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I know most playstation fans like the ps2 best but for me its the playstation 1. for some reason I never cared that ps2. one reason is prob do to the final fantasy games. the ff games on the ps1 were fantastic imo, 7 8 and 9. loved them, then I got ff10 on the ps2, my first ps2 game iirc and other than the graphics and the mini sports game I thought it was pretty awful. felt nothing like a ff game to me, hated the story, hated most of the characters ect ect, that alone prob tainted my impression of the system from then on. of course I played some good games on the system as well. metal gear solid 2 was cool but again other than the graphics and a couple game play elements I thought it was just not as good as mgs1 on the ps1. the ps1 had some of my fav games on any console, games like wingcommander 3 and 4 "I know they have not aged well". and the colony wars games"ps4 sequal please", and games like the first to crash bandacote games, legacy of cain 1 and 2, ect ect. The ps1 just had a lot of games I remember fondly. it was also iirc the first system I bought on day 1 as I became a "enthusiast" gamer about half way through the 16 bit days, though iv been gameing sense before the nes. The ps2 and most of its games just didn't do it for me.

it prob does not help my impression of the system that I started getting in to PC gameing about 6 months after getting the ps2. not that im saying PC gameing is better, just that it was new to me and I was hyped for the whole hardwear upgradeing side of the hobby as well as the def in game types, simulator type games ect that are not really made for consoles, at least not often. in fact my ps2 broke about 2 1/2 years after getting it and I did not bother getting it fixed or replaced though I played new games over at friends houses. Any way the ps1 is my fav of the sony systems and maybe number 2 or 3 in my all time fav consoles list. snes is and prob always will be my number 1. id say at this point the ps3 is my 2nd fav sony console.Im just hopeing the ps4 will knock the ps1 from its top spot on my list :)

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Had my first freeze today... im on my 2nd PS4 and its also starting to show a number of issues.

what issues other than the game freezing?

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hey guys, iv been playing black flag on my ps4 for a couple weeks now and iv been having problems with the game freezing and crashing. when it freeze's it does just that, freezes up, I can hold the "PS" button and close the game app., restart the game, some times the game crashs and the PS4 does some kind of error thing were it ask if I want to post an error msg to sony.

Any way has any one else had this happen? some times it does it once or twice in a 4 or 5 hour period, some times it wont give me any problems all day, but just now I had it freeze and crash 3 or 4 times in aabout an hour so I thought id post and see if this is a common or known issue. I have no other games and no access to any other ps4 games so I don't know if this happens with games other than Black Flag. Bluray movies play fine so far and iv had no other issues with the system other than it droping my net connection form time to time.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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hey guys, im unable to connect to psn, been tying all day. net conection test shows ip adrees and internet connection test as pass but when it gets to psn it fails. I can use the web browser on the ps4 fine so its def connecting to the net.

Is the PSN down today or something? I checked a web sight might have been sony's that said the psn was working but I don't know how reliable that site is.

Any one else having issues.

If it matters im in florida USA. I don't know if location may play a factor in wether so in so servers are down or what, just thought id add that in case its relavent.

thank you in advance for any replies.

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iv had mine for a little over a week, iv only got one game so far ac4 black flag so my exp is limited. but so far a love it. the console it self looks good, much better than the gorge forman grill looking ps3 lol :P and far better looking than the ps2 was IMHO. the system feels solid and well put togather. the two buttons, on and disk eject are imo poorly designed, they are a bit hard to press, of course that's a very minor complaint as once you get the system set up uyou should not need to press them any more. cutting on/off the system can be done via the controller and you can even eject the game disk via the controller wich is a great feature imo.

the menu's ect are simple and easy to use and look really good, I liked the xmb on the ps3 but this set up looks better. every thing about the system so far seems great and high quality. the controller is a VAST improvement over all past playstation controlers imho. it looks better and more importantly feels much better. its ballenced better with longer grips for a a more sure and comfy grip. feels very solid and I love the new texture they used on the back side of the controller and bottom part of the grips, kind of a checkered like pattern wich gives much much better traction. Also the plastics especially on the back side feels really high quality. the shape of the thumb sticks and shoulder buttons/triggers are way better than the ps3's controller. the sticks also have more resistence to them wich makes making small fine inputs easier. the light bar is cool looking and might add to the gameplay when used with the cam if your into motion controls. the touch pad is nice feeling and hase potential if properly used by game devlopers. plus it also acts as another button.

My only real complaint is its lack of backwards compatabilty with ps3 game. it would have been really nice to be able to play ps3 games on it. And I think it would have gave the system a huge back log of games for people who did not have a ps3. not a deal breaker of course but it would have been really nice to have.

ny way so far I think its a great system, the extra features like socal midia stuff is neat but I probably wont use them much or at all. but there cool none the less and I can see it being a lot of fun for the people who are in to all that. how ever I love the fact that despite all the extra stuff the system can do sony seems to be treating the system primarly as a game console and not a do every thing entertainment hub. im not nocking MS's focus on none gameing stuff with the xbox one, im sure there are a lot of people who value that and will have a lot of fun with that, but me personaly, I buy a game console primarly to play games, though I love being able to watch bluray movies with out needing to buy a standalone br player. most every thing else I do on my PC ect. But again that's just me, im not bad othing the other system, im sure its a fine console.

I also thin k its great that sony made this system so powerful with so many features ect and was able to keep the price down to more acceptable levels relatively speaking of course. 400$ is still a lot of mony. but its much better than the ps3's price point when it was released.

At any rate I think its a fantastic system with the potential to be one of the greatest if not THE greatest console ever.but only time will tell. If your really in to gaming,spend a lot of time gameing and have the extra mony I highly recommend getting one. I love mine that's for sure.

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well im sorry iv not played the need for speed game but I can tell that IMO black flag is an amazing game. its not perfect of course but id say its one of the most fun games iv played in a long long time and maybe one of the best games iv played. of course every one has def taste in games and def prefrences on what makes a game great, also iv always been very interested in the time period and with the naval aspect of the time. IMO its one of the most interesting settings, it was a time when sword fighting was still common and not completely impractical do to very effective fire arms tech yet you still have fire arms and the fire arms of the time were pretty cool, pistols ect were as much a piece of art and find craftsmen ship as practical tool/weapon.And sailing ships of that general era were also works of art, at least some were lol. its just an amazing setting for a video game,movie or book. So maybe the fact I find the setting so cool makes the game seem better to me than it would to some one else who has little or no real intreast in the time period.

Any way unless you hate the AC games and the setting for the game I think you wont regret getting black flag. The naval combat and sailing around is a lot of fun. I think they made a good desission making the game more open world like and allowing players to actually sail in real time from place to place with pleanty of chances for ship to ship fighting which is a lot of fun a pretty well done. upgranding the ship is great and adds depth to the game, the hunting both on land and sea is also a nice touch. the sword fighting is well done and more fun than in past Ac games at least to me. the stealth macanics I think could have been better biut still fun and useful. Any way I highly recommend the game if u liked past AC games or if you think youd enjoy a game wich takes place in that setting. Also I should note that the game looks fantastic. I have the ps4 version but from what iv seen the ps3 version looks really good as well. sailing around in a storm looks great,really impressive visuals. And some of the land based areas are really cool looking. a lot of detail, they really captured the look and feel of the caribean.

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Skyrim,fallout new vegas and maybe fallout 3 would all be great, and even better if they fixed all remaining bugs ect and upgraded the graphics especaly in the fallout games. Skyrim looks pretty great as ot is on the ps3 of course from the pics iv seen it would prob be a big improvement if they used the graphics form the PC version running high settings. At any rate those would be my pics in fact my ps3 broke a few months ago and I could not afford to have it fixed AND buy a ps4 so until I can save up to have the ps3 fixed im having to do with out my ps3 games of wich I have about 20 or so and in truth the only ones I really miss is skyrim and fallout new vages. I prob put as much time in to skyrim,newvages and fallout 3 as I have in all other ps3 games combined lol. other than bugs and performance/stability issues those games were by far my fav games this gen. just fantastic and other than those 3 games I would prob not even bother getting my ps3 fixed as im sure i'll be spending most of my time on ps4 games.

Red dead redemption and the batman games would also be great to have on the ps4, again especially with updated graphics. even just higher anti ailesing "spelling sorry" for less jaggies would cool. I must say the ps4's lack of backwords capability with ps3 games is my one real complaint with the ps4. I prob would not mind so much if my ps3 still worked but even then it would be nice not to have to have two consoles takeing up space wich is in my case is very limited. any way other than that I think the ps4 is one really awesome console with a LOT of potential.

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hey guys, im kind of in the mood for a baseball game how ever sports games are not normaly my thing so iv not kept up with wich games are good ect also iv not played one in about 15 yeears i think back on the playstation 1. So i was hopeing if any one knew of a good game but also one that has an option for a very easy LV. something that some one who is not very good at BB games could play on an easy enough setting that allows for him to actualy win some matchs ect. i played a couple demo's a couple years ago that looked good but even on the easy settings were still pretty dang hard for me. the AI was always able to beat me pretty handaly and i could barly get more than 1 or 2 playes on base. my batting skills are subpar but pitching was ok. any way are there any games that might be fun for a new player like my self? i dont find constantly hitting fouls and haveing every hit get cought ect, of course i dont expect every hit to be a home run but like i said id like to have a good chance at winning, i do not find loseing every game fun at all lol.im not looking to putting in huge amounts of time in to the game nore do i want to play online"cant play on line any way net data cap:(" just something i can pick up and play when the mood strikes me.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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It felt like I was playing WoW again.  Incredibly boring.   No interesting story or characters to speak of.  

yea that's just how it felt for me to. iv only put a few hours in to wow threw there limited trial promotions but that's all it took for me to realize I was not a fan. from my exp Id say KoA was better but still had that same over all feel.
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i was not as impressed with the game as i thought id be to tell the truth. Im a HUGE R.A.Salvator fan. iv got all his drizzt,sellswords ect books. And he/they def put a lot of work in to the story and lore of the game but i really didnt care for the way the game played over all. it felt to much like a mmo like WoW wich i hate mmo's. may sound a bit silly but basicly at no point in the game did i not feel like i was playing a video game. i know that sounds dumb but what i mean is in games like for example fallout 3/NV or skyrim the game world feels more ....natural that i often forget im playing a game, i get drawn in to the game so to speak, that never really happned in KoA for me. Now im not saying its a bad game. Its a fairly good one. there are some aspects of the game that i thought was pretty cool. but the "open world" aspect was very lacking imo and didnt really feel all that open, the majority of qeust felt stale and a lot of the characters also seemed shallow and flat as well. im sure i was just expecting a bit to much. also i didnt care as much for the ...cartoony like visual style. It just didnt overly impress me, but at the price i payed for it i cant complain. it does suck that the dev went out of bussness as i did see a lot of potental for sequals. a little tweaking of the game play style and again feel of the open world aspects could have resulted in a truly epic game series imo.