, only that it last a freaking lot longer..... At least JRPG can be easily given up at one point, but FPS, one gets to deep, better sink with that ship!

How Poor People Play Games- Denied of Corporate control on our property we payed

I recently got into an arguments on how the hell I was able to know so many games yet I never darn able to afford so many of them? Well its a surprised and not a surprise at all, the not surprised facts are, before I got to know Gamespot, playing pirated games, i still feel guilty when I said it, its a crime against gamer to play pirate games and still bragging on how many games I owned, I stop after 2009 when I got into Gamespot om 2008 after my brother introcuded me to this website. Surprisisngly, many of the old game I played are rated very poorly on Gamespot, excepted for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 3, and Warcraft III, I was not even aware that there are so many games out there beyond the usual educational teaching games on PC I used to ply with.

I came from a background of strict family traditions and discipline. And owning a console device, initially in the early years would result the console and games being smashed to smitherines, so how I get to play games without giving away too much attention? Downloading? My internet in the past was 64kps and if you download anything beyond 20mb, it will take an entire day to get a single file, 2GB? Always failed, no matter what? I usually played games from buddies recommandation, such as Chaos Legion on PC(a once really well loved game by us, but was deem worthless when we got into Gamespot), or Rise of Nation. The first serious multiplayer game I was into is none other than counter-strike, a half-life mod made legendary, it was time of rebellious thinking, swear load and talk noncesnse, and everywhere is either DOTA or Counter-Strike, we will stuck in a Cybercafe all days and lied to our parents as we go.

When you first got into a University, the first thing you must do is to pretend you are dumb fold and stupid, in order to to get people close to you. This is how I surviving my university life, despite being an active gamer, I pretend I did not know them at all, not even once, despite I already view You Tube or Gamespot, so that people are willing to let me played, and after a while I made them look on how I was able to "adjust" quickly in a game. In my campus, we have a scret society, known as the Enlightment Gamers Dude, a all boys "Club" whcih we play, shared, borrwed games with each other, due to the fact we have friends from Iran, Russia, China, Philipines, Indonesia, some games are well guided before made it borrowable. We also play other devices, such as Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS2 Xbox, Nintendo DS, PC, iOs Android, you named it after 2010 we might played it.

An advantage is that we got very different taste in games, I love the Grant Strategy games of crushing superpower to peices(in game!), while others play Opposing Force in Medal of Honor, Play Zerg Rushed, Play as Russians, Terrorist, USSR, after we played all the expected US, Hero of Earth, Superman as main protogonist and follow the typical, cliche Heroes Journey etc.

For me, owning a game made in foriegn is anything but cheap. I got into the membership of that "club" and get to know games I didn't even know about. I played lots of games, but owned very few. But How to get around? You borrowed, you plead, and you ask nicely.