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8.3 is a great score, but not from a franchise that both installments outscored Mario 64!

It also probably won't sell well enough to warrant a second try from Rare.


Well, there goes my last reason to get a second console.

In other news, Obama is president-elect. People seem surprised. As it turns out, when you vote for someone, he might actually win. Funny how that works out....

Union ideas!

A place where all the topics would be stories, like System Wars: The Comic, and the NDU Epic. A place where you can see what others write and that you can write yourself.

Would that work?

Unlocking Brawl characters: Normal way or Subspace Emmisarry

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With past Smash Bros games, to unlock new characters, you had to play A LOT of battles.


That made getting a brand new character so awesome and rewarding, and you just had to pick that new character and try it out.

But in Brawl, there is a loophole. You can get most characters by just using the storymode, which takes A LOT less time. It's faster, but not as special.

Which way did you prefer?

What I think.

Heroes was off to a rocky start but now it's just as exciting as the first season was!

Fringe is generic but enjoyable.

Sonic Chronicles should have been a big budget game on the Wii, not the DS. This is Bioware after all.

Thanks to this flundering economy, I can't afford any new games now.

The Clone Wars will be no-where as good as the 2D Clone Wars mini-series.

It's too early for a new console.

Nintendo's new graphic designers SUCK.

No Country for Old Men was a bad movie.

Meet the Robinsons however was wonderful.

I want Bomberman Hero 2!

The new GS forums should be coming any time now....