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Issue 63 of System Wars Magazine

System Wars Magazine is a community-run magazine from Gamespot users, and we mock the game industry by treating everything in the gaming news as a sign of an actual system war. After a month of being lazy and not doing anything due to the holidays, we finally decided to pretend we still do this and made a new issue for the new year! Please enjoy!

We are currently looking for more writers, if you are interested PM me, or bother the people in this chat.


January 2nd, 2013 - Issue 63

Letter from the Editor:

It is 2013, the year in which the next-generation Xbox and Playstation will join the Wii U in another half-decade of epic fighting, whining, and dissapointment. Who will win the next-generation System Wars? Not you. THIS IS SYSTEM WARS MAGAZINE!!!

- Willy, Sheep in Charge


Countdown to Nintendoom: Wii U Launch


The Wii U has launched worldwide, has it flopped yet?

Good Music is a Sign of a Bad Game


Music only distracts you from how awful the game really is.

Dumb Moments in Gaming 2012


Maintain Dew and Doritos don't even taste all that good together.

RAGE Review


Is this an old game, or an "old" game?

Sheep win the 2012 System Wars Game, 2013 System Wars Game begins


In your face!

2012 System Wars Awards begin voting!


It is your duty to vote for the forum user you dislike the least!