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SONY's TGS 2006 Conference Preview

Kaz Hirai: 

"When I came out onto the stage at this E3 past, we told gamers that wireless Dualshock controllers would be shipping with every Playstation 3 console this fall.

Well, we lied. While keeping the defacto standard for game controllers was a very attractive option, we've decided to release the new, innovative controller design that we were saving for the PS4. 

 That's tommorow's technology-- today.  Now, if you'll all divert you're attention to this small glass display...."

Kaz reveals a slightly altered, black version of the Wii-mote. "If you remember Sony was the first company in the history of technology to introduce motion-sensing into the market.  and we will be the first and only company to bring it truly into the mainstream. 

Now, here we have a demo of Genji 2, this time actually- actually flicking your rist to preform the revolutionary real-time weapon switches. 

 Over here we have..." 

Sonic DS is now Sonic Wild-Fire!

Remeber the tech-demo for Nintendo DS at E3 2004? Well, it's now called Sonic Wild-Fire and headed to Wii!

It is similiar!!!! They look almost the same!!!! DS above, Wii below.

They are identical!


Anybody remember Airplane!? It was the #6 most funniest movie of all time.

Or maybe you remeber the Naked Gun trilogy. Those were hilarious movies too.

How about Top Secret!? Or it's a Mad Mad Mad World?

Well the people that brought you those masterpieces are njow making a brand-new movie called.... Superhero!




Well, I don't have a poster, but these movies are amazing! And I can't wait till the Zucker Bros. release the new movie!

Anybody excited as well?