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This game is very great. I haven't had any problems with the servers. and I played for a few hours without noticing the time that had passed. Very happy with my purchase. Stop crying everybody. Maybe wait more than a second to review a game.

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Here's something funny...it turns out that I own NBA 2k7 and not NBA Live 07...man! I'm dumb!
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Anyone who owns a XBOX360 and the NBA Live 2007 be online February 25th at 8:00pm GMT which is 3:00pm EST & noon on the west coast. You will receive a one of a kind achievement if the amount of people in the room equals 1000. They did this once before and got 917. It was not organized at all and this time it it. Be there or be square. Stp being so skeptical it will work if you get rid of that damn attitude. Yeah I mean you.