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A week isn't going to make a difference Sega...especially against a franchise like GTA. Sega and other companies that think releasing a game a week early really matters to consumers....Stop...just stop....

Besides this game needs all the development time it can get.

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Gives consumers less of a reason to buy new software.

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I find this aliens:Colonial Marines Saga so interesting. An interesting, and yet saddening look at the developer and publisher relationship. Sounds like Sega put a little too much trust in Gearbox.

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@Blabadon said:

@Shinobishyguy: I'm sure you'd also adapt to being boiled alive if it was an option on 3DS

Oh dear...

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Streetpass games and ports? bleh. Doesn't include Rusty's Real Deal Baseball(Yea I said it.), Dual Destinies, or Mutant Mudds.

It's pretty good though. except the numbering is way off. New Leaf is the best 3DS game to ever video game on a video game system that plays video games. ALBW? pssshh

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@Bread_or_Decide: Shh don't tell people that stuff you'll ruin the illusion for them. Youtubers have no interest in advertising revenue...oh wait....

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I'm pretty skeptical that project guard and giant robot are actual retail games at this point. Though they could be eshop games i suppose.

I wish Nintendo would highlight more indie games on their list.

And this makes me even more skeptical of watch dogs releasing on wii-u. Just exactly how early in development were they?

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Upgrading isn't the huge thing for me. It's sucks for the customers though. But this is Nintendo were talking about. They have released a 3ds model every year.

The only thing that concerns me about this model is the upgraded specs and the fact that it will have exclusive content. And they're already saying there could backward compatibility issues with past


I'd rather have one dedicated handheld gaming device then have to worry about my old xl and new xl having compatibility issues with previous software i have purchased.

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I don't know...i want to hear more about the actual port of xenoblade.

I have a pretty mixed bag of thoughts on the whole "New" 3ds thing.

The biggest selling point to about the new 3ds is the improved 3D. I'd enjoy 3d more if I didn't have to constantly adjust.

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@thedude- said:

@Wild_man_22 said:

@thedude-: I agree. When did i say it wasnt? Isn't the article accusing them of bias? And avoiding western companies? Yet they directly work with some western companies obviously. Isn't it far more likely they just aren't doing a very good job in communicating or capitalizing on certain oppurtunities?

Citing one case where a second party works out does not disprove an overall bias. Maybe bias is too strong of a word but the overall sentiment of the thread is correct. Nintendo has downsized its relationship with western developers on a massive scale. I would say there is evidence to prove that they are avoiding companies in the West and it is hurting their lineups year after year. They work with NLG on a limited basis and they have downsized Retro games. Not to mention they have them working on a sidescroller when big 3d worlds like MP3 should be their kind of games.

Whatever Nintendo has been doing in relation to western developers, its dead wrong. Nintendo just assumes their fanbase is happy with endless variations of sidescrollers.

I wouldn't really say that 4 games across 3 platforms is limited, with a Wii-U game confirmed to be in development as well. When did they downsize Retro? Didn't Reggie say just last year that he thinks they are big enough to be working on more than one project? I'm going to avoid the arguments of what Retro studios ''should'' make.

I agree though, clearly they need to start making a better effort in working with western developers. We've already seen some cool collaborations recently with third parties. Things like Hyrule Warriors, Pokken Fighters, and SMTXFE are pretty awesome ideas. Hopefully they have more in the pipeline with some western companies.