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Bleh Divinity:OS is looking more and more appealing. Brain won't let me buy it for whatever reason.

I still hope inquisition turns out something close to origins. In terms of combat.

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I could imagine some people being pretty upset by this. I believe it would go something like:

''Nintendo has Retro WORKING ON A KART RACER?!? I get to play another game made by Retro studios?!? That's dumb they are way to talented for that crap!! They should be making their 4th Metroid Prime game!!!''

I'd be excited. I loved Diddy Kong Racing, and Retro did help with some of Mario Kart 7's track design. Monster Games made ExciteTruck and Excitebots for Wii. So they do both have some experience in making kart racers. But I still doubt it.

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This makes me sad. I am still holding out for a boom blocks 3ds.

Kind of weird, how western developers can find such little value on a platform they have never tried.

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I'm still hoping that maybe someday Nintendo branches the paper series out. A paper or yarn zelda would be cool.

My most likely guess though for the next yarn game would be Wario Land. Didn't Good Feel make both Shake It and Epic Yarn? And there actually pretty similar in structure.

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7 seems fine to me. I would probably rate it higher, but I've only played the first couple levels. I am impressed though the game is pretty self aware and has a lot of personality. I also have to commend them for making such fun and fast-paced gameplay, when your main weapon of choice is a shovel.

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@charizard1605: I was thinking the same when I saw the 2DS. Makes sense the SP was a clam shell design. And the Dsi looks pretty similar to the original 3DS. I might be tempted by a larger 2DS.

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It's a hard call. Nintendo seems to be atm getting the wii-u on track. But the process to getting there has been painful. I'd say he's safe at least atm. The DS and Wii are still there most successful consoles. And the 3ds is still doing well.

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When marketers turned it into a selling point for their consoles. I think game performance is important, but this whole ''1080p 60fps'' has turned into buzz phrase for the most part. Now almost every game has it labeled on their box or in a press release whether it's true or not.

It's great that people are more interested now in polished well-made experiences. But it seems like a lot of people use it more as a selling point or bragging rights.

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I'm all for cool new ways to experience games. But people couldn't be bothered to put on glasses to watch TV in 3D.And some didn't enjoy the Wii-mote, even when it was used properly.

I just don't see how VR would ever be that big of a thing for gaming. They would have to have something pretty damn compelling I think right out the gate. Or at least something pretty novel that keeps people talking about it, like with Wii-Sports.

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Fi was pretty obnoxious at times. I began replaying the game recently and I now I just ignore the annoying ringing that goes off whenever she wants to tell me about my low health or how to use dowsing. It's good to hear they will be limited.